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Black Dresses


They say the best fashion item a girl could own is a black dress. When it comes to these dark beauties, we have our hands up in the air in surrender. They hold the title for sophistication and class, no matter what form it comes in. The black dress provides enigmatic magic to anyone who is wearing it.

The black dress is a juxtaposition in itself. It is visually plain and simple, yet it has the power to speak sartorial volumes. It has become a staple in women’s wardrobes and the right number could be whipped out for any occasion and utilized for any season.

How the black dress can light up a room despite its ebony shade is a great mystery. It is general knowledge that black dresses were worn by style icons since time immemorial. From icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly have been known to strut their stuff into the highly celebrated dress Audrey Hepburn donned in Breakfast at Tiffany's. There’s no denying the mark the black dress has made in the fashion industry.

The fascination for black dresses does not end in the spotlight though. Girls from all walks of life all over the globe are getting devoted to gorgeous black dresses.


The History of the Black Dress: Coco Made Us Do It!

For a fashion item that seems so simple, it will be difficult to believe that it actually has a history. Believe it or not, the black dress has quite a following and its roots are comprehensively chronicled by a lot of fashion enthusiasts.

Sexy black dresses for women have evolved since the time it was first publicly identified as a fashion staple. It first made noise in 1926 when world-renowned designer Coco Chanel created her version of what was eventually coined as “The Little Black Dress”. The roaring ’20s was an era of fashion, fun and flapper girls; it was certainly the perfect period for the birth of the sexy black dress. An important thing to note is the fact that prior to Chanel’s black dress, people were already being dressed in black garments long before she created her rendition.

Despite not being the ‘founding father’ of the little black dress, Chanel was the one designer in particular who made it iconic. With long, slim sleeves, a belted waist in a luxurious crepe de Chine fabric adorned with a string of pearls, Coco Chanel’s image of the sexy little black dress was a force to be reckoned with. Since then, it became a symbol of class, sophistication, elegance, and pretty much everything along those lines.

A little-known fact about Coco Chanel’s life-changing sheath was that the factor that contributed to its success was the accessibility of the black dress. Because it was conceived during the Great Depression, women clamored for a no-frills, affordable dress that still exuded class and style.

From the Coco’s flapper fashion style dress, the little black dress underwent a major upgrade under the hands of designers such as Dior and Givenchy. Still maintaining its sleek form, Audrey Hepburn made the already iconic dress soar higher through her classic box office hit “Breakfast at Tiffany's”. Her Givenchy-designed dress was dissonant as compared to Chanel’s LBD yet stayed true to the elegance its predecessor has established.

Hepburn portraying Holly Golightly was clad in a sexy long black dress which hugged her curves seamlessly with a danish in hand and sipping a cup of coffee while ogling the Tiffany store display window. The satin beauty which had sleeveless, backless details was also adorned with a layer of pearls and accessorized with pitch-black sunglasses and matching satin gloves. It became the cinematic sight that people will never forget and since then, the black dress was never again seen as ‘simple’. The sexy black dress has been seen on and off the runway from then on.

The ’90s was also a significant time for the little black dress when Princess Diana wore a black skin-bearing frock that caused quite a stir for the Royal family. Fashion publications coined it as the “Revenge Dress” for being a subtle response to her then-husband Prince Charles’s post-slip. It was unquestionably a silent rebellion against the system, but Princess Diana wearing the royal-dress-code-violation gown was revolutionary not only for women but also for the fashion industry.

This millennium has seen its fair share of sexy black dresses. Ranging from cocktail casuals to black tie glam, from the overt styles of Beyonce and Madonna to the conservative approach of Kate Middleton, the sexy black definitely knows no limit. It has become a definition of an empowered woman who seeks liberation and sophistication.


Why a Sexy Black Dress can be Your Smartest Investment


There is a reason why the bigwigs are always seen wearing a black dress, and if you haven’t followed suit yet, then you are missing half of your life. If you are still on the fence whether black is really your color or whether you will be able to use a sexy black dress, here is a public service announcement: You (by all means) need a black dress.

1. It will never go out of style. The extensive and long-standing timeline of the sexy black dress is enough evidence of its immortality. Whether you want to depict a vintage look or represent a modern-day chic, a sexy black dress will provide you with a timeless style. A sexy black dress will provide unwavering fashion at any given season or year.

2. You can’t go wrong with black. Black has become a color that goes beyond gloomy setups like funerals or court hearings. When you want to be ultimately chic, black is the way to go. The best thing about this color is its flattering nature. It will always be a slimming color but still works best with all body types.

3. It is the most versatile piece. Black encompasses any style formula. It is a basic piece that can be used to dress up or dress down. Pair it with rugged sneakers or sky-high heels, and still be chic and sophisticated no matter how you choose to wear it. It goes beyond seasons, trends and

4. A quick fix for every occasion. Once you get your hands on the quintessential sexy black dress, you will find yourself reaching for it nonstop. For the busy bee, putting together an outfit is a blank space but uncertainty is not stylish. However, with a sexy black dress, your in vogue style is in the books even when hastened.

5. It is a practical piece. Since you can use it for almost every occasion, you will be able to use it beyond the cost you bought it for. Instead of buying a single-use dress, a sexy black dress which can be styled in a multitude of ways will be more cost efficient piece. Give everyone a run for their money when you enter the room looking like a million bucks!


The Sexy Black Dresses that Deserves the Space in Your Closet

1. Sexy Black Lace Dress – It is the perfect blend of femininity and sophistication. Black and lace is a combination to beat. The intricacy of the lace is the perfect balance to the straightforward black. When you choose lace as your material of choice, styling will be a breeze. You can keep the accessorizing at bay because the lace is a statement on its own.

2. Sexy Short Black Dress – A mini dress is always a no-fail option. For girls who want to show off skin, keep the hemline high. A sexy short black dress is a style staple that can take you all the way from a stroll in a park to the raging after-party. Just switch up your footwear and accessories and you are all set for whatever scene you are in. You can choose either a sexy black dress with sleeves or a slinky spaghetti strap or a tube dress, as long as the hemline is high, their eyes will be glued on you.

3. Sexy Black Maxi Dress – A floor-length ebony frock is another effortlessly chic option for when you want to look cool and classy. If comfort is at the top of your priority list, go for a sexy black maxi dress. It will elongate your features and will make your silhouette look more smooth and svelte. It is a steady and versatile piece that you can take with you for an errand run to an exotic beach trip.

A flurry of designs, coverage, and cuts may bombard you in the quest for the perfect black dress. A few factors should be taken into consideration before making the purchase.

1. Will I be able to use it more than once?

2. Does it suit my body type?

3. Will it reflect my personality?

4. Am I comfortable in it?

If the answers are all YES, then there’s no need to do a double take. You have all the reason to indulge in a sexy black dress!

From Street Style to Sexy Seduction: Ways to Wear Your Sexy Black Dress


A free sexy black dress knows no bounds when it comes to serving sizzling hot looks. When you have landed on the dress that hits all the rights spots, you will want to wear it all the time – and yes, you can!

The key to playing with the classic piece is knowing how to accessorize. Here is a roundup of some style ideas that will go over big from the bustling city streets to the romantic bedroom scene.

1. Denim Jacket with White Sneakers – Cool and casual is the name of the game. Take a glam black dress and tone it down with denim and white contrasts. This is a no-fuss look that is both comfy but also very stylish.

2. Nude Pumps and Red Lips – Be a sexy and sophisticated femme fatale when you wear it with nude high heels that will lengthen the legs and red lipstick that will draw attention to your beautiful face. With a sexy black dress as your centerpiece, you will surely be a bombshell.

3. Blazer and Stilettos – For the boss babe, all it takes is a well-structured blazer and a pair of killer heels. Take on a busy day by being stylishly sleek for a business presentation or a job interview.

4. Pearls and Sunnies – Elegance. At. Its. Finest. Need we say more? Make Audrey proud.

5. On its own – Sometimes all you need is the dress. No fuss, no frills, just pure sexiness in a sheath of midnight. You can choose to wear a leather number or a sequined piece and nothing else. Let your body and the black dress do the talking.

The Fashionista’s Uniform

“One is never overdressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” Fashion mastermind Karl Lagerfeld holds testament to the glory of the dress. It has been tagged as the apparent singular piece of clothing that can be used in abundance. Our love for black dresses is bursting at the seams and Julbie wants to share this love to every woman. Shop Julbie for awe-inspiring cheap sexy black dresses that you will surely fall in love with.