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What’s the one night of the year that you get to dress however you want without any judgement from your friends and family? Halloween, of course! Halloween is the one night of the year that women with reservations about pushing their conservative boundaries can finally dress slutty without feeling guilty. Of course, everyone has their own comfort level and their own version of a slutty Halloween costume. What may be too risqué for one woman, could be a cake-walk for others! The best part about sexy Halloween costumes for women is that there are many styles and options to choose from. So, let’s get started ladies!


When brainstorming your upcoming sexy Halloween sexy costume idea, it’s important to incorporate your body type with the right design. Focusing on your body type will help you pull off the ultimate sexy and classy Halloween costume! For women who want to ‘show a little skin’ on Halloween, it’s important to focus on one aspect of your body. If you don’t want to look like you just came up off the streets, don’t show off everything. It’s important to focus on just one sexy part of your body and show that off. Are you proud of your breasts, your Kim Kardashian butt, or your narrow waist? On a day-to-day basis, what feature about yourself do you think is most flattering? Based on that, we can move into the various designs that will be best for your body type:

  • Breasts: If your idol is Dolly Parton, then it’s best to show some cleavage! Select a costume that accentuates your breasts in either a sweetheart cut or plunging neckline. If you’re very well-endowed, find a sexy Halloween costume that has underwire to provide some support. A classy adult sexy costume will accentuate the breasts by offering a soft V neckline or push-up detail. Any sexy women halloween costumes will represent the breasts in one way or another. The breasts can be accentuated even if they are covered up in a tight jumpsuit or catsuit.

  • Butt: For the ladies that can skip the squats at the gym because they’re naturally gifted with beautiful glutes, find a women’s sexy costume that is designed like a catsuit. The costumes designed like catsuits are made from a very stretchy and breathable ‘wet look’ material that mimics the look of leather. This material will accentuate your booty and outline every curve! A catsuit costume is both sexy and classy!

  • Waist: If you’re most proud of your slim waistline, find a sexy costume outfit such as a crop top with high waist bottoms that will show off your waist. Your sex appeal will be displayed in the form of your slim tummy when you show some skin. The best women costume ideas for showing waist would be a sexy school girl costume. School girl costumes include a little crop top with little plaid skirt. Once Halloween is over, turn this look into role playing in the bedroom.

As stated above, when you’re thinking about the costumes sexiest for your body type, accentuate a part of your body that you are already proud of. The best costume adults can choose is one that doesn’t spread its net too wide. Any adult costumes that you create will be just the right amount of sexy and classy!


Nowadays with the popularity of DIY and the multitude of pop culture icons, it’s super easy to find a theme for your women’s adult Halloween costume. While it’s really easy to think of a costume, it’s hard to pull of ‘sexy’ just the right way. Themed costumes can be hard to incorporate into a character or idea that is not traditionally known for being ‘sexy’. For example, it’s very easy to become a sexy Wonder Woman because Wonder Woman is made to have sex appeal that is both in her strength and physique. However, how do you turn a generic idea like a cat into a sexy costume? Luckily for you, there are plenty of women’s sexy Halloween costumes in the shape of cats that come in a variety of designs to fit your body type. Sexy cat costumes like a Black Sabbath Kitty comes in a bodysuit with padded cups and low-cut neckline. This type of costume is perfect for a woman with big breasts who wants to show them off. Perhaps you and your girlfriends want to go to your Halloween party as themed fairy tales princesses. Find your Disney princess costume that suits your physique most. If you and your boyfriend can’t decide on what to wear, a perfect themed couples costume is a doctor and naughty nurse.

Finding a theme that is both sexy and classy is doable as long as the assets you are showing off (i.e. breasts, waistline, butt, etc) are accentuated and the rest of the costume is tailored proportionately.

If you’re thinking about pulling off a sexy Gatsby inspired costume such as a flapper, then find a sexy flapper costume that features a bodysuit that will show off your long legs. If you’re short, go for a flapper dress that accentuates your breasts.

Themes are perfect for coordinating with your friends or significant other. If your girlfriends are looking to coordinate into a theme, the best advice is to stick with accentuating your figure with a costume that works best for you. There are many superhero costumes, fairytale costumes, ringleader costumes, circus costumes, and Game of Thrones costumes that are right for a theme party. The best advice for a themed halloween costume sexy look is to find a costume that accentuates your body type, yet fits with the overall theme.


Finding the perfect women’s sexy Halloween costume is about as hard as finding the right site to purchase your Halloween costume from. When purchasing women's sexy Halloween costumes with fast overnight shipping available, it’s especially important to research the company that you are purchasing from! A few of these tips will help you navigate the right website to purchase your costume from and ensure that you have a smashing and sexy Halloween! See the tips below:

  • Shipping Schedule: Do you need your Halloween costume next week, or overnight? Even though a website advertises quick delivery times, it doesn’t meant that they necessarily ‘fulfill’ their orders quickly. Be sure to find a USA company that advertises fulfillment (or shipment) within 24 hours, with fast overnight shipping for Halloween costumes available. At, we inventory all of our Halloween costumes from our warehouse in Scottsdale, AZ.  All costumes ship out the same day you order them. 

  • Return Policy: So that really cute unicorn that looked amazing in pictures, actually doesn’t fit or look good on you…. at all. Find a site that offers excellent returns in terms of no fees and penalties for returning your sexy Halloween costume. Many sites will advertise very cheap and inexpensive options, but when it comes to returns- that’s where they make up the difference. Also, beware of buying your costume on Amazon. While it’s easy to purchase with ‘1-click’, many independent sellers will sell used, returned, or knockoff product that will only make your experience with purchasing a costume even more difficult!

  • Reputable Costume Suppliers: That Halloween store around the corner looks mighty easy to visit and find a costume! But – think again. Their costumes are cheap, made in China, and do not flatter that awesome figure at all. When it comes to finding the sexiest Halloween costume of all time, it’s best to find it online. Now the headache with searching the multitude of online suppliers, but don’t let it become hard with just a few easy tips. Find a company that is transparent including reviews, information about themselves, and contact information in case you have a question. Being able to speak one the phone with someone says a lot about an online Halloween costume supplier these days.


You’re making us blush. Really, we have got your ‘sexy’ covered! We may not offer the largest or widest selection of Halloween costumes, but we offer only the sexiest Halloween costumes. Rated and reviewed by many women, we are the experts on sexy. When it comes to pulling off your sexy Halloween costume, don’t rely on any other site to treat you right. We have the taste, customer service, and business to make sure that you are taken care of for your sexy adult costume. Just follow our tips with choosing the right costume to fit your body type and you will be just fine. When it’s time to step out of your conservative daily life, turn to us to make sure that you can look and feel sexy – for one night or every night.