Sexy Flapper Costumes                     

What is a Flapper Girl?

The Roaring 20’s was known to be an era of Jazz music, fashion, rich and vibrant cultures. People look back at this decade to be full of life and carefree spirits. This lifestyle also reflected richly in their fashion. During the 1920’s skirts were shorter, necklines were lower, pearls and feathers were everywhere. Thus, the term Flapper girl was born. A typical Flapper girl represents sophistication yet at the same independence. It was the definition of beauty during those years. ‘Flapper’ was coined after teenage girls’ dresses which were often frilly and flowy, ergo, it flapped when they walked. History says that Flapper girls were considered reckless and rowdy as it was breaking the norm of floor-length dresses, conservative dresses and restricting corsets.

Who can be a Flapper Girl?

For the modern woman, the flapper girls were revolutionary. It paved the way for freedom of expression and feminism even though it was at times morally debatable. Until now, 21st-century women appreciate the uniqueness and authenticity of the flapper girl.             

Although we’ve already moved on from the Great Gatsby age, it’s always exciting to dress up as one of those fun-loving ladies! If you love dancing to the beat of jazz tunes, or lighting up a cigarette and simply living the life, then the 1920s Flapper costume might be for you.

Deciding on what to wear for your next costume party? Or is Halloween just around the corner. You can look like you just came out of a black-and-white silent movie by choosing a flapper Halloween costume fitted for your fun-filled parties.

How to Dress Up as a Sexy Flapper Girl?

Flapper Dress Costumesfrom the Jazz Age were already radiating sexiness and confidence on their own so it wouldn’t be a challenge to put together your own sexy flapper costume.

Flapper Costumes for Womencome in a lot of colors and designs. It is important to take note of the different elements that comprise a sexy flapper costume so you look like an authentic 20’s chick.

Fun, Frilly Dresses – The length of your dresses should be short and flirty. When you spend a night at a speakeasy, your wardrobe should be something you can move freely in once those sick tunes start playing. From its origin, make sure your dresses are flowy enough to shadow your every move. You can also opt for fabrics that have beading so that there will be jingling with your movement too. Light materials like fringe all over your body is sure to be a sight for sore eyes. 20’s fashion mastered the art of sophistication but still showing a bit of skin. Choose what goes best with your charm. Show off your décolletage and go strapless or strut with those gams by keeping the hem high. Feeling a little bit adventurous? Go all out with revealing bodysuit. Colors like white, black and, gold stay true to the classic Gatsby theme but if you decide on a more creative color, go for it! It doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got the spirit and poise of a true-blue flapper girl.

Classic Shoes - Slip on shoes that are perfect for grooving all night long. Flapper costumes for women are usually paired with classic, low-heeled Mary Janes, chunky heels and T-straps. Stilettos did not exist during the 1920 yet, although you can always wear a pair of those high-heels to add your own contemporary twist.

Vintage Accessories – This is probably what makes or break flapper girl costumes. The right accessories will imbibe the rich history of the Roaring Twenties. Put your chosen hair accessory on top of a slick bob which was all the rage at the time. A short bob is trademark flapper girl hairstyle. If you aren’t comfortable chopping off your long locks, curl and tie up your luxurious mane into a messy ponytail.

Your look would not be complete without a headpiece. A feathered headband with sequin detailing wrapped around your forehead will make you look the part. Wide-brimmed hats or thick, silk headbands are also good options.

Big jeweled earrings, dangling earrings, thick bangles and layered pearl necklaces, silk gloves or scarf are quintessential accents to add bling to your dresses. Finally, what screams flapper Halloween costume more than -- a fluffy feather boa! It’s a quirky accessory that you can put around your shoulders to make you look like you came right out of the page of the Fitzgerald classic – the Great Gatsby.

Why should I dress up as a Flapper Girl?

Aside from the effortlessly cool vibe flapper girl costumes bring, the depth of culture and history embedded in these pieces of clothing is definitely a reason to pull off this look. From recreating vintage dresses to well thought out accessories, your slinky ensemble is indeed going to be a conversation starter!

Women empowerment and influence are what you embody when you wear these clothes. So let go of those shackles on your mind and do not forget to strut your stuff with a confident stride and a flattering smile.