4-inch Heels

Not-your-ordinary Shoe

Women wear heels not just as a fashion statement, but also as a source of illimitable power. People do not realize the influence of a fashion item. A pair of heels is powerful enough to stir up the senses, most especially the sense of sight and sense of hearing. Who knew science also plays a part in fashion? We have always associated the sound of heels clicking on the floor as the sound of power arriving. For as long as we can remember, the sound a pair of heels make is music to the ears. Some would even intend to make their cadence heard. The loudness, the speed, the stride of your heels can send a message to anyone within the area.

A couple of steps is all it takes to make your presence heard so why skimp on the height? If you can make an impression on 2-inch kitty heels, what more if you take it a couple of inches higher! That small distinction between inches will make a world of difference. You can go from modest to mind-blowing with a simple switch of footwear.


High Heels for your High Standards

It is not a surprise that every woman can never have too many shoes! There will always be room for an endless supply of shoes no matter what size your closet is. The shoe closet is a modern girl’s trophy case. Every pair symbolizes a milestone in a woman’s life. From career to erotic, a shoe is designed for it! There will always be a shoe to mark every mood, to fit every occasion and to match every outfit! For the modern fashionista, a pair of high heels is a staple item in the closet. We all have certain standards when it comes to purchasing the next pair. We can all relate to the process of picking the right pair of shoes to take on our next journey.


The Perfect Combination: Comfort and Style

For a woman who puts comfort first, it is always a challenge to grab hold of high heels which will not hurt. It is a triumphant feeling when you put on pretty stilettos without it being a pain. The thing is, most high heel aficionados know that it is not that easy to land on a perfectly balanced pair! While you might be completely willing to sacrifice and endure a bit of pain for the sake of fashion, there are ways on how you could avoid killing your feet while serving killer looks. All you need to do is pick the perfect heel height for you. In this case, the 4 inch high heel is the shoe that hits the spot!

Expand Your Shoe Collection with 4-inch heels

With a variation of heel heights, the 4 inch high heel is the perfect balance of comfort and sexy. This is the universal heel height which every woman will appreciate. It does not fall short in giving you that added length but it is relatively easier to walk in as compared to higher heels. If you are going on your next heel hunt, consider a no-nonsense 4 inch shoe and you will see that it is the heel that you will often be reaching out for because of its practicality and because of the elegance it provides too.

A Classic Shoe in a Classy Silhouette

A pump is a timeless style and shape which will always provide sophistication and sexiness to the wearer. No matter which purpose the pump is worn for, a classic piece will serve you for ages as long as you take care of it. Take it from a boardroom meeting to a bedroom “meeting”, a 4-inch pump in black will open up endless of fashion possibilities. Here are some pump styles you can deliberate for your next shoe shopping spree:

   • Pointed Toes – This shape means business. With the 4-inch heel height, it can look professional and formal. A pointed toe high heel will elongate the legs while accentuating your outfit. The most popular colors are solid black and rich red. For more casual, fun or flirty vibes, you can choose textured materials like bedazzled, or faux snakeskin, and suede.

   • Strappy and Peep Toe – This variant is more relaxed as compared to your closed shoes. You can flaunt your fresh pedicure while you go dancing. It also gives your feet extra breathing space. Strappy heels and peep toes are your sexier take on sandals. They are chic and effortless to pull off.

   • Ankle Lace Up Heels – While one might think that the lace around the ankle is for aesthetic purposes, it actually keeps one stable when walking! The ankle strap is a crowd favorite. It is such a feminine design but it also subtly gives you much-needed support!

   • Boots – Thigh high or ankle, they also deserve a few inches of boost! A striking spin-off of your favorite booties, that added heel turns the utilitarian-looking shoe into a glamorous masterpiece. Turn heads with a pair of these along with your favorite mini skirts or bodycon dresses.

A Modern Take on Form, Fashion Function

4 inch platform heels are the answered prayer of the heel lover who also wants to be able to prance around happily without crying from pain. The look of a chunky sole may be intimidating but they are the comfier option when you want to reach for the sky – through your heels of course. The thick sole helps in lessening the “tiptoe” form of the foot which aids in providing ease and comfort. 4 inch platform heels are the usual go-to of newbies because the enlarged sole helps balance the height of the heel making it easier to walk in. This throwback shoe has been revamped into modern and fresh versions so you are bound to pick a shoe which will complement most of your outfits, whether it be casual or formal.

Who Run the World? Girls – Girls in Heels!

Heels have become a huge part of fashion and it has continued to become a huge part of women’s lives. It will keep on providing confidence and empowerment to women so Julbie has made it a point to help provide the most fabulous pairs of shoes! Find your own power source by clicking (pun intended!) through Julbie’s special curated collection of 4 inch heels and more.