Wet Black Basic Bikini Triangle Top
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Vinyl & Latex Lingerie

Reflect power through your style with the sexiest vinyl and latex lingerie. Rock a full body dominatrix outfit with a sexy catsuit that wraps your body from head-to-toe in a sleek vinyl material. Latex lingerie is best used for a power motivated session to teach your submissive the art of the sub. If you're allergic to sexy latex lingerie, then head for wet look lingerie that has the look and feel of latex without the allergy. Wet look lingerie features a material that's light and stretchy with a glossy sheen creating a 'wet look' style. If you want to go for an ultra sleek and shiny dominatrix look, selecting PVC lingerie will take your look to new heights. What is PVC made of? PVC material stands for polyvinyl chloride, a plastic material with polyurethane coating. PVC is a popular vegan alternative to traditional leather and patent leather materials. 

Next time you're planning your dominatrix look, stock your closet full with vinyl lingerie and other necessities like a latex bra or latex bodysuit. These shiny alternatives will have you ready to unleash your power.