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Swimwear Coverups

So, you’re planning to take a refreshing dip in the pool? Are you flying out for an upcoming beach escapade soon? If the answer is an enthusiastic ‘yes!’, You are going to want to pack the must-haves to Bikinis, tanning lotion, floaties, beach mats, flip flops, shades, and sun screen are just some of the swimming essentials that you pack for you to make the most of your swim escapade. With these staples, you are ready to unwind and enjoy the water.

Hold that thought! Before you set out, we would like to emphasize one item that is often overlooked: your Swimsuit Coverup! Opposing the popular perception that cover ups are meant to hide your body, it is actually a worthy addition to your swim essentials. Some think that bikini cover ups are for women who aren’t confident with their bodies. We’d like to think otherwise! Do not underestimate the power of that extra layer. Carrying a couple of bathing suit cover ups to your trip can take your beach style gaming to the next level. So, we suggest you bop it to the top of your list of beach must-haves. Continue reading to know how you could slay the poolside or seashore scene with women’s beach cover ups.

The Low Down on Swimwear Cover Ups

To ace the swimwear fashion game, a swimsuit cover up is a real requirement. Everything is fun and cute until you are left freezing after you step out of the water. A bikini might seem enough for the beach or the pool, but sometimes it takes more than your skimpy bikini to take you places. If you plan to hit the ice cream shop nearby or check out the souvenir shop, make sure you are protected (while still looking gorgeous!).

Women always look forward to an opportunity to flaunt the body and flash some flesh but taking off your bikini to change into your lounge outfit is too much of a hassle! The beach is not the place for numerous outfit changes after all. When you decide to go outside the pool area, it will be a lighter duty to just throw on a dress on top of your swimsuit. When you are ready to dive into the water again, simply strip down your cover up.

A beach cover up can also serve as your secret weapon when you’ve had a little too much of those kebabs. No one will ever notice while you wait for your food baby to subside. In terms of being your armor, there are a few times in a day that the sun’s rays become too harsh for your skin. As much as we love soaking up every bit of sunshine you can get, you will need to steer clear from its harmful rays temporarily at one point. A good swimsuit cover up, in support with your sun block, will prevent sunburns and premature skin aging.


Now that we have established that having a good coverup is key, you are ready to take on the other half of the challenge – bagging a sexy coverup! Running around with a towel wrapped around you does not seem appealing at all, right? Landing on a clothing item that keeps you sexy while covered up might seem like a challenge. But when you are shopping in the right place (which you are!), you will waltz over it!



Swimsuit Cover Ups That Will Make You a Beach Goddess

Keep in mind that you want that chill yet glamorous vibe when choosing your swimsuit cover up. Those two do not usually go hand in hand but it is in the cards. It is important not to overdo the glamour nor the chill. So an oversized t-shirt or a thick and fluffy robe should be out of the question!

For Your Monokini – A one-piece swimsuit or a sexy bodysuit gives ample coverage on your torso. A skirt you can throw on as a bottom for your monokini can make you feel like you are floating in cloud nine without completely concealing your swimwear. Keep layers light and airy so you won’t have those unflattering tan lines. Another option is a kimono or a robe. You can keep everything see-through so that it will still give exposure to your sexy one piece swimwear.

For your Sexy Bikinis and Micro Bikinis – The skimpier the bikini, the better! Although the skimpier it gets, the more protection you’ll need. What a waste of sexiness if it will only be covered by baggy cover ups! You can still flaunt that summer bod with a swimsuit cover up dress. A dress is a perfect cover up because you blanket both your torso up until a part of your lower body. You can opt for a lace or mesh dress or top if the cut is loose. This way, your svelte silhouette will still peek through the material. You can also keep it opaque with a figure-hugging piece like a tie side dress.

A tie side dress is a number that will look becoming and scrumptious when thrown on top of your itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini. What is great about tie-side dresses is that it can be adjusted to any length you prefer. It also comes in various colors that can complement your bikini. A multicolored swimsuit will look great with black or white. On the other hand, a basic colored swimsuit can be paired with coral for that color blocking fashion. It all depends on your taste and style but you can never go wrong with beach cover up dresses. All you need is a pair of glam aviators, tropical earrings, and a floppy hat then you are ready to own that sandy runway!

Be Sun-kissed, Sexy and Secure!

Swimsuit cover ups are a great way to play around with fashion without sacrificing function. On top of every great swimsuit is a great cover up; both work together in harmony. A cover up is not only for the modest, but it can also be for the daring! When you have a bikini cover up you absolutely adore, you might even find yourself wearing it out of the beach and in the streets. Shop Julbie for a sexy swimwear coverup that will make you want to spend more time out of the water!