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6 inch Heels: The Killer Pair

A pair of high heels will always be the frosting on the cake. Most social affairs and romantic dates are besieged by the clicking and clacking of the heel against the floor. When you want to work your way up in the social ladder, conquer the exotic dance floor or make a lasting impression in the club, high heels help you reach for the skies, literally and metaphorically speaking. So despite the physical consequences, we take a deep breath, put our chin up and keep our shoulders back and enjoy the empowerment and energy the sexy pair provides. As you hunt for your new pair, this question always hangs in the air: how high can you go? The answer should be 6 inches! This utterly seductive heel height should be your new closet-spacer. We believe there is a reason the word six is so closely spelled to the word sex. A couple of inches can be good as an unassuming accessory, but triple the number and you will turn the whole look into something utterly sexual!


If the shoe fits, get it in 6-inch heels!

6 inch high heels are known to be a killer pair of shoes. For a lot more reasons, perhaps, than just the potential pain. Putting it on will make you slay the whole look! We should not underestimate the power of shoes, especially when it comes in the form of a 6 inch platform heels. This multifaceted type of heels will reap more rewards than you would normally expect. Here are some reasons you should opt for the six-inch length:


   • It will ostentatiously transform your look into something exotic

   • It will spice things up in the bedroom when paired with lingerie or with nothing at all

   • It will elongate your legs resulting in a more slender silhouette

   • It will make you more confident and fulfilled

   • It will act as a sexy and seductive accessory

   • It will improve your posture and stance


A Guide to Walking in Skyscraper Heels

Walking half a foot higher does not only sound uncomfortable but also dangerous. It can indeed be a hazard when you teeter away in 6 inch heels no platform at that while lacking the experience with other lower-heeled shoes. We wish that there was a user manual on how to walk steadily at once but it will take a higher degree of skill before you can finally show off your confident stride in a pair of 6 inch high heels. We have zeroed in on some tips and tricks expert pole dancers and exotic dancers swear by. Follow these basic steps and you’ll be running a marathon in 6 inch heels in no time!

1. Wear a heel height you are comfortable in as a daily shoe. For starters, if you have a pair of 2-inch heels lying around waiting to be brought out for a special occasion, then this is the time to put it to good use. From brunch bedtime, exchange your flats and sneakers momentarily for some QT with your heels. Wear it for as long as you have the opportunity to. Pack a band-aid and practice walking until it feels like nothing.

2. Gradually switch to higher heels. We see it as an opportunity to do some major shopping but it actually helps you reach your goal. Once you have gotten the hang of walking in 2-inch heels. Raise the stakes and take double the height everywhere you go. This will not only prep you to walk 6 inches higher but it will also hone your styling skills and creativity!

3. Choose a 6-inch style that is easier to walk in. Before you dive in 6-inch deep, it is recommended that you start with styles which are relatively easier to walk in. The added height might still come as a shock if you opt for pencil-thin stilettos straightaway. Avoid nasty blisters and the hazard of tumbling down by choosing the following:


   • 6-inch platform heels – the chunky front may look excruciating but it actually helps the feet feel more comfortable with the height of the heels. Unless you are a ballet dancer used to pirouettes, you need platforms to aid the feet so it will tilt less.

   • 6 inch platform wedge heels – A variation of the platform heel is the wedge form. It is significantly easier to balance when the heel is as wide or at least nearly as wide as its platform. Both platform designs still provide the length but it will feel more like flats!

   • 6 inches strappy heels – Straps around the ankles will always make our feet feel more secure. The same story when it comes to flats, sandals, and heels, ankle wraps make walking a breeze even if you are tiptoeing your way around. Gladiators, sling backs and wraparounds straps are also fun and casual ways to secure your feet. Take note, Cinderella!

4. Practice! It starts with baby steps until you can finally grind on a pole and do every kinky stuff you desire with your half-a-foot heels. Your heels will need to be broken in before things get totally comfortable but the more you wear it, the less challenging it will be by the day. It only takes a bit of courage, determination, and a whole lot of practice!

There are many ways you can make the 6-inch heel more sweet than sore. Fashion tips are only half of the success, picking the right shoe for your feet and not to mention the perfect size play a big role in getting used to sky-high heels. It might be a rough start for most and it might feel like walking on a tightrope at times but the balancing act will all worth it in the end.


The Shoe that Raises the Bar – and the Height!

It props up your height, making you feel like a supermodel slaying the runway with her killer heels. This kind of high heel can be a very versatile piece and can expand your choices for various occasions. Black 6 inch heels will look perfect whether you wear them with a business suit or with nothing at all! Wedge cork heels will be the best for more chill and relaxed purposes like resort wear or casual wear. Explore the arsenal of choices we offer. These might not be the most practical, but they are surely the most fashionable and the sexiest. No matter how you choose to wear them, six inch high heels will always serve as the exclamation point to your overall look!