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Sexy Nurse Costumes

A Nurses’ Calling

If your nature is to be kind and nurturing, then Halloween is calling you this year to dress in a sexy nurse costume. Nurses are often viewed as innately caring and thoughtful. Their occupation is considered heaven-sent as it is dedicated to the healing of the sick, ad to comfort those in pain. Nurses do not have the most glamorous job but they are well-celebrated by society. Doctors are practically handicapped without their right hand people. Because of its high-demands and the pressure of someone’s health and life in your hands, the profession is not really for everyone. It is a calling or a vocation. If blood, needles and wheelchairs aren’t your cup of tea then nursing may not be your niche.

Yet underneath that demanding career, society still looks at nurses as the epitome of grace and cleanliness.

A Nurses’ Uniform VS A Halloween Costume Nurse

Studying to be a nurse takes long hours for many years. It requires meticulous preparation and sleepless nights. Frustrated nurses, however, have the freedom and creative license to express themselves in costume nurse.

Nurses wear clothes that aren’t intended to be flattering at all. They are designed for comfort, convenience and clean. In case of emergencies, nurses wear loose fitting dresses so that they can move around freely and swiftly. In addition to this, they have deep pockets that are accessible for storing medical equipment.

Ever wondered why nurses are often dressed in white despite knowing the risk of getting these stained with blood or something more disgusting? The image of nurses have become important in conveying a message: that they are clean and neat enough to handle any type of patient. Which is true, people would be apprehensive if they have no choice but to let a dirty nurse touch them. Thus, the image of white nurse outfits came into society.

Since your nurse halloween costume will be pretend, you need not follow the strict dress code. Whilst white is the norm, you can incorporate more color like red and style it into your sexy nurse outfit. We cannot deny the public’s fascination about naughty nurse outfits. It has sparked a lot debate and controversies. Despite all the talk about it, women still can be seen slipping on a pair of too-tight scrubs. Your imagination and creativity can still be applied to this motif by turning the angel into the devil so to speak.

Accessories that will go well with your Naughty Nurse Outfit:

A watch – as cliché a watch may sound, nurses are always seen wearing one. They are always on the go so they always need to have a watch to remind them of the time.

A stethoscope – no, doctors aren’t the only ones using a stethoscope. Nurses are also trained to use stethoscopes in case of emergencies.

A syringe needle – It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely adds spice to the costume. Just make sure the needle is fake. You want them to ogle at you so you don't want to poke their eyes out!

Stockings – To represent cleanliness and that extra demure factor, you can wear a pair of thigh high stocking lingerie that go up to the upper thighs. It will most definitely be a jaw-dropper when someone manages to take those scrubs off.

Surgical mask – Bring attention to your eyes by covering the rest of your face with a mask. It is mysteriously sexy. So bring out those eye shadow palettes and get to work on blending! Add a nice surprise red lipstick underneath.

Nurse hat - This ensemble would not be complete without the classic white bib nurse hat with red cross. If you choose a more traditional WW2 era nurse outfit, find one that has a high front and full hat. The more modern sexy costumes nurse hat is featured as a headband.

Are You a Naughty or Nice Nurse?

Dressing up as a nurse may be daunting for some as it is not the most unique nor the most well-loved in parties. If this is on your mind, don’t shrug off the idea of dressing up in a costume nurse just yet. There is a reason why nurse lingerie or costumes are so popular amongst women: men. The guys are gaga over a woman in uniform. Especially if prepared with a little role-play. So if you aren’t the one to wear a nurse costume in a party, one thing’s for sure, you can still simulate an emergency by wearing sexy nurse lingerie.

Why will it be an emergency, you ask? You will have to check your partner’s heart rate because it will definitely be pumping double time once he sees you in a naughty nurse dress costume. You do not have to worry about getting your scrubs dirty since they might not be on you for too long. When you wear a naughty nurse costume, it can make their heart skip a beat and it’s a good thing you are there to cure it!

Whilst Halloween expects any nurse costume to be naughty, you can choose to spice it up or make it a classy affair. If you’re in the mood for breaking hearts, consider a sexy nurse mini dress with thigh high lingerie stockings to create a desirable look. You might have those guys in doctor costumes deciding to break the doctor code of ethics and hit on you that evening. Even a classy nurse costume can still be a naughty nurse costume. If you’re the virtuous woman, consider a form fit high waist white skirt with white pantyhose, a white crop top, and lab coat to top it off. Consider a pair of secretary glasses to really top off the outfit!

Choose to be Naughty!

You can initiate a short role play in your sexy nurse lingerie outfit so that his mind will be blown. Create a night to remember.

Wait for him in the bedroom in your naughty nurse costume. When he enters, be in character and ask him his reason for his visit on your makeshift nurses’ station. After he gets the drift and starts enumerating the parts that “hurt”, make sure you have a toy stethoscope so that you can check him in all those places by giving him a physical exam. Slowly unbuttoning everything until you can ask him to lie down on the hospital bed so that you can take care of him.  Let the rest be history.

You can also take him by surprise by shouting “Emergency!” (Make sure the neighbors won’t hear though.) when he enters your room. Pretend you are in a flurry and proceed to make him lie down for a physical emergency check up. Plan all the points in his body that will get him turned on and you might not even notice that your “scrubs” are already on the floor.

Another fun naughty nurse lingerie game would be for you and your man to dress up as doctor and nurse. Nothing is hotter than your man in role play too. Pretend that you’re two coworkers having a love affair in the janitor’s closet and that will certainly get the blood pumping!

Men always appreciate a nurturing and caring woman. That is what a nurse stands for, including selflessness. Care, affection, and steaming hot pleasure are three things that will definitely drive a man crazy in our sexy nurse lingerie and costumes.