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Red Heels  

A Cultural and Historical Symbol of the Color Red

The scarlet hue has always played a pivotal role in music, fashion and the arts. Red is a primary color but is anything but simple. It is the color that symbolizes the most intense feelings and emotions: love, anger, passion, rage, danger, and more. It has positive implications such as red roses as the symbol of undying love. On the other hand, it also has its fair share of negative innuendos. A scarlet letter “A” painted across a woman’s chest was a shameful declaration of adultery. In some cultures, like the majority of Asia, view red as a lucky color. It is an unwritten tradition to wear red on your birthday and to attract luck and happiness while it is also prohibited to wear the color during solemn and grim occasions like a funeral. One cannot count in one hand the number of prose and poems revolving around the color red. David Bowie knows how important the color is when he sang the lyrics:

“Put on your red shoes and dance the blues away.”

Over the course of history, people have formed various arbitrary connotations about the color but the most popular of all is its association to sensuality. Sin, vanity, desire and lust can be traced down to the color red. It is more than just a bright pop of color, red has become such a symbolic part of every female’s wardrobe. Thus, we are continuously finding ways to inject the powerful color to our daily looks. Because fashion has become more as an expression in this day and age, wearing this color has become an inevitability when you want to make a striking impression. A concrete example is wearing red lipstick has become a norm for women who want to feel more assertive, courageous or seductive. Another example is a red hand bag which is usually a top choice for romantic dates and occasions. So it comes to no surprise that a red shoe has also become a staple item in a woman’s closet.

PSA: You Need Red Heels!

Dorothy would know what we are talking about when we say that red is the superior shoe color. Without having to click your heels like our Wizard of Oz heroine, a pair of red shoes always feels like home. Both classic and sultry, this bright color is more versatile than you think. You can wear it in plenty of ways that range from casual to formal, from boardroom to bedroom and with layers or with nothing! With a closet full of neutrals, a pair of ruby red glass slippers is all you need. We do not think it will take much to convince you that you absolutely need a pair of red heels. Just in case you need an extra nudge, hover over to our wide collection of red platform heels and just imagine all the possibilities you can reach with just one pair. It is like living your fantasies as a little girl, only we like to live out our fantasies with a slight sexy twist. Instead of opting for a conventional pair of red flats, why not go for red stripper heels? Trust us! No one regrets splurging on a pair or two!

The Sexy Twist to the Closet Essential

Red stripper heels is the pair you never knew you needed. While exotic dancers are first-hand witnesses to the hype surrounding red heeled sandals, any woman (stripper or not) can greatly benefit from the powerful effects of red high heels. If you enjoy basking in the spotlight, then this style is a must try! Do not be threatened with its shade. Bright as it is, it is actually a piece of cake to style especially if you already have a breathtaking pair.

Scarlet Sky-Highs: More than Pole Grazers

Any red pair you go for will be an attention-catcher. It will always seem like a racy number which is why it such a popular choice for exotic dancers. Nonetheless, you can still take your scarlet stilettos for other aside from the pole.

Wear it with lingerie – If there is one thing in common with red heels and lingerie, they are both sure-fire ways to get a man’s attention. With the feisty nature of the heels and sultriness of lingerie are the perfect mix for a seduction trip. See -through lingerie in neutral colors will look va-va-voom with red clear heels. The fresh yet subtle drop of color against bare skin or sheer lingerie will certainly make the bedroom air get a whole lot warmer!

Wear it with casual clothing – Basic items in your closet only need a dash of red to make it come alive! Blue and red will always be a classic color combination. Given this, your blue denim, regardless if it is shorts, skirts or pants, will always be a perfect match to your red shoes. You only need a basic white shirt to make it work. If you need to keep bundled up during sweater weather, you can still turn the temperature degree higher by slipping on some sizzling hot red booties! For night time shindigs, you only need something leather (jacket or pants), a white dress shirt, and red lace up heels. Put one and two together and you get instant magazine-worthy chic!

Wear it to the office – When your office is quite lenient when it comes to dress code, take advantage of the freedom and take your red high heels to work! Pair it with a black blazer and black wide leg slacks, swipe on a red lipstick and let that red leather peep below your pants. Don’t be surprised if you get mistaken for the company’s owner, of course if you aren’t already. If you’ve been wearing the same old pencil skirt to your job and people start noticing, put a fresh and sexy spin to it by pairing it with your red stiletto heel.

Wear it to formal occasions – It’s not always a red carpet moment, but you can make it one whatever surface you are clicking and clacking your high heels on. If you can’t afford some red bottoms, then we suggest you cap one of our crimson choices guaranteed to steal the show! Cocktail dresses or floor length dresses in a complementing color will always add to the elegance factor.


Cupid or Devil? You Decide! Styling Tips For Red High Heels

A pair of red stripper can be combined with countless of items in your closet. You will never run out of things to pair it with. There are a lot of before you throw on your red pair with a random outfit from your closet let us remind you of another term associated with it: CAUTION. It is fairly easy to style your red pumps but proper thought should be put into it. It will outshine the rest of your fashion pieces. Because it is such a bold color, every element in your get-up should be willing to play second-fiddle next to your red heels. Depending on what look you are going for, we’ve compiled some fashion formulas and sartorial tips you can use with different pairs of red stripper shoes:

1. Wear your LBD or LWD with red platform heels – The simple and sophisticated little black dress is already a stunner on its own but the splash of color makes all the difference. Pair it with fire-engine red stripper heels and classic will turn into erotic in a snap. On the other hand, your crimson shoes with an all white ensemble breaks the entirely pristine look and adds a vampy touch.

2. Neutral colors are a crowd favorite – But then again, there are no rules. While the occasional navy blue with white and red can make a nautical mix, white, nude, and black hues will make color red stand out more! Skip green if you do not want to seem too Mrs. Claus. Purple might work with red if you are going for a royalty-like look inspired by their red and plum robes. While you can definitely wear the entire rainbow on your body, it really depends on the look you are going for. By all means, whatever floats your boat!

3. Animal print makes any flirty pair look fierce – This is a mash-up for the brave and the daring. Two savage fashion pieces working side by side is always Leopard, cheetah, and maybe even zebra print!

4. Floral pieces will turn flirty with red strappy heels – Floral summer dresses are bound to have a rose-colored infused pattern. When the floral pattern has a smidge of red in it, it is a go signal to put on those ruby slippers. Add a contrast to the girly and youthful vibe of flowers by balancing it with a mesmerizing adult-only red strappy heels. The feminine pattern plus the temptress form of the heels will tie together refreshingly.

There are a lot more combos you can try out and this is just a tip of the iceberg. Get your creative juices flowing because you will never run out of stylish ways to wear a cherry pair. You can make it match your mood. Elegant or erotic? You call the shots!

Every shoe has a story. With red heels, it will always have a happy ending!

Without a shadow of doubt, red shoes are almighty. Still and all, your shoes are only a pedestal. Women who wear it hold the real power. The brightness of red shoes is only one side of the spectrum because it offers so much more than just color.. It serves a reminder to women that they are powerful, confident and beautiful. Let red shoes reinforce this fact and wear unbounded power right under your feet.