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Everything You Need to Know About Sexy Cat Costumes

We don’t know about you but one of the first things that come to our mind when we hear the word “Halloween” is sexy cat costumes. In fact, it comes right after Jack-o’-lanterns and cauldrons! Hey! It’s not totally surprising seeing as black cats have always been one of the symbols of Halloween.

Cat Costumes for Women: Where Did it Begin and Why are they so Popular?

You may think the craze with cat costumes only started in 1992 when Michelle Pfeiffer portrayed the comic book character fabulously in Batman Returns. However, we think that its history goes as far back as the 1960s when the Catwoman was first introduced in the Batman TV series.

It’s not surprising that many women are enamored with the idea of dressing up in a sexy Catwoman costume. After all, Catwoman’s alter-ego, Selina Kyle, was a shy quiet single woman who lived such a sad and boring life. But as soon as she dons on that costume, she transforms into this powerful sultry villainess who manages to catch the attention of the superhero Batman. Her criminal side just adds to her overall charm because no one would ever think that someone like Selina could be so bad. When you think about it, Selina Kyle is almost half of the women population of the world and of course those women want to turn into Catwoman! Thus, the popularity of Catwoman costumes for adults!

While Catwoman will never go out of style, a ton of other cat Halloween costumes for women has come out in the recent years. We’re guessing it’s because many women can relate to cats. You see, cats are calculative, aloof, moody, and will scratch when threatened. But once you win them over, they will be the most loyal and loving companion you’ll ever have. Sound familiar? Yeah, they’re basically women! It’s no wonder a lot of women are still choosing to dress as cats on Halloween.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Adult Cat Costume

Cat costumes are a very, very popular choice among women. That said, it is only natural for costume manufacturers to come up with dozens of designs. With so many to choose from, how do you narrow down your choices? Here are a few things you need to consider:

  • What kind of cat do you want to be?

When we say what kind of cat, we’re not talking about Siamese or Persian. Do you want to wear something which looks like the fur of a cat or do you want to dress up as Catwoman? The answer to this question will cut down your choices by half.

  • Bodysuit or jumpsuit?

Knowing whether you would want to wear a bodysuit or a jumpsuit will also help you narrow down the selection. Keep in mind that most Catwoman costumes do come as jumpsuits.

  • How do you want to accessorize?

Most costume sets do not come with accessories, but this is a good thing because it gives you room to accessorize whichever way you like. Remember, these accessories are what will set you apart from the other cats at the party.

  • What color do you want your costume to be?

Feline costumes come in faux fur fabric with different patterns – tiger stripes, leopard spots, etc. Catwoman costumes on the other hand are, and will always be, black.

Cat Costumes for Women: The Dominatrix Uniform

An interesting thing about cat costumes is that they’re not just for dressing up as Catwoman on Halloween. It is also a popular choice for dominatrixes. In fact, there probably isn’t a dominatrix in the world who doesn’t have a couple of Catwoman jumpsuits in her dungeon. There’s just something about a black latex jumpsuit that goes really well with a whip and flogger. Let’s not forget about the super high platform shoes! No dominatrix uniform would be complete without a pair of killer shoes.

Where to Buy an Affordable Womens Cat Costume

If you’ve made it this far then we’re guessing you’re really interested in getting yourself an adult cat costume. The good news is, you’re already in the right place! Whether it’s a Sassy Kitty, Villainess vixen, or a sexy lioness, we’ve got you covered with our wide selection of sensual cat costumes. Go ahead and browse through our online catalogue to see which ones fit your style purrrrfectly!