Nipple Clamps

Nipples are at the top tier of the erogenous zones. Sure, boobs make the world go ‘round, but without your tits, it is pointless! The nips are very sensitive and have more nerve endings than most people realize. Not everyone is aware that they can get nipple orgasms and easily overlook this pleasure trove! Even though it could come quite elusive, with the right stimulation using the right gear, it is possible!


The ‘Breast’ Accessory

Nipple clamps are relatively simple to understand. The name of it is already pretty self-explanatory. By forcing out the blood flow, you feel a spine-tingling numbing sensation. Much like how it feels when your partner pinches your nipples with their fingers. Although nipple clamps provide a hands-free foreplay solution! Hands can roam freely while the nips get the love and attention it deserves. Foreplay will never ever be one-dimensional again! Multi-task by bringing in a pair of clamps into the mix.         

They are one of the best sex toys for increasing the intensity of pleasure. Of course, with intense pleasure, there also comes a little bit of pain. Don’t let this intimidating thingamabob scare you away. Remember that a tinge of hurt can be a good thing to motivate a different level of sensation.

It does not stop there. Post-clamping still opens up maximum pleasure. After it is taken off, there is increased circulation; therefore, sensitivity also increases. You will feel everything ten times more!

Such small trinkets can provide bone-shattering sexual gratification. The usual lick, suck, bite, and rub are sure-fire ways to please the senses, but adding zest to the routine is always encouraged. Pinching the nipples is the needed ‘’zing’ to excite and ignite your hidden desires, just waiting to break free!


Pointers for Pointy Nipples

Choosing to include a nipple clamp can be a step on unchartered territory. Initial usage might ignite uncertainty and apprehension. But put those worries aside and read up on these tips for your nips:

  • Do not use them for long periods. Nerve damage may result in extended and improper usage.
  • They are adjustable. So, make sure you communicate with your partner, whether the tightness is comfortable enough to induce pleasurable pain. Do not go beyond the border of the pain threshold.
  • For starters, you can include the areola portion, just behind the nipple, to gauge your nipple’s sensitivity to pain.
  • Do not close the clamps all the way. Keep those ends apart so you could keep your nips from harm!
  • If you are feeling extra frisky, time the climax with the release of your clamps and feel the rush!

Clamps come in a lot of styles and sizes. There are varying intensities depending on your taste. Often explored in BDSM play, but it is not limited to. Any couple looking to spice up their foreplay is encouraged to try it on for size.

Some are pretty just for show, and some take the pain to the next level. Feathered, chained, or vibrating, weighted, and more! Buy a clamp and play with it until you find what works for you!


For Your Nips, Tits and All Your Pretty Bits

Everything you’ve read will be mere theory unless you try them. Take a shot with a simple starter pack and feel it out until you are ready for more hardcore toys.

Such a simple gadget can provoke the most powerful and most passionate emotions. It is a worthy addition to your list of sexperiments! specializes in all things associated with passion, pain, and pleasure. Revel in all the erotic clamps with our specially curated catalog. Delve into the untapped potential of your nips – start by going nipple clamp shopping!