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Blindfolds and Masks


“I am going to blindfold you so that everything will be more intense.”

When Christian Grey muttered this from across the big screen, it basically summed up the BDSM community’s fixation on blindfolds and masks. Sensory deprivation is a big thing in stimulating the senses. Closing your eyes during lovemaking has always been a reflex body language. When passion is at its peak, one finds himself with eyes wide shut. A sub goes through an unprecedented surge of emotion and feeling when their sight is curbed. It leaves the wearer’s mind running overtime. Relying on the other senses to do the work will heighten the pleasure – and who would not want that?

Blindfolded Bondage and Masked Desires

Amaurophilia is the interest and love for blindfold and blindness from an erotic point of view. For budding amaurophiliacs or full-pledged veterans, a high-quality BDSM mask can be the lifeblood of the bondage play. When you curb the sense of sight, imagination takes flight.

Submissives surrender to the doms by allowing them to place a blindfold. As a sign of full trust, this gives the dynamic a relationship

Whether or not you are part of this power exchange, it is an exciting addition to your usual sexual routine. Who knew that a thin piece of fabric could hold such an impact? It will send shockwaves to anyone’s system that can turn anything vanilla into a flavorful treat.

Conceal Your Vision | Feel the Sensation | Reveal Your Fantasies

A BDSM blindfold might be a cover-up, but it actually highlights all your other features more. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and when you block the sight, it gives your other senses and body parts a chance to revel.

Adding this element to your sex sequence to help hit off your relationship. It also does wonders to free your fantasies and loosen up your inner seductress.

Blindfolds VS Masks

Blindfolds completely cover the eyes while a fetish mask frames the eyes but allows your vision to peek through. If you want to inject sensory deprivation and excitement into your play, blindfolds are the way to go. When you simply want to draw attention to your face and give the illusion of mystery, a BDSM mask to veil your eyes is your best bet.

Unravel the Seductive and Mysterious Siren Within

On top of being a sex toy, this notorious BDSM gear is an exhibitionist’s dream. With all the styles, designs, and kinds, you will never run out of ways to incorporate blindfolded bondage into your routines.

Spruce up your heat-to-toe dominatrix look with leather blindfolds that will mesh well with your vinyl bodysuits or teddys. A leather mask, on the other hand, can work well with your sexy outfits. Sexy costumes, or BDSM lingerie – it can go both ways!

Masquerade Balls | Role Plays | Boudoir Scenes

These BDSM accessories are a shoo-in for being the star of your look! A head-turning piece will shine wherever you decide to take it.

Bring it for your masquerade parties, and people will be wondering who the stunner is behind that lace or leather mask! Dominatrixes will surely get their sub’s heart pumping as soon as they brace themselves for a wild and blindfolded bondage ride! Use it as a prop for photoshoots to give more depth and suspense to your seductive poses.


Build Your BDSM Toy Box with Blindfolds & Masks 

We have got our eyes set on these fetish masks and blindfolds! Lace, glitter bunny ears, hooded, satin, and more –Julbie has got you (and your eyes) covered! Browse, buy, fall in love, and drown in passion sight unseen.