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Elegance and class are just a couple of words we associate with pantyhose. Those statuesque flight stewardesses and Britain’s royalty are always seen wearing a luxurious pair. On the other hands, ballerinas clad with tights prance around in their svelte and graceful forms. We could not forget artists like Beyonce and Rihanna donning shiny women’s tights on their already perfect gams while shaking around the stage during their concerts. Thus, it has conditioned women to associate these hosiery kind to female confidence and empowerment. Aside from this, the pantyhose is perpetually sexy. As much as others see covering up in hosiery as ‘conservative’, hosiery enthusiasts would like to believe otherwise. There is something about the smoothness and lavish material of a sexy pantyhose with feet and tights that turn not only men, but also women who wear them. It is not too hard to believe that a sock drawer item can be so sensual and appealing.

The terms pantyhose and tights are interchangeable. These are leg wear which cover from the waist to the toes. They are made of stretchable material that is tailored to fit your legs’ shape. Its tight fitting form is held snuggly by an elastic around the waist. Designs vary from the simplest sheer pantyhose to the most eccentric textures and patterns.

Tights for women are frozen in time. It will never be passe. Plenty of generations have seen the allure of hosiery and is now on the upswing with famous personalities donning this perennial leg wear. It is, in truth, has even been worn by males from centuries past. The purpose it serves and the sexiness it brings to women everywhere deserves proper recognition.

Run the World in Sexy Pantyhose

Girls can definitely run the world with some tights! The object of some men’s fetishes is also considered as a fashion forward piece that you can wear from the workplace to the bedroom. Tights will give you that extra heat whenever you want to wear your sexy skirts without that extra bulk. Aside from warmth, it underscores the beauty of your legs and lets you express yourself with its wide range designs and patterns.

Julbie has laid out some of the pantyhose favorites that you may want to consider during your next purchase. Look around the site and spot a great deal that might inspirit you to purchase beyond what you plan for… and that’s totally fine! A girl can never have too many leg wear!

If there is such a thing as “bad leg day”, then adult women’s pantyhose in sheer nude is your number one contender. These pantyhose gives out an airbrush effect but does not conceal your natural skin tone altogether. It will be the best supplement to your outfit without overpowering it.  

Sexy black tights will completely hide any imperfection yet keep you looking dolled up. It will keep your legs wrapped like second skin. Suede pumps or leather boots, it will make any look classy, edgy or both! As much as it will make your formal cocktail attire more sophisticated, with the same pair you can also play out your risque engagements!

You can explore your playful side with colorful tights for different occasions. Cute cat detailed tights add that delicate subtle detail to whatever you are wearing. Scarlet tights to add more passion on Valentines day or to live up to the holiday spirit and cheer! Albeit it would be a nice accessory for special occasions, you do not have to wait for a red-letter day. Sultry fishnet tights will add spice to your lingerie so you can certainly wear them in the boudoir.

Pantyhose Breakage Prevention

When you devote yourself to a pair of delicate pantyhose, whether it is sheer or opaque, it will require careful handling and attention. As much as we want a pair of bulletproof tights, they are made of lightweight material so as not to compromise a woman’s silhouette and to keep your figure as smooth as possible. Keep your toenails clipped and avoid harsh pulling and tugging. Runs and tears are not desirable! Try the nail polish trick to prevent runs if you plan to wear them round the clock. Treat your tights with caution becomes a labor of love and adds that uplifting feeling. Your strides will become sassier knowing you have your beautiful (and breakage free) pantyhose which also acts as a barrier between your legs and the cold.