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Wish you can have time to turn on the music and put it on full blast, and just simply turn off your worries, more so, your mind?

You most definitely can! The answer is right in front of you: Raves!

When you want to have unrestricted, freedom to express yourself through music and fashion, then line up to attend a rave or music festival. Festivals are a great way to break the humdrum. The monotony of daily living can be soul-crushing. Keep your spirit alive and enthusiastic in between those cashmere sweaters and pantsuits by trading it with some fun women’s festival clothing. Doing so will be like a breath of fresh air or a splash in cold water in the midst of a concrete jungle. In an effort to go deep into the rave and music festival scene, planning your rave outfit is just about a social obligation! Sometimes when you are wearing the perfect raving clothing that suits your personality, your taste and the festival, absolute enjoyment is in the bag. So keep your inner party animal alive through playful, sexy and provocative rave clothing!

Good Vibes, Good Company, Great Music and the Best Outfits!

The rave and music festival scene is nothing short of a beautiful chaos. Hordes of people of circles come to have the best possible recreation. While you are all in the same ballpark, it is still possible to be unmatched partygoer with your outlandish women’s raver clothing. A one of a kind women’s rave wear will not allow you to be another fish in the sea… or in an aquarium for that matter.

Aside from becoming a distinct figure in a sea of jean-clad ravers, a perfectly snug and comfy rave costume is a mandatory factor. Keeping yourself comfy in otherwise sexy outfits will prevent you from gasping for breath in the sizzling hot festival grounds or the cramped rave dance floor.

There are abundant raves and music festivals you can sign up for. Each gives you a unique experience. For the regular rave goer, attending varied festivals and raves also calls for unique ensembles! Your outfit can also be your distinguishing factor for immortalizing all your memorable rave experiences. When you invest time, effort and moolah to your festival outfits, it will leave an imprint, not only on your photographs but also in retrospect.

All raves, despite serving similar purposes: music, fashion and straight-out fun, also come in different forms and designs. Even though there are no rules, much less a dress code, doing your research on which festival you are attending wouldn’t hurt. Knowing even the slightest details of the event you anticipate will actually get you a proper kick-start in shopping for women’s rave costumes.

Keep yourself on the loop of the must-see music festivals and raves then work yourself up with coming up with the ideal apparel to take you to your next rave party. Landing on a decision whether to go for that colorful unicorn costume or going as a psychedelic robot will be easier when you know the gist of the rave festival you are going to.

Here are just a fraction of the most sought-after music festivals and raves. Better mark your calendars and plan out an outfit that is utterly fitting to these festivals.

The Burning Man Festival

This is the festival that does not have any shortage of culture nor celebrities. This is a festival that celebrates community, as much as it does music. As far as the desert provides more than ample space, it can be, well… dusty. Pick an outfit that will collect more compliments than sand. Opt for soft and lightweight materials that will glide the sand instead of clinging on to it. Flowy polyester bodysuits and spandex crop tops are least likely to amass dust. The dreamy desert is also a voyage into the world of art and culture and for Burning Man Enthusiasts, dressing up also a radical expression so making a decision because it simply “looks good” is not going to cut it. Your outfit must reflect your burning passion and expression. After all, it was not called the Burning Man just because of the heat!

Coachella Music Festival

The festival itself is one, big, hyped up fashion runway in the valley and everyone is in the thrall of its fashion and music. This festival, which is a great big melting pot (literally!) for everything artsy, claims the top spot in being the most coveted music festivals. There will be an abundance of #OOTD snaps. All will be on the edge of their seats, foreseeing what the biggest celebs are going to wear! Expect that everyone will be copping those iconic Coachella trends in the streets for weeks after the festival has drawn to a close. Everyone under the blistering California sun will be sporting their best boho-chic looks and you shouldn't be in the dark! Keeping consistent with the Coachella theme while still being true to yourself and your creative expression may present a challenge, but Julbie will make it easy for you. Wear gypsie sleeved mesh tops with eye-popping pasties underneath, and you will be spreading more than just boho vibes! Make them ogle and wear a fishnet bodystocking over your bikini set. Who says swimsuits should just be for the beach anyway? Not to mention, these styles will allow more air to graze your skin keeping you fresh and less perspiring throughout the gathering.

Firefly Festival

Think Flower Power. Go back in time with the most retro looks in Delaware’s most popular festival. Groovy palettes and bohemian fringe will be a common denominator in this festival. Sport bold colors, striking prints and out of this world patterns! It is important to not the weather condition on the days of the festival so you can also take this into consideration. Weather can be totally unpredictable and if you are not prepared, it is either you get wet grass wedgie or mud-soaked feet. You can opt for fabrics that are more water repellant but also breathable. There are a number of items in Julbie that does not skimp on style despite its practicality and convenience. Look for nylon, vinyl, leather or polyester for ensuring a drench free outfit. Cop the clear vinyl skirt with silver trim. It is uber stylish and not to mention totally sexy that no one will be able to guess that you had drizzles in mind when picking it!

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival)

The EDC holds a reputation for being one of the most monolithic raves ever! Strategically located at the City of Lights is the Festival of Lights itself. EDC will be flocked with everything glowing and bright! In the city that never sleeps, you cannot settle for anything less than spectacular. This festival is a chance to whip out those kaleidoscopic LED fur boots or that glorious Light Up Jacket! It will be a neon party and you should not let your beaming personality be outshined by decorative lighting. You deserve the spotlight so why not wear the spotlight yourself? In Julbie, there are plenty of outfits that will help boost your inner radiance with the help of flashy and sexy rave wear.

Music along with fashion, culture, and art make the strongest form of magic.

Raves are a beacon of magical experiences which will only be lit up when people make the most out of it. Make the most out of your rave by starting with the best rave clothing to dance the night away in. No need to look any further. Julbie will help you make that magic happen!