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Wide Lace Thong Panty
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Basic Lace Thong
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All Lace Boyshorts
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Lace Crotchless Panty
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T Back Thong
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Basic Boyshort Panty
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Embroidered Pearl Thong
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Sexy G-String
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Peek-a-Boo Crotchless Thong
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Sexy Lace Thong
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Clip Y-Back Thong
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Microfiber and Lace Thong
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Lacy Crotchless Panty
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The Perfect Thong
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Y-Back Thong
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Lace Cage Panty
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Neon Leopard Mesh Thong
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Panties - These sexy numbers have gone rogue!

Our undergarments have evolved over time. From being a basic necessity, it has transformed to something more complex and intricate. With its unfolding, the importance of our daily wear has peaked at an all time high. Ironically enough, the garments used to promote timidity and simplicity are anything but that. In particular, panties seem to be the most basic piece of underwear. It is straightforward in its purpose and foundational in its approach. Panties are a staple and will always be on top of the list when it comes to our bare necessities. In this modern time, panties are not simply a piece of fabric to cover the groin, they could be a sexy fashion piece, fitness support, a confidence booster, a naughty invitation; they are an art.

Despite the different purposes sexy women panties provide nowadays, one cannot discredit this piece of lingerie when it comes to functionality. Mainly, no matter what style of panties a woman uses, hygiene is still top of mind. Every other purpose comes second. But with functionality, comes the responsibility of picking an equally attractive panty.

Yes, you read it right. At Julbie, we take pride in making each woman feel sexy while covering basic needs such as her daily undergarment. If you are looking for an everyday panty you will be wearing all day every day, then better do it in style!

What’s In: Sexy Panties

Out with the granny panty, in with the sexy panty! Gone are the days when you have slip on another pair of drab, boring underwear because Julbie has a wide selection of panties sexy that you surely love! If you want your eyes to be opened on what is all the rage in the panty section, then keep your eyes peeled because we have all the in-trend styles.

The following are some of the styles that you can purchase to complete your sexy panty collection.

Boy shorts – The boy shorts  is not the most revealing but it can also be kinky.  These boyshort panties are micro shorts that cover the groin and the butt. Though it has more coverage, it can still be sexually suggestive depending on the material and the style. A black lace boy short is a classic design that you can be comfortable with. The color will go with almost all bra styles. It has ample coverage but still lets a little bit of skin show through from the sheerness of the material. Opt to put a little bit of a sexy surprise with a crotchless boyshort.

Hipsters – This is quite similar to the boy short although this style specifically falls on or below the hips. These panties typically feature cheeky bottoms with either a sexy lace trim creating a cheeky panty with ruched back design.

Thongs and G-strings –  These panty styles, unlike the boy short, leave little to the imagination. The g-string is more exposed as compared to the thong. The thong has thicker fabric holding the front while the g-string only has floss-like straps. Both show off the backside as it rides up in between the butt cheeks. Many women choose panties thongs for the seamless comfort they provide under a tight pair of sexy pants or sexy dress. Sexy thongs come in many designs featuring lace crotchless, criss cross, high waisted panties and bright colors like hot pink!

Crotchless – Crotchless underwear and peek a boo panties are slowly making their way to the top of the sexy lingerie list. The crotchless pantys can be morphed into all styles. Depending on what function you want it to serve, you can opt for open crotch panties to make everything a whole lot sexier. Crotchless panties for women are not commonplace in your everyday wardrobe because they don’t cover the hygiene aspect. However, this naughty panty with a crotchless g string design should be included in your lingerie collection because of their ability to turn up the heat with you and your partner. If you’re single and ready to mingle, putting on womens crotchless panties such as a crotchless g string will only make you feel more flirtatious and powerful in your ability to seduce him. Another new sexy option are the buttless or assless panties if you are looking to up the fun.

Tips and Tricks on Styling Your Sexy Panties

Because of the broad spectrum of sexy lingerie panties, you can style it and utilize it in a multitude of ways. Pick any of Julbie’s naughty panties and read on some life hacks on how to bring out the fullest potential of each piece. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate these panties into your day to night outfits.

1. To bring out your creative side, one hack is to mix and match your bras and panties. Some sets do not provide your exact preference so you can start off with a panty of choice as a foundation then wander through the section of bras, chemises, corsets, kimonos and such to complete your whole lingerie look. You can pair a crotchless lace thong panty with pearl beads with a white lace open cup bra which is a pair that you can mix and match as a set. Let your imagination run free and mix and match!

2. Considering your outfit, pick the appropriate sexy panty that would mesh well with it. If it is a casual event, cheeky boy shorts can be worn underneath your jeans or your denim shorts as well. Go for a hipster panty when you have low-rise jeans so it won’t peek through. If you’re wearing something sexy, panties with lace are the perfect addition to your overall outfit. Women's sexy panties are a must have for any sexy evening including lingerie thongs.

3. When you are prepping for a date or something more intimate, it is best to be equipped and ready for action. Elaborate crotchless thongs will keep visible panty lines away when you wear your sultry skin tight dresses. Not only that, when you pick a luxurious lacy thong, it will make you feel extra sexy and confident whether or not you choose to strip off and show it to your man. We’ve discussed extensively about sexy women thongs, but if you really want to spice it up then try a pair of assless panties that are a sexy crotchless design to add a simple but easy solution.

4. Material says a lot about a panty. So when you want to tone down the sexiness to a more dainty yet kinky look, white lace is an option. Girly colors like lavender and pink lace panties will bring out a more feminine vibe. Romantics will love the color red when it is in lace or eyelash material. But when you want to imbibe wild and erotic, wet look panties are perfect! If you can’t pick one color, then opt for two-toned lace panties like red and black or black and gold to break the monotony but still be able to make everything look sophisticated. Some women are not able to wear certain panty lingerie materials such as satin or silk because those materials do not breathe. Consider your fabric choice when also choosing a pair of sexy panties.

Shopping Online for Sexy Panties: The Three S’s

When looking for the perfect panty for you, there are some points of awareness you need to consider before pulling out that credit card and making a purchase. To get the best experience out of shopping online, we do not want you to regret any purchase just because of hastily-made decisions. So here are the 3 S’s to tick off the list before adding that pair to the cart.

1. Size This is true for any lingerie, not only panties. Sizing is crucial because a pretty pair of panties can only go so far as the surface, but how it clings on to the skin will determine how beautiful it really is. Your waist and hips size should be accurately measured first then look at each size chart on you panty options and check which size falls exactly on your measurements. A lot of panties offer a wide range of sizes for our plus sized beauties, so it is a must to check the product description first. Remember: panties should complement with your silhouette, too tight panties will just enhance bulges and make unwanted skin marks while too loose will result in making you look fuller and saggier. Go for panties that feel just like second skin.

2. Season – The right panty also comes with the season. Sexy panties have long been picked for its aesthetic qualities but one must not neglect the functionality still. Opt for thicker materials during colder seasons. Consider putting off the leather and the thick materials if you are planning to wear it underneath clothes during humid weather unless you plan to wear it as a bikini at the beach. Since our private areas are very sensitive, it is also important to think about this for health reasons to ensure that you don’t sweat and cause infection.

3. Style – Women have different body types. Some are proud of their bootylicious curves, some want the focus to be on the waist. A new trend in sexy panties for women is to wear high waist panty set that can cover up that tummy but be worn as a cheeky hipster style or thong. So know your body and what your best asset is and accentuate that. There are also panty designs that can hide your flaws if you aren’t that confident showing it in the bedroom. Choose the function you want it to serve. Prioritize comfort and material when you want to use it as negligee for lounging around the bedroom. Another is looking for sexually naughty designs before anything else if you plan on using it to seduce your man. It really is a matter of style and taste as it differs for every woman.

Care for Your Panties = Care for Yourself!

Panties should be changed every so often. When the material or the fabric already becomes worn out, it should immediately be replaced. Shelf life of panties are 6 months to a year depending on the quality but they should not be used over that duration. Make sure that you wash your intimate apparel, especially your thongs and g-strings as they are the most prone to bacteria since they provide less coverage. Hand washing is recommended especially for delicate materials such as lace and eyelash. For the busybody, you can also make use of your washing machine but make sure to secure your panties in a protective lingerie bag so that quality is preserved. When you store them, make sure the storage area is free from dirt and dust. We do not want those anywhere near our private areas!

Never ever sacrifice the quality and your comfort for the sake of looking sexy. This is not up for compromise. Fancy looking panties should also be comfortable to the touch or else it will reflect on your self esteem or your skin. Hygiene is should be on top of your regimen and your lingerie should be able to support that. With this, panties are non returnable for hygienic purposes unless they are unopened and in original packaging. So take your time in reading and scrutinizing every bit of information. Julbie is very particular with providing the best possible products so that you can walk out that door (or strip off your clothes in the bedroom) and feel beautiful as you embrace your sexuality thanks to your chosen lingerie!