Sexy French Maid Costumes

Where it All Began: ‘Un Magnifique’ History

As far as sexy costumes go, French maid costumes are always on top of the list. You will always spot a female or two sporting that oh-so-skimpy apron on Halloween parties. Do you actually know where this all started? There is an uncanny history to how this popular costume There are a few accounts of how this trend came about but it definitely wasn’t dreamed up.

In France, a household that had a maid was considered prestigious. As you can imagine, their uniforms were then the opposite of what is depicted today. They wore high collars, long sleeves and low hemlines without an inch of their skin showing. It was the epitome of prim and proper. Eventually, maids were often staying at their master’s home for longer than expected – until the wee hours of the morning. It was only then that French maid dresses were stamped with a scandalous mark as rumors spread of late night affairs with those they serve.

Ergo, the once demure and conservative image was shattered and there came the proliferation of sexy French maid costumes. Over the years, the fabric of these said costumes get lesser and lesser as imagination gets wilder and wilder.

Are You Risqué Enough to Try It?

 Wearing French maid costumes require a whole lot of conviction to perform and deliver. Having maids then were a luxury, so pick the right one to look luxurious! How can a uniform be luxurious, you ask? By going to the right places and picking the right pieces! Materials such as lace and frills can amp up a plain monotonous dress. Don a printed apron and a G-string and open crotch bottoms underneath for a pleasurable surprise. Bodysuits and corsets cover your torso but show off voluptuously your lady curvature.

Costume play does not have to be limited to what you wear on your body. Accentuate your look with a neat ribbon around your groomed tresses. It wouldn’t be a costume if doesn’t have thigh high stocking or a choker to bring focus to your assets.

Watch a string of guys trail you as you wave your cute feather duster, ready to sweep everyone off their feet. Expect to be asked to clean their filthy minds.

A Burlesque Role-Play

Daring costume French maids were made as burlesque images, even in American comedies that they were most of the time censored from the public. Now, you don’t have to worry about censorship. Slipping one of those numbers will surely make a woman look extra sexy. Want to give your man some private room service? Then French maid lingerie is up your alley.

If you are feeling dirty, clean up in a sexy maid costume. Seduce the master of the household with a little dress up! There are sets that provide the full experience, from the headdress to the pantyhose. All you have to come up with some steamy, made-up script and watch him clamor to take it off of you.

If you can go above and beyond and maybe even memorize a few French lines and a sexy, romantic French accent. After all, French is the language of love so it is only fitting to use it in this scenario.

Maids are depicted as slaves and submissive, but you can always switch up roles and play the dominant and strict housemaid. Wait for him to come home, with you sitting pretty on the couch clad in your French maid lingerie. Tell him how bad he has been at cleaning, reach down for the dirty nooks and crannies and demonstrate to him how to do it properly.

 A good thing about this kind of lingerie maid is that it is a no-frills, straight forward look. You do not have to got the extra mile to look like a bona fide French maid. Portray a racy lingerie maid who’s ready to be at her master’s beck and call with as little as a bralette, panty and of course, an apron. Sexy maid lingerie is mainly black and white which is consistent with the typical French housekeeper. To put a little color, swipe on a vampy red lip or play with your accessories.

We have always deemed French maid costumes as superficial, but who would have guessed it’s interesting and controversial history. There isn’t any reason for you to try this risqué role-play idea. Get ready with your seductive spiels and barely-there garments, so he will go gaga before you can even reach the bedroom!