Glitter Makeup and Lip Gloss


Glow-Getter (n.) /ɡlō – ˈɡedər/A woman who lives a trail of glitter wherever she goes. She sparkles as she reaches for her goals.

A glowing beauty is always better and glitter is always an option when you want to achieve that sexy shine. You can always integrate glitter into your clothes, shoes, and accessories but who says it has to stop there? Glitter makeup is the way to go!


Glitter is our favorite color!

Everything associated with glitter is magic: fairies, princesses, unicorns, pixie dust! While it may all seem fairytale and whimsical, a modern woman can live out even her sexual fantasies with specks of glitter. So to have a magical day, you have to have a magical product in your hands. Whereas you might be satisfied with dabbing a bit of shadow and shimmer here and there, why not go full-on twinkle and gleam?

Glittering glamour is the hot new trend! It has long been in the radar but it has quite been pushed back by the matte makeup trend. It will certainly remind you of those throwback days when you put on a shining prom dress with equally shimmery makeup.

You do not need a special occasion, we think glitter should also be the solution to everything lackluster. Feeling down? Throw on some glitter makeup and perk yourself up! Date not going as planned? Slap on glitter lip gloss and turn it around. Having a bad day? Put on a glittery face and sparkle all day!


The New Makeup Item You Need in Your Routine

You will never know how much adding glitter to your makeup collection until you put that first swipe of awesomeness across your face. From glitter cheeks to glitter lips, you can achieve that overall dewy look with our makeup.

A product a lot of people are raving about when they want a glitter fix is the unicorn snot. It might not sound the most attractive to some but one look at it will be enough to make you fall in love. Unicorn snot is lightweight, non-sticky and best of all, vegan and cruelty-free. We don’t mind snot if it is this pretty and environmentally-friendly!

Copping different colors of this multipurpose glitter gel and a glitter lip kit will be your next best makeup investment.


Get Your Sparkle On With these Majestic Makeup Ideas

You can use a tube or tub of glamorous glitter gel in a multitude of ways. You only need a tiny bit of product and a whole lot of imagination to drastically change your whole look. Let your creative prowess loose and put on glitter glue makeup like a painter makes his art. We’ve boiled down to our favorite places to put on shimmer:

1. The high point of the cheeks – Highlighting is a makeup technique that will put emphasis on your cheekbones. Dab a subtle layer of glitter gel color of choice and it will instantly enhance your skin and bone structure. Whenever the light hits your cheeks, people will surely be blinded!

2. Center of the lids – This could be the finishing touch to your eyeshadow or it could be the only thing you put on your lids. Either way, our glitter makeup is 100% safe to put around the eyes granted that you do not put them inside! That sprinkle of magic at the center of your lids will amp up the colors you have already put on your lids making your eyes pop a whole lot more!

3. Lipstick topper – Get ready to pucker up when you apply our glitter lip kit. Say a temporary goodbye to your lipsticks and trade them for glitter lips even just for a day and you won’t regret it! Go full glitter-packed lips with the glitter lip kit or add a sheer layer with glitter lip gloss. The vibrant colors yet lightweight feel will make you want to give everyone a smack! The cotton candy scent is so delicious that it will also make you want to lick it off – but don’t of course!

Your color of choice can depend on the palette of your outfit or the occasion. Electric yellow, bright purple and hot pink (or a combination of all!) will look great in parties, raves, cosplay, and basically every relaxed & carefree event. If it is an evening black-tie event yet you could not allow yourself to go out without a bit of glitter, you can still go for a sheer layer of pink on the cheeks and a tinge of silver as your highlight. You’ll look mesmerizing no matter what!


Do not let anyone ever dull your sparkle... make your glitter makeup last all day! Read instructions found on the product description so you can try out this unique and creative makeup trend without a hitch. Our selection of makeup and lip gloss proves that no one is ever too old for unicorns and glitter. Go get your goals and chase your dreams but do not forget to take glitter wherever you go!