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Sexy Vampire Costumes

The season to bring out your costumes has rolled around again. Halloween is the season of everything ghoulish, scary and gory. It comes as no surprise that vampires are always a household name that has practically become synonymous to halloween. One of the most fascinating and mythical creatures sprouted from the human’s bright imagination was able to create are vampires. Since time immemorial, it has been the center of entertainment. Movies, TV series, theatre plays, you name it! Vampires, inasmuch as they are projected to be something to be afraid of, have gained the love and attention of the world at large.

It is uncanny yet totally amusing how women are repulsed by the mere thought of monsters yet on the other hand dream about kissing Edward Cullen from ‘Twilight’. The sex appeal of vampires are the basis of every teen pop culture movie. The hottest stars in have probably played a vampire role one way or another. So our teeny bopper selves have since then associated vampires with ultimate hotness.

Not everyone was too keen in glamorizing these supposedly deadly mythological character. In spite this, Dracula was always portrayed as a tall, lean, mysterious dude with smoldering eyes, a prominent jaw and overall handsome man. Aside from Dracula the debonair, who could forget Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt from ‘The Interview with the Vampire’? Then came Ian Somerhalder from ‘Vampire Diaries’ and Robert Pattinson from ‘Twilight’, suddenly everyone was a believer. No woman could look at vampires the same way after feasting their eyes on those blood sucking hotties!


Supernaturally Attractive: The Sexy Vampire Appeal

Now women have viewed the vampire realm as such a sexy and attractive world, despite it being fictional and all. It may be hard to believe, but people relate to vampires more than you would think. They are creatures who look great in black, are more awake at night and have quite the magnet when it comes to necks. Sound familiar? These are some aspects of vampires that make them appealing.

Though you might have noticed that the most famous vampires are mostly men. With Buffy as a Vampire slayer, we cannot really consider that in the same context. You can turn the tables around! With the perfectly seductive sexy vampire costumes Julbie has gathered, you will be able to prove that sexy vampires can be women too!

Dressing up in female vampire costumes may be considered as an art form. It is easy to portray and you can twist and tweak it in your style and be unique. There are some women who do not have any idea that they’re starting to dress with vampire outfits. Some even don a subdued sexy vampire costume in their day-to-day wardrobe. So why not educate yourself on how to look vampy by taking inspiration with some of vampires’ most notable attributes.

The vampires we see in TV and movies have changed with age since the first time they were seen in the big screen. Now they are dressed as normal people, with jeans and t-shirts… and a little bit of vampire makeup. If you want to put on a vampire sexy costume, you may want to steer clear from this direction. As much as we adore the subtle, “blend with the crowd” vampire look when it comes to the silver screen, it is not really that much fun if you want to dress up as one. The real fun and excitement in dressing up as a sexy vampire is its literary portrayal. The traditional garments of vampire costumes for women can still take on a modern form and further add your own sexy gimmick to it. It just take a bit of imagination and a whole lot of black.

1. Start with the clothes – Start with the most vital piece of your own female vampires costume: the clothes. This will be the foundation of the whole look. If this would not be pulled off properly, then the whole ensemble will crumble to dust like a vampire who stepped out in the sun. Your get-up should no doubt have black, majority should be pitch dark. The essence of keeping it dark and black is to keep the main feature of vampires which is their survival in the dark. Not to worry though, the traditional vampire costume can also come with a pop of color: red. Keep it black or two-toned with red but nothing more than that. Red is the color of blood, which vampires also survive with, therefore makes it fitting for the costume. Vampires, much like queens and kings, are also regal in nature. It may be because of how they carry themselves but mostly because of the intricate designs of their clothes. In spite of being in the dark and hiding all the time, they still dress to the nines! Go figure! You would want to emulate this feature in your womens vampire costume if you want to paint the town (bloody) red! A few vampire costume ideas include Twilight where you can dress as a modern vampire halloween costume. If you want a more classic Halloween costume, then Halloween vampire costumes must have the gothic vampire look with dark black hair, Victorian era elements, the ‘bat-like’ collar, and black cape. Don’t forget the fake blood!

Vampiress costumes should opt for a short dress with a balloon skirt for that Victorian era feel. Dresses with lace and sparkle details will add more dimension and detail to the outfit therefore making it more inviting. Sexy Vampire Costumes are usually made with a luxurious brocade fabric such as silk. Make their heads turn in awe when you wear one of Julbie’s female vampire costume featuring a bust-flattering, waist-cinching corset. When you want to show off more of your curves, instead of a balloon skirt, opt for a form fitting ankle length dress. If you want to show more skin, then a lengthy dress with long slits will be both mysterious and inviting. When shopping for an adult vampire costume, find the right size that is forgiving and flattering to your body. The best part about vampire costumes for adults is that Vampire costumes usually include long skirts or dresses that can show off your greatest assets and cover other parts of your body that you don’t want revealed.

2. Pick your Accessories – If you already have your female vampire costume then it is time to pile on the bling. Vampires were not known to hold back on the accessories so do not worry about accessorizing. As long as each accessory will complement and stick with the theme, you will look great as a sexy vampire. They are always decked out to show that they are indeed rich and not to be messed with. To be as regal as a countess, chokers with beads and jewels will be perfect. A pair of gloves in lace or silk that is in the same color palette will make it more majestic-looking. You can also opt for a matching hair piece or headdress. Some female vampire costume sets in Julbie already come with a headdress and costume jewelry. You can cop these sets if you want to breeze through this step.

Aside from jewelry and headbands, hosiery is also a splendid idea to add the cherry on top. If your dress is short, a pair of embroidered stockings will accentuate those legs more and highlight the beauty of your costume. Adding fishnet stockings or an intricate pantyhose to your costume will make you look more put together and seem like you spent a lot of time, effort and money on this ensemble. Yes! Accessories can do that to an outfit so do not skip this step. Julbie offers a lot of sexy accessories so you do not have to wander off to other sites to complete your costume. Julbie is already a one-stop shop!

Not to mention, you can also bag one set of lingerie to wear underneath all those clothes, just to make sure you are ready for any after-hour happenings! Make sure to keep in within your blood-sucking theme!

3. Get your hair and makeup done – When you have the perfect sexy vampire costume down pat then all you have to worry about is getting your hair and makeup done before the party. It will be great to have it done by a professional but if you are on a budget, you can always do it yourself. Classic vampire ensembles are usually pale-skinned but since this should not be the focus (your costume should be!) you can go for a dark, smokey eye with heavy eye liner and red lipstick. Your hair can depend on your dress. If you went for a high collared vampire costume, it will look more divine when you go for an up do. A busty corset can go with lavish curls. If you want to portray a more evil-looking blood sucking vampire, a messy yet posh hairdo will make you look oh so fierce.

4. Props or not to props – Nothing screams more “extra” than props, take your female vampires costume up a notch with some props. If it won’t get in the way of you partying all night, then why not? Consider going for fangs since fangs is one quality of vampires that has not changed over the years. Frankly speaking, a vampire is not a vampire without their pointy teeth. Paint some blood trickles near the corners of your mouth. A cape can also be worn around your neck and let it flow freely behind you as you drift along the room spreading your sexiness with each step.

5. Bats? – Everybody knows that vampires from ancient folklore take the form of bats. If you want to think outside the box then go for a vampire bat! Spread your wings with a sequined bodysuit with an attached cape as your wings with a matching bat headpiece.

Love Bites (Literally)

The forbidden and mysterious aura of vampires has made it a sex symbol with powers to seduce anyone with its immortality. It was intended to be hideous and feared but people have emulated vampires when they want to be sensual and desirable. Halloween tradition for girl vampire costumes says that you should dress up to be scary yet we still want to be sexy and attractive. When you buy a female vampire costume, you can be vampy as hell and still keep up with the spooky spirit. It is definitely a win-win situation!