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Glow in the Dark Fishnet Stockings

Stockings that Shine

It is a well-known fact that hosiery comes in a broad spectrum of styles, with fishnet stockings coming in the top tier of the chain. From the roaring 20s flapper girls to 80s retro up until today, it is safe to say that fishnets have become immortal. It has spanned decades as a subject of numerous fashion magazines, music videos, and trend lists. Different types of fishnets have made their way into the current catalog. Its style range has also stretched exponentially, wherein the same pair can be used as a casual accessory or part of your sexy BDSM gear.

The image that first pops into your head when you hear the words fishnet stockings is the classic black diamond pattern. It is the perfect balance between coverage and skin. Covering up and yet showing off, the fishnet provides both worlds, which is why the fishnet trend is still having its moment, even decades after it became popular.

Light Up Your World!

We love the timeless black diamond fishnet, but what currently holds Julbie’s seal of approval is the glow in the dark fishnets!

Cool and definitely not subtle, glow in the dark fishnet stockings is going to be your night-out pair. Though you can still wear a bright pair of fluorescent socks outdoors under the direct sunlight, it reveals its real magic when the lights are down.

Wear a colorful pair for raves and other parties with UV blacklight and literally shine bright like a diamond as soon as laser lights, strobe lights, all of the lights dance with you!

Your legs and feet will indeed be busy dancing, so make sure they are not kept in the shadows. Let your movement and confidence radiate on the dancefloor, thanks to a pair of glow in the dark fishnet stockings.

Glow with the Flow in Neon Stockings

Neon could be overpowering, especially if you are wearing it from head to toe. Glow in the dark fishnets, however, have a balanced skin-to-hosiery ratio. It lessens the chances of you looking like a full-sized highlighter pen. It adds dimension and flair to whatever clothes you have on. Even the plain-looking ones will be made fun and funky with just a pair of neon green fishnet thigh highs.

The vibe neon fishnets give off is pure excitement. However, you can still tone down the look and wear it casually, even outside UV light parties. Wear it with your one-shade lace lingerie and add a fun pop of color. Let it give a little peek when you layer glow in the dark fishnet stockings under ripped jeans.

There are plenty of ways to style it, but the best thing about this fun accessory is its level of comfort. Its lightweight design gives just enough warmth and coverage while keeping you free to move, dance, and love.

Shop Julbie for Your Neon Needs

High quality and affordable hosiery are here at your disposal, including fan-favorite glow in the dark fishnets. Ready to wear rainbow stockings are waiting for you to live and glow in multicolor! Every product is sensationally lit!