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Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume
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Sexy Bunny Costumes 

Bunnies are the icons of cuteness. These tiny creatures that go hop are representations of all things cute, innocent and pure. They’re even celebrated during the Easter season.

Halloween has been an excuse for girls to slip on skimpy pieces of clothing in different motifs. One of the most popular is – you guessed it – bunnies. It’s all the rage since it is a mix of cute and sexy which is a formula we definitely want for grabbing attention.

Bunny costumes for women are one of the most sought-after costumes during Halloween. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that there will never be a scarcity of Halloween bunny costumes. In case you are in dire need of one and lack the time to seek for one, there are numerous options you can consider. You also do not have to dole out a huge amount of cash to look one-hundred percent because good quality sexy bunny halloween costumes are widely available and affordable. There aren’t many bad reasons, but here are a few tips for navigating the look:

Be the Main Attraction

If ever you decide to be a hoppity-hop babe this year, there are some points of awareness you need to consider because bunny costumes for Halloween are already a favorite for the masses, thus it may be a struggle to stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, there are still ways in which you can spruce up your Halloween costume bunny. Here are some:

Sometimes, what makes an outfit is its accessories. These are important to make an outfit unique. So if you are having second thoughts if your bunny outfit will be distinct or eye-catching enough then exert a wee bit more effort on your accessories, makeup and hair. A cute bun or even long wavy tresses will do just the trick.

The material of your costume also speaks a lot. If you feel there will be a lot of white bunnies, then add a pop of color! Hot pink is definitely a color to attract attention. Add hot pink details to your outfit or pick a whole hot pink outfit that will scream fun, fun, fun!

Merge sparkly and sexy by opting for an iridescent costume. The lights on the dance floor will reflect beautifully on your body. That will certainly be an eye-catcher!

Black, on the other hand is a very classy color because it is the opposite of the real color of bunnies, it is an uncommon and unexpected choice. It will, by all odds, give off a sophisticated vibe.

Bunny Halloween costumes have distinct inclusions as compared to other sexy Halloween costumes. Aside from the body suit that showcases a tube top and a cheeky back with a furry pompom tail and your perky bunny ears, the sexy bunny costume also has a pair of cuffs, a collared bowtie and an option to wear it with fishnet stockings. Don’t forget the stilettos!

Build upon the bunny legacy by throwing your own bunny party! We all have a lot to be thankful for, and one of them is the freedom to dress as sexy as we want! To throw your own bunny party, here are a few tips for creating the most exclusive party yet:

  1. Find the sexiest bunny Halloween costume online. No matter where you live, it is becoming increasingly harder to find costumes in your local retail strip. Searching online will provide the largest selection and most affordable prices. If you plan on making your own sexy bunny outfit, find a ear headband, fluffy bunny tail, and bunny makeup accessory kit to complete your look. The best sexy bunny costumes include showing lots of cleavage, so find a lingerie corset that will create just the look!

  2. Pimp your mansion - or apartment if that’s the case. If you don’t have the lavish digs like the celebrities, you can still throw an awesome bunny party. Make sure you at least have the essentials at your home to throw the best party. Bunnies don’t typically like water, but these bunnies love to get wet! Have a jacuzzi or pool at your dispense that will not only function as a way to stay cool, but a great backdrop for some rad photo ops. Last, but not least, buy champagne. Lots of champagne.

For some, standing out in a crowd isn’t a big deal. If you are the type who doesn’t mind blending in but still want to rock a sexy bunny costume, then prevent the boat from sinking by inviting your friends to wear the same. You can go for a uniformed color or mix it up with different styles and colors. Why not go as a group of bunnies. It will surely get the crowd talking about your group at the party! You will all be a pop culture sensation.

Hop, hop, hop the Night Away

… but of course, not in THOSE heels. Have a blast by choosing a costume that you would look good in but at the same time feel comfortable. Comfort adds plus points to someone’s confidence. If you can see yourself jumping – or hopping – to the music without any care in the world, then go in that outfit. If not, seek for alternatives that would bring positive stimulus to yourself. A romper with shorts instead of a bodysuit, or a pair of wedges instead of pointy stilettos are some examples of alternatives that do not sacrifice style.

From the words of the first centerfold, Marilyn Monroe: “A woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for herself.” With that said, trust your instincts then go and have fun in that bunny outfit!