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Stripper High Heel Shoes


Ready to take center stage? You need the right shoes! Your sexy outfit might be important but your shoes will be the piece de resistance! One part of the body that is often overlooked and underestimated is the feet. People tend to focus more on the obvious sexual body parts but tend to neglect to put attention to their feet. Even if you are only performing for an audience of one, a pair of very sexy stripper heels can quickly turn into a man’s Achille’s heel!! It is a very strong erogenous zone and the simple sight of it can turn a lot of people on. It can make him weak in the knees when you throw on stripper high heels to be used as a seduction tool.

Show-Stopper Stripper Heels to Make You Stand Out

If you love having all eyes on you, then these are the shoes for you. Exotic dancer shoes are a woman’s weapon choice. For those who are all about being the star of the show, a pair of Pleaser shoes are the holy grail. Exotic dancer or not, when you have one on, a spotlight will always be following you wherever you go even if you are not on stage.

Stripper shoes are highly coveted even outside of the exotic dancing industry. It has slowly become mainstream, taking over the streets with its strikingly bold form. When you want to stand out, those patent black kitten heels you wear to the office simply won’t do. So for your next shopping trip, invest in a glamorous pair of sexy stripper heels. If you want to know what makes a pair of heels deemed stripper-worthy, stick around and read about the world-renowned shoe.

The Anatomy of Stripper Heels

Let’s delve into the phenomenon that is stripper heels. The first impression you might have had when you first laid your eyes on exotic dancer heels is that it is “super high!”. Even though it has been dominating runways, pageant stages and somewhere in between, it is originally designed for the pole and the dance floor. For pole and exotic dancers, it is more than just a shoe, it is a tool that makes performance a hundred times better. What sets the exotic dancing shoes to every other shoe there is?

Despite looking killer, these heels won’t kill your feet contrary to popular belief. Pain is still part of the process but overcoming it is worth a bit of strain. Conquering sky-high heels is not an impossible feat as long as you do it slowly and gradually. Its elaborate form is designed to make looking sexier easier for performance. Two distinct features separate stripper shoes from that of regular heels:

The Heel Height – Exotic dancing shoes come in a range of styles, but expect that it will often be in a crazy height! With 4 inch heels as a starting point, it is far from being a low heel. From 4 inches to 6 and 7 inch heels, it extends up to a whopping 10 inches! These insane heights make the shoes more alluring and it does wonders to your body. That extra length makes the booty look perkier, the legs look longer and help tighten the core. The heel is often curved to provide the back of your foot ample support. It makes balancing easier and lessens risks injuries and harm.

The Platform – A stripper heel will always have a heavy outsole. Because of the insane heel height, your toes will undeniably point in an uncomfortable angle. This is where the platform comes in. It bolsters up the front of your feet lessening the distance between heel and toe. Thus, the thick outsole does not only make the shoe pretty but it also makes it easier to walk in. The distinctive trait of the platform stripper heels is that the outsole is curved. The platform’s bottom is not entirely laid flat on the ground. It allows the wearer to rock back and forth when dancing or simply walking. This feature makes any movement easier.

These are the markings of true-blue stripper shoes. It won’t be difficult to spot these attributes because they are far from being ordinary. You can spot a pair from a mile away! When you do get hold of the best heels for you, never take it off of your sight because it reaps more benefits than just making you look more attractive. In the long run, consistent and proper use can also benefit your health. It improves your posture and stance because of the added intensity of wearing heels, it is considered extra exercise.

Your Feet, Your Heels, Your Choice

There are a lot more features sexy stripper heels have which are independent of each other. There’s a heap of colors and designs to choose from. A plethora of colors is available all over exotic dancewear stores. Black stripper heels and clear platform heels are just a couple of some of the most popular styles in the market. Stripper ankle boots are also a cult favorite when you want more coverage and protection. Ankle straps also provide more stability for when you intend to climb a pole. It will keep your shoes from slipping off even if you are twirling and spinning around. However you want your shoes to serve you, make sure to be on the lookout for these telling signs that you have stripper-worthy shoes at the palm of your hands.

Bare or Wear? Why Working the Pole is Better with Heels

Heels for pole dancing are not required, but they should be! No matter how large the audience is: a room full of onlookers or an intimate bedroom set-up, shoes will make a big difference. As compared to going barefoot, sexy stripper heels give off a more appealing vibe to your look. The flare that it adds to performance is undeniable.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, pole dancing heels bear a lot of practicality with it. Sure, no one can deny that they make your legs look good but they also help you with dominating the dance floor with the least amount of hurt. Your feet play a crucial part in a dance routine. You expose your skin to bruises and scratches because it directly touches the pole when you go barefoot, even though it is the more lightweight option. Wearing heels protect the skin from grazing the pole. Most pole dancing high heels also have cushioned insoles making it comfortable to walk in for hours. Having something to absorb vibrations and will not make every landing heavy.


No Place Better to go Shoe Shopping than in

We would drop anything to get a chance to go on a splurge fest for a new pair. However, choosing your pleaser heels based on how they look is the easy route that does not always end in a bed of roses. There are some things you may want to consider before adding it to the cart. Pleaser Heels is a leading brand that provides the real deal when it comes to high-quality stripper heels. They have everything for beginners to professionals. We recognize the importance of high-quality shoes and we are committed to providing nothing but the best. We want to make the world a sexier place, starting from the top, all the way down to the shoes. With our specially picked selection of pleaser shoes, all you need to do is know which will work perfectly for your feet and your purpose. What are you waiting for? Step into the shoes of a stripper and prepare for the performance of your life.