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Sexy Costume Accessories

Halloween is an excuse for us to dress as whoever we want, however we want. We scour the malls and the internet for that perfect get up. We do our research in advance so that we look our best, our spookiest, our sexiest on one of the most awaited night of the year. As you put on that sexy as hell (you are wearing a sexy devil costume after all) dress, you look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Hmm.. what could be missing?”

You can wear the most expensive dress, the most luxurious shoes, and look a hundred percent from head to toe but still feel that something is lacking. It is most probably because you lack the right accessories. It’s the thin line between drab and fab! So if you are a newbie in the land of extra adornments, read up because your life is about to be saved.

Rule # 1

Do not underestimate the power of accessories – but don’t overestimate them either. The power comes in knowing how much you need to pile up and balancing each out. When getting a pirate costume, it is essential that you are clad with gold and bling. Jewelry is a must-have to complete a sexy Pirate costume. Decked-out in emerald jewels and long draped necklaces, only the most feared pirates were the ones with all the treasure. If you put on too much, however, it will look tacky instead of rich. You’ll know when it’s just the right amount! Also, if the accessory is not necessary, then don’t include it. The perfect Halloween costume isn’t one that is doled out from head to toe, but rather one that is thoughtfully created with the right accessories.

Rule #2

Consider your colors. Color scheming is a thing. It is essential for you to take into consideration what the colors are in your costume and pair your sexy accessories in accordance to these. Sexy Christmas costumes will not look good with purple or pink for that matter. If you plan to go as a sexy spy, then white colors must be out of the picture. Costumes, unless you are dressing up as rainbow, should not exceed more than the appropriate number of colors your character has. This is so that you do not look overwhelming to the eyes and still be able to maintain that alluring aura.

Rule #3:

Pair vivid colors with dark tones. A cool ninja costume will definitely look cooler if it has a pop of color and an assassin costume will look extra hot with a red wig. Most halloween parties are during the night and we do not want you to blend in the shadows. A pair of colorful gloves will go great with that black dress, so on and so forth.

Color can be added in your halloween makeup as well. If going for a sexy Jessica Rabbit look, find purple eyeshadow and make those eyes dramatic! Up to the brow, line those lids with different shades of purple to make those men drool at your performance.

Rule #4:

Miscellaneous props are a must! For your costume to look credible, halloween costume accessories should have props if applicable. This is where your creativity will shine. Props will not leave people guessing on what you came as. A devil pitchfork with a simple red dress will not be mistaken for little red riding hood. A black leather bodysuit will not be mistaken for a spy if you wear a SWAT cap on your head. Props are needed if you want to make a statement.

If you’re looking to make your own sexy catwoman costume, wear a simple multi purpose catsuit that covers you from neck-to-toe. Don’t forget the halloween masks that include a sexy cat mask if you want to really make this costume complete. Going as a sexy SWAT commander, then the gun holster and utility belt are a must! Don’t forget the simple accessories that can make your sexy halloween costume badass!

Rule #5:

Use Halloween Accessories where you want it to accentuate. The trick to looking foxy is knowing where to place your sexy accessories. If you want to focus on your cleavage and decolletage, adorn your plunging neckline with a necklace. If you feel like flaunting your curves, then wear a curve-hugging belt. If your face is your best asset, then a pair of sunglasses or geeky eyeglasses are recommended. Feeling flirty? Your short dress will attract tempted stares when you slip on some see-through pantyhose or some high socks with your heels.

Add the right accessories such as costume jewelry to your sexy Halloween outfit. If you’re going as a naughty school girl, then don’t forget the naughty nerd glasses that pull that look off. Your sexy Halloween costume accessories and makeup are just as important as the main costume itself. Wear body glitter if you’re going as a sexy mermaid such as Ariel. Put glitter around your collar bone and cheeks to act as a little highlighter. Mermaids are glorious and mysterious creatures, so be sure to give them that ethereal look that they deserve.

Rule #6:

Literally, the crowning glory of a woman is her hair. Women spend a lot of moolah and hours in a day making our tresses look exquisite. When there’s a bad hair day? It’s a bad day. So, hair is as important on Halloween as any other day. Sexy halloween accessories can help with that! Draw attention to your fine locks by wearing hair accessories to cap off your look. From multi colored wigs, Native American hair dresses, this site has got the lot, so click away and you will land on the perfect one for your costume.

What’s a sexy Jessica Rabbit costume without the classic long red wig? Don’t forget the halloween wigs as they are essential to some character costumes. There are a multitude of stores to purchase wigs from, so be sure to read reviews, learn about the material, and how to take care of it. Most wigs are made from synthetic fibers that are styled prior to purchase. Read the label from the manufacturer stating if the wig can have heat applied. Some synthetic fibers cannot have curlers, straighteners, or any heat applied or it will damage the fibers and damage your wig. Find a wig that is already styled to your liking, or find a wig that does have hair fibers that allow for heat application.

Rule #7:

Probably the most important is to stick to the theme! Researching your character is key. When you know your character well, picking the right Halloween accessories will be a walk in the park. Is your theme a sexy police officer, well don’t forget the police hat because no cop forgets their police hat! Sometimes costume wigs are necessary, other times they’re not and your own hair is perfect for the sexy costume you’re going for. If you’re going as a sexy devil, don’t forget your red devil mini pitchfork for your costume - you may need to start a few fires while you’re there.

Remember ladies, as a famous designer once said: “Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman.” So, if you are going to go out there and make a statement, don’t forget to end your outfit with an exclamation point!