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String Bikini Thong Set
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Cinched Micro Bikini
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Thongs & Micro Bikinis

“It is always summer somewhere.”

Summer is a state of mind as they say. The sun, sea and sexy bodies that comes with summer makes it highly coveted by everyone. More so, putting on a sexy bikini in exchange for your sweatpants makes you yearn for it more. Your longing for the summer heat does not have to be in vain because you don't need to be on the beaches of Malibu or Miami to enjoy a sexy string bikini all year long. A fresh sexy bikini can take you to days where you get a daily dose of Vitamin D. Life is better in a string bikini, and you never have to wait for the summer to put one on.

Speaking of hot, the hottest trend that is making a splash is the micro swimwear trend. After all, tiny bikinis are already great, but micro is truckloads better! When the sun is out, your buns should also be out! The sexy bathing suits that will be the best option to show off that juicy double are the sexiest bikinis you have ever laid your eyes on: the extreme micro bikini!

Assess your current swimsuit thong wardrobe inventory and ask yourself: “Do I have enough micro g strings and thong bikinis?” and if the answer is anything but a yes, then you are a missing out! Sexy micro bikinis are an absolute necessity when you want maximum relaxation by the pool or by the beach. It will also help you reach the zenith of your self confidence and effervescent body love.

Sexy Micro Bikini Swimwear for Sale

Shop the best & biggest selection of women’s sexy bikinis, thong bikini swimwear, see through bikini, & extreme micro bikini bathing suits.  Julbie is the perfect place to do your mini micro bikini online shopping. Every single item in Julbie’s collection live up to the word “sexy”. For women of all shapes and sizes, there is certainly a women’s sexy thong bikini that screams out your name. Julbie is here to help you heed this calling.

For the new kid on the block when it comes to tiny bikinis, this guide is for your reference. The multitude of extreme string bikini swimsuit, microkini, and thong swimsuits are sexy AF may leave you breathless and overwhelmed to make a choice. There is a simple answer to this simple dilemma: try more than one style! There is so much more than one type of micro string bikini, and if you are not sure which one is for you, then the best way to know is to take a dip in each style before going for the plunge.

Thongs and g-strings were initially made for hiding those buggy panty lines underneath sexy tight fitting clothes. It eventually became too hot to handle that it was too flattering and also such a motivating power to love your body more, women cannot simply keep it hidden! Although it still serves this purpose, nowadays, there isn’t any more reason not to take these micro swimwear string bikinis to run free with the summer breeze (or any breeze for that matter!).

What are sexy Micro Bikinis?

Women’s bodies should be celebrated and therefore should not be shunned from strutting it out for the world to see. A sexy micro bikini gives a chance for all bodies to shine and at the same time boost the confidence and positivity of anyone who wears it. It is no ordinary sexy swimwear. It is rebellious with its minimalistic style but despite its skimpiness, it does not skimp on providing you absolute sexiness. Having a sexy bikini is one thing, but putting the word “micro” beside it takes it to a whole new level. A micro swimsuit covers the lady parts that needsto be covered, plus it adds the needed oomph to make your body radiate its true beauty.

While there are a myriad of micro bikinis depending on coverage and cuts, there are two far-famed variants of the sexy micro bikini: the thong and the g-string. The common misconception is that they are one and the same. They are both often referred to as string bikinis for women string bikini swimwear is called such because it makes use of strings to complete the overall look. They practically take the same form and style but are different in trivial aspects. It does not matter much whichever you pick, It is important to know these slight factors because it might make a huge difference in how you will wear it.

Thong Bikinis

One of the most highly coveted micro bikini styles are the famously sexy thong micro bikini. You have probably heard a song or two dedicated to this luscious tiny bikini micro thongs. No wonder! It is definitely worth making a song for. Micro bikini thongs are bottoms that look like your regular bikinis in front but it are held together by thin straps going around the back. Your derriere is barely covered other than a Y-shaped fabric that forms on top to in between your cheeks. The recent thong bikini trend has been highlighted by many stars and celebrities. As a result, many mainstream swimwear brands are jumping on the thong bikini trend and creating fun and flirty styles of thong bikinis. Be daring and hit the beach in a see through thong that contains either mesh or sheer lyrca. Micro sheer bikinis are all the rage and should not be overlooked in your endeavor to embrace the sexy thong bikini trend.  Or, reduce those tan lines further and wear a pair of nipple pasties in place of your string bikini top.

G-string Bikinis

G-strings micro have less coverage as compared to the thong. Instead of a y-shaped back, it has a thin string that go down between your buttocks. Also called the T-back, it basically shows off the entirety of your humps. G-string bikini swimwear is the sexiest of the sexiest bikinis and sexy swimwear. It certainly takes a bit of courage to don sexy g-string bikinis but the compliments you will be getting will make all those inhibitions melt away.

“Butt floss” is the term people have coined for these barely there bottoms. These string bikinis are becoming the subject of every selfie on Instagram. Who could blame these ladies? Without a doubt the hype is real. Besides these thongs and g-strings, here are a couple more terminologies that you might want to brush up on.

Teardrop Bikinis

Nope. Not because it will make you cry out in happiness (even though it does.), teardrop bikinis refer to the shape of the bikini tops. Shaped like a droplet of water, this covers your nipples, not your breasts. So if you are feeling wild and free, set your breasts free because they deserved to be ogled at! Besides, you won’t have to worry about awkward excessive tan lines in this case.


Monokinis or one piece bikinis also come in a micro variant. This design connects the top with the bottom for ladies who want a bit of ab and tummy coverage without taking out the flirty micro bikini details.

Crotchless bikini

As the name suggests, crotchless bikinis and crotchless micro bikinis, are tiny skimpy bikinis with a cutout in the crotch area.  Often, this type of bikini has a matching open cup bikini top.  For those looking to dabble in the idea of wearing extreme crotchless bikini swimwear but unsure if they want to be exposed the whole time, we offer a zipper bikini.  This zipper micro bikini allows the option of turning your crotchless bikini into a normal bikini with zipper front and zipper bikini top.

Women's stripper bikini, stripper thongs, exotic dancewear, & See thru swimsuits offers the largest selection of stripper bikinis, see thru swimsuits, crotchless bikinis and other hot tiny bikini string swimwear. Stripper bikinis are less for the beach or pool, and more for entertainment. Stripper bikinis are made of similar lyrca material with string tie sides for the purpose of removal in a flash! See thru swimsuits can also be worn for entertainment, either in the bedroom or in the strip club, but many people love wearing a see thru swimsuit at private beaches. If you're going to your first nude beach and you aren't ready to bare it all, see thru swimsuits are perfect for having some coverage with participating in the nude environment. Shop the wide selection of see thru swimsuits at Julbie that include fun and sexy designs.

Irresistibly Sexy from Top to Bottom: Sexy Micro Bikini Myths Debunked

It is not just for show. It is really one “instagrammable” swimwear sexy bikini; with all the Kardashians and VS models pulling it off with their mirror selfies. Eye candy as they may seem, they are still totally appropriate to wear when you plan to take a plunge. You might have second thoughts of wearing micro bikinis in the beach because of the sand situation, but they are nevertheless great for wearing for taking a quick dip and lounging around in pool parties.

You do not need to be skinny to rock it. This should be a public service announcement! A lot of women have been shrugging off sexy g-string bikinis because they are unsure of how it will look like with their body, but this should not be the case. String bikinis are universally flattering. You just have to look for the right cut and style for your body type. Whether or not you have a big backside or not, it will do wonders to your silhouette. For curvy girls, it will emphasize your curves more. For those girls who have smaller butts, it will give an illusion of fuller cheeks because of the contrast of thin bands around it. The bikinis strings also serve a double purpose. Aside from saving you from hideous tan lines, it also draws the attention to the waist. When you pull the strings upward, it gives you the illusion of a smaller waist.

It is not a thing of the past. Sisqo’s thong song, which was the anthem of the millennium, was practically an announcement that micro bikinis are here to stay. It is proof that shaking your money maker in barely there swimsuits is the trend everyone has been drooling for. Debuting as a stripper bikini in every strip club across the USA this little micro bikini was the go-to accomplice to all stripper outfits and could be found in just about every stripper clothing store across America.  Since that time, it has left the strip clubs and has debuted as a swimsuit acceptable in public. Even if it has seen decades of beach bums, the micro bikini thongs and g string bathing suits trend is picking up its pace with the millennial and generation Z market.

You do not have to stick to one sexy bikini style. As creatures of habit, we become stuck to one style after we have found the “one”, and you cling on to it for summers after summer. There are plenty of reasons why you should make the switch to the micro bikini style. A lot of the items in this selection has merged the latest up-coming trends to the classic cut. A prediction dictates that micro bikinis are about to blow up the swimsuit hemispheres which is enough reason for you to upgrade your bikini line up for your next swim escapade.

Before heading off to the water and indulging in much needed dose of vitamin D, bag some of these awesome and unique micro bikinis that will take the poolside by storm:

If you want to invest in something that will not go out of style, then go for the classic Black String Bikini Thong Set. Apart from being a haute item, this also gives you an opportunity to stretch your bikini wardrobe. Both the top and the bottom can be used for all your mixing and matching with your other bikinis. The black thong goes well with anything! So if you have an existing bikini set and do not not care much for its bottoms, switch it up with this black thong, and voila! No one will even notice what you did there. It will be easy to grab hold of and throw on when you have those impromptu pool parties. Depending on the pool party, g string sexy styles should always be considered for their bold and minimal appeal. 

Neon is another sexy color option that you can go for when you want that retro Ibiza look. When you want to be eye-catching and extravagant. Opt for cut out details for extra structure and dimension against the minimal material of the string micro bikini. Aside from your plain colored set, printed bikinis is also a great route to venture to. You can go for a fierce look with animal print bikinis like the Leopard Teardrop Micro Thong Bikini Set, or a sweet flirty vibe with floral printed bikinis such as the Color Me Wild Bandeau Micro Set.

When you want your micro bikini to serve you from the pool to the bedroom, another style you can opt for is the sheer micro bikini like the Sheer Mesh Two Piece Swimsuit G-string. This see thru micro bikini can be worn with waterproof pasties for more conservative swim parties and strip it off for your intimate rendezvous. For the brave souls, see through thongs or a see through micro bikini practically leave you naked with an air of mystery. Micro bikini see thru styles are great for a private pool setting or an exotic beach vacation in Mexico!

You can absolutely express yourself with sexy string micro bikinis for women with oodles and oodles of one of a kind designs and colors.

“I HAVE TOO MANY SEXY BIKINIS!” – said no one ever.

For beach bums and water babes, soaking up the sun in a sexy bikini swimsuit equates to happiness. Naturally, when you are happy, an increase in confidence follows suit. What are you waiting for? Grid your loins and double those squats. Bag the cheekiest swimsuit trend that is sweeping everyone off of their feet! Show off your money makers and elongate the legs with a bikini set that is bound to make jaws drop. Soon this will be the uniform of beachgoers, go with the sexy dress code and stock up on the different kinds of sexy micro bikinis.

Throw your apprehensions and judgments out the door. Never underestimate the power of body positivity and confidence. No man will be safe from your radiating positivity.

As they say, there are only two steps to getting a bikini body: (1) Purchase a bikini. (2) Put on that bikini. It is that simple! When you land on the perfect sexy bikini that suits your taste and reflects your inner beauty, get it in your size so you can chase the sun anytime of the year.

If you still cannot decide which itty bitty bikini to go for, cop more than one. With so many styles to choose from, even a swimwear bikini thong that has more coverage than a micro will still flaunt those curves! Julbie has the best prices for sexy micro bikini swimwear so it allows you to pamper yourself without the damage to your wallet. When the question involves a sexy sting bikini, the answer should always be yes!