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Valentine’s Day Lingerie

All you need is love… and lingerie!

Love is the greatest feeling. Every year, one whole day is dedicated to celebrating the feeling that makes the world go round. February 14 is a day that stores are adorned with an extravagant amount hearts, balloons, flowers and chocolates. Bow and arrow clad cupid can be seen hanging in all corners  ready to strike unsuspecting victims. No one can escape the day that is called Valentine’s. This day is the sweetest excuse to spread the love and express your passion to your significant others. Au contraire to popular belief, this day isn’t just for the dear lovebirds. Valentine’s day could be a day for self-love and affirmation. As bittersweet as it may sound, you do not need a valentine to celebrate Valentine’s day. There’s always a fun way to celebrate the day whether or not you are tied up or not.

There are a lot of reasons to to love this day, in a relationship or not! And what better way to celebrate this season than with luxurious lingerie for valentine’s day. It goes both ways, it is perfect for spoiling yourself and self love. It will also be a big hit in the bedroom after a romantic date night.

You are encouraged to wear lingerie at any season of the year, what more during the season of love and romance! The season of love is fast approaching and eventually, love will be in the air so you have to be ready with your sexy valentines day lingerie.

It is time to whip out those creative juices and come up with valentines lingerie ideas. Shopping for lingerie in general is always an exhilarating experience, but looking for sexy valentines lingerie to put extra flavor on the day dedicated to sweetness.

A Woman’s Guide to Sexy Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping

Surprising your significant other with an intimate night with you wearing your newly procured is definitely the best gift you can give him this Valentine’s day. It is a gift that will keep on giving, both to you and your man.

If you enjoy lingerie shopping in other days of the year, then you should take your lingerie shopping skills in overdrive. The day of love and sex should not be settled for less than extraordinary. It is practically lingerie day so it you should intensify your shopping spree. Good thing you do not have to break a sweat to find the perfect sexy valentines lingerie because everything is available here in your favorite online retail store.

So how do you upgrade your lingerie shopping for this special day? Take all your usual considerations when buying lingerie during regular days. Let go of your reservations and cop that lingerie set you cannot stop thinking about but did not purchase because you think you cannot put it to good use. You deserve to indulge yourself with good lingerie, and this is a time to luxuriate with no holds barred. Your main priority is being in something you absolutely go googly eyes for. Slipping on something you love will help you spread love and sexiness for that matter!

Whether you are prepping for a sexy night with a beau or a solitary celebration, aesthetically pleasing lingerie should be a priority. Beautiful lingerie should be a priority but nevertheless, never take comfort for granted.

1. Red Lingerie – The color of love and passion. Every intense emotion is signified by scarlet. Lingerie in red is screaming for attention. Sexy red lingerie will look good on anyone. There are crimson hues for every skin tone. It is a color known to be very flattering. Much like lipstick, red is a color used to make an impression. Red is striking and bold. Sexy red lingerie is a guaranteed sensation when you show it off in the bedroom. Wear it underneath your little black dress after a candlelight dinner, and you will surely leave him breathless.

A strappy red teddy featuring thong bottoms will be sending the message to “be mine!”. A teddy named Be Mine Strappy is a one piece suit making it very convenient for those who do not have time to mix and match. Its sheer mesh bra with heart prints all over is a celebratory piece worthy to be flaunted at any time of the year. Strike red lace lingerie off your list as a must-have for Valentine’s Day that could be in the form of bra sets or garter belts.

For those who want to leave a bit to the imagination, a cute cut out body stocking dress is a red sexy lingerie that is much loved and raved about by customers. Laser cut details show off the right areas of a female’s body. This body hugging sheer number can be used for seduction or worn underneath tight clothes to be used as a body shaper.

The Unwrap Me Satin bow is a crowd favorite. A teddy shaped as a satin ribbon wrapped around the body is a sultry option for those who literally want to give their man a gift this season. This may be more difficult to put on, but it will be all worth it when you see the results that it reaps. This is a worthwhile spend because it can be used for multiple festive opportunities like Christmas and birthdays. It is precisely a real treat!

Go all out with some more red items like a red lace bondage ties, crimson thigh highs, crotchless and assless panties and glitter pasties.  Another option for a more sophisticated and classy look is mixing the red with some basic colors. Red and black lingerie is an elegant medley that is very pleasing to the eyes and therefore extremely arousing. The red and black contrast mesh sash teddy has a tulle sash wrapped around the waist to give you a more voluptuous figure. The best feature of this teddy is the snap crotch for the easy access when you decide to get down and dirty. The list can go on, but one cannot go wrong with yummy sexy lingerie red for Valentine’s day. Add some contrast with black and red lingerie and you can’t go wrong!

2. Pink Lingerie – For starters, valentines lingerie should be in a love-themed color. Pink is one of the colors that perfectly spells out the word love. It is a muted and gentler version of the striking red. It is a very feminine and pure color that is perfect for a mild and romantic ride. Light pink is a soft color that is used to make an impression on a first date. Barbie pink, cotton candy pink or hot pink can be downright sweet and lovable which is what valentine’s day is all about.

Although pink is an innocent color, it can be very naughty and kinky when worn in certain styles. The baby pink three piece garter set with a camisole, g-string and stockings is no doubt a stunner. The sheer floral lace lets a tinge of skin peek through its dainty patterned fabric. Despite its soft colors, the garter and the g-string is the twist that balances sweet and erotic.

Sweet and satisfying lingerie set in raspberry pink is a timeless addition to your wardrobe that can be used at any time of the year. Feel like a barbie girl when you pair the crop top with its matching lace front panties. It can be all in one paired with jeans or skirts or worn underneath a cardigan or as a topper of a tank top.

Pink is such a female empowering color that will never fail a woman in terms of love and romance. Use it as an attention grabber or use it for your own confidence boost. Pink will always be in!

Lingerie Shopping for Men: A Guide to Shopping for Your Girl This Valentine’s Day

This section goes out for the men out there who found themselves on this page scouring for an unconventional valentine’s gift for their significant other. Congratulations on making the first step! If you are here reading this, then you are on the right track.

Without a doubt, every rail will be filled with the usual box of chocolates, bouquet of roses, the occasional stuffed animal. You have most likely done one or all of it with dinner reservations but you are now uncertain whether to go in the same direction or tread on the road less traveled.

If you have found yourself here, you most likely heeded the thought of lingerie as a gift this season of romance. It is one easy feat. If women take time and effort in shopping for the perfect lingerie set, what more will it take for a man to be able to cop one perfect for his lady love? Worry not, you are in the right place because no decision of yours will be wasted if you shop Julbie.

Take note of these tips to make sure you do not end up in the doghouse but rather in between the sheets.

* Know her body well. This is essential for lingerie shopping, especially when you are doing it online. Gather intel beforehand when you are out together shopping. Observe what sizes she is wearing or asking for in stores to give you a lead. An observant and effortful man is always sexy. A rule of thumb is also knowing her assets and focus on those pieces that highlight it. When in doubt, look for lingerie designs that are looser than usual like babydoll dresses, camisoles or teddies.

* It is up to women to decide what rate of sexy she wants to go, so you can opt for sets that come in multiple pieces so she can figure out whether to keep everything on or strip each one by one for you.

* While skimpy lingerie may be your cup of tea, comfort is your primary focus. When she is comfy and cozy with your purchase then you are in the clear! You do not have to worry about miscalculating her sizes, though, because Julbie has a very smooth free and easy return policy that will help you sort things out.

Never doubt the power of great lingerie. Valentine’s day opens up all the windows of opportunity to be downright sexy with no if or buts. So indulge in a lingerie set this valentine’s day because the greatest love stories always have lingerie in it. Spread the love and sexiness!