Furry Leg Warmers

The term ‘furry’ is often associated with all things cozy, cute and comfortable. Incorporating furry to our sartorial choices might not be run of the mill, but is still very couture. The 80’s inspired aerobics vibe is totally modish in today’s fashion industry. History has a tendency to repeat itself therefore it is a good idea to bring back those throwback pieces into the modern girl’s closet.

Purchase a pair of furry leg warmers and turn retro into tres chic. There are awesome choices from Julbie’s selection which will fulfill all your funky and fun dreams. The faux furry leg warmers range from everyday basics to your eccentric costume pieces.

Fur leg warmers may strike up a chord for those fashion savvy women but may bring about some uncertainties to the rookie fashionista. Whichever of the two you fall under, a furry leg warmer will be put to good use especially when you want to keep it swank even when the frigid weather draws near.

You can either wear leg warmers like it’s the eighties with bold colors and shoulder pads or integrate it to this season’s hottest trends and take it to a more modern path.

If winter and fall is right around the corner, it will be the perfect time to purchase one or a couple of these quintessential leg wear. Heat up your legs and your whole outfit with these sizzling hot ideas for fur leg warmers.

Five Furry Style Rules to Live by

Red, mustard, multicolor, feather, suede, glittery, animal print are some of the superfluous designs of leg warmers you can keep in your closet for times that you need a little *extra* in your outfits. However, must-have leg warmers will add dimension as well as warmth to your getup. It can also be used indoors when you want to be especially snug and warm during chilly climates.

1. White fur leg warmers – A perpetually versatile color that goes with anything in your closet. White comes in different textures and fabrics depending on your warmth preference. Feel like an eighties school girl with a sock-like material that extends mid calf to the floor. Wear it with a leather skirt and a pair of patent black pumps to balance the retro look with street style. Throw in a pair of sheer black pantyhose for that extra coziness. A pair of elaborate full blown quality faux fur leg warmers on top of your jeans and boots will put a show-stopping detail to the most casual outfits. If you want a double purpose white leg warmer that can go from the pavement to the party, opt for light up leg warmers. Take it to your next rave party and literally light up the whole room!

2. Black fur leg warmers – Much like its white counterpart, black goes with anything. Black is a symbol of sophistication and elegance. When you mix black with fur, it will definitely be a subtle statement. Because of the bulk of the fur, it will be a show stopper but the dark color balances it and tones down the magnitude of the fur. Wear your black faux fur leg warmers with your most chic outfits and your basic boots. Jet black warmers will add extra heat and style to your flats or sneakers. Simply wear them with your black leggings and ballet shoes for a cute and “not-so-basic” ensemble.

3. Fur boot toppers – When fur is already a part of your system because of its stylishness, yet some seasons might not be too forgiving when wearing full blown fur leg warmers. No need to fret because you can purchase a pair of boot toppers that add more design and adornment to any simple boots. Your boots will be extra sexy with a touch of fur grazing around your legs. This way, fur doesn’t need to be a seasonal fashion item, instead you can utilize it all year round!

Wear your fur leg warmers or fur toppers with shorts, skirts, pants or leggings and emulate any look you want to go for. Whether flirty, fun, feminine, funky or foxy, fur is a sure fire way to be infinitely fashionable and functional. Browse Julbie’s wide selection of fur leg warmers and you will never be cold nor passe! Always choose cozy, chic and classy therefore always choose fur.