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Shop 7 Inch Stripper Heels & Exotic Shoes

They say reach for the stars. We’d like to do it with a pair of skyscraper heels. Elegant, empowering and erotic, a pair of heels cover the whole spectrum. If a mere 4 inch heel takes your confidence to greater heights, imagine what a pair of heels over six inches will do to your self-esteem. If you adore a luxurious pair of high heels, you would go nuts over these. Our 7 inch heels and 8 inch heels are far from your average shoe.

Wondering why on earth would you need something this high? Apart from being an exotic dance accessory, you really do not need a reason to cop a pair! It will be a great addition to your growing shoe collection. Even if this type of heels is not the most practical to wear during more casual occasions, it will be the perfect garnish for provocateurs during a steamy rendezvous or a private/public strip show!

The Art of Walking in the Highest Heels

Size Matters. In this aspect, size is crucial when learning to walk and dance in a pair of sky-high heels. Professionals and heel aficionados can still tumble down with poorly-sized shoes. Do not add a notch to your pain-scale by hastily picking out a shoe size. Our products stay true to size so do your part by putting that tape measure to good use! It is also a good practice to compare your other pairs to your potential purchase.

Start Low. Learning to walk in high heels is like climbing a flight of stairs. Every step is crucial in reaching the summit. Skipping steps might lead to accidents and injuries! You have to gradually go through the heel height before you finally hit the highest of them all. These are not the type of shoes you can start running in after you break them in. It is more than just a product, it is an experience. Cop a couple of lower inched heels and get used to them before you transition into 7” heels or up.

Take it Slow. As much as we want to be able to be pro pole dancers in that gorgeous 8 inch pleaser heels, it does not come easy. You may wobble at first so you will easily get caught off balance if you hastily go through your movements. Do not rush if you are a newbie in this heel height.

Use Often. Practice is the key to mastering the art of walking in heels 7 inches and over. If you’d want to level up your exotic dance game, pack a pair of 7 inch platform heels for every class and performance. Wear it for an intimate night and use it as a tool for seduction. Using it often will allow it to loosen and smoothen rough and harsh edges. Frequent usage will make the shoes more comfortable.


Extreme Heels Survival Tips

With pleasure comes pain. Before you emerge triumphantly, you also have to go through the bumpy roads, the wobbling, the blisters and all that ugly. You’ll go through boxed of band-aids and whatnot, but those are all part of the whole experience. We’ll gladly go through a little pain for a whole lot of pleasure! To help you jump over the obstacles, you can follow these hacks to the lessen the pain intensity:

1. Sandpaper the sole –A common struggle to walking in these shoes is the balancing act. When your pleaser shoes only offer a tiny bit of support, you need to level up your balancing skills. Keeping your balance is quite a challenge, however, when you have a slippery sole. One popular trick of the trade is to roughen the sole’s surface so that it will cause friction against any floor. This will make it easier to balance yourself.

2. Band-aid solution – It goes without saying that band-aids are the staple lifesavers of all high heel enthusiasts. Always keep a few in your bag just in case things get a bit rough. No one wants to have a bloody mess with your most extravagant and expensive pair! Opt for skin tone strips so that it will go unnoticed!

3. Swipe some deodorant – This double-duty stick will not only prevent sweat from all that dancing and rolling in the sheets, but it can also serve as a transparent layer to prevent the straps and sharp edges from rubbing on your skin. It will glide smoothly (like it does on your armpit) and prevent chafing.

Of course, these are just temporary preventive measures to avoid disastrous situations but the real trick is to choose the right type. Also, consider the following before making your purchase:

   • Platforms closer to the height of the heel will make it easier to walk in. 7 inch platform heels will be a breeze to walk in when you pick a platform in a considerable height.

   • Less coverage will mean less support. So beginners are advised to skip thin straps and go for booties, more ankle support, and chunkier heels.

Join the Sky-High Club!

Reaching for the top can be addicting. Having a pair of jaw-droppingly high platform heels in the most exciting colors and designs are enough to make you drenched in sexual empowerment. It adds height, it emphasizes your booty and it makes your legs look oh-so-yummy! While these heels are not made for walking, it was definitely made for enticing and pleasing!

You’ll be a hundred times more mesmerizing with extreme heels. When you go from being barefoot to controlling the pole in 10 inch platform heels, the triumphant feeling will be well worth the time and effort. You’ve just gained a new bedroom best friend and the cult favorite of dancers!

This Shoe is Your (Platform) Stage

Who needs a stage when you have one right on your feet? Wear them with sexy lingerie, wear it with your dancer outfit, and even when you wear it with a plain t-shirt and jeans, it will always be like bringing a spotlight with you everywhere you go! Be tantalizing with the best pleaser shoes picked by your trusted and reliable provider of everything sexy:!