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Rhinestone Tights


Stay Sexy and Extra Sparkly!

Rhinestone hosiery is the revolution. Tights, leggings and stockings have always been designed to be almost undetectable with clothing, as it is known to be an accessory.

We have changed the rules. Rhinestones are a girl’s best friend. Hence, we need it all over our body—including the legs!

Change the World One Rhinestone at a Time

Dazzle the dancefloor, and practically every floor you grace. The fancy feature in your d adds a sexy and sophisticated twist to the classic.

That drizzle of bling will make your days in the sun a lot brighter and nights in the town a lot more romantic! Rhinestone fishnet leggings are a popular choice for women who like to take their glitz and glamour with them every step of the way.

Bring Back the Bling | How to Wear Rhinestone Tights

Even the slightest embellishments make an outfit pop! Good thing rhinestone tights have no shortage in that department. It can accentuate an already vivid outfit or bring the shine out of the most basic ones.

Consider those rhinestones as stars because there is a whole galaxy of ways to wear them. Get a picture of the styles you can rock with the following fashion formulas:


  • Mini dress + Rhinestone pantyhose = Romantic Date Night
  • Ripped jeans + Rhinestone fishnets = Rocker Chic
  • Booty shorts + Rhinestone leggings = Rave Ready
  • Leather lingerie + black rhinestone thigh highs = Sultry Shine
  • Thong + See-through studded leggings = Posh Peek-a-boo


Of course, there are a lot more where that came from. We want women to let go of the notion that these types of hosiery only come out when it’s night, and there’s sex in mind. Basically, you can wear your bejeweled tights anytime you want. You only need a wild imagination and the most lustrous leggings to make it happen!

How to Care for Your Rhinestone Stockings

Stretchy and warm rhinestone pantyhose will serve you well as it will always serve drop-dead gorgeous looks! However, you should also do your part in maintaining its impeccable quality. After all, these are made with thin and lightweight materials. Even the most high-end brands can rupture when it is not taken care of. The following are some tips to get the most out of your rhinestone stockings.


  • Make sure to read the label. Even though you already have a similar look, fabric blends may differ and may come with different care instructions.
  • Handwash is best. Since this isn’t your ordinary hosiery, it is a little bit more fragile. So, it requires extra delicate handling. In case you cannot handwash it, set the washer to the most gentle or lowest setting with cold water.
  • Avoid wringing it too harshly. Preserve its elasticity by hanging it and letting it air dry.
  • Wash it inside out. To avoid stones from falling out, invert your tights while doing laundry.
  • Steer clear from sharp objects. Be extra cautious with long nails, zippers, heels and such. In any case, there’s always the nail polish hack!


Open up Julbie’s Jewelry Box

Our selection might not have genuine diamonds, but rhinestones are the next best thing! Discover affordable bling hosiery that looks luxurious without the lavish price tag. To bring you the crème de la crème, we never let a rhinestone go unturned!