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Harness & Strappy Lingerie

Provocative Lingerie. Powerful Cuts. Put your body on display.


Women’s curves are an essential component of any outfit. The centerpiece, the highlight, focal point – whatever you call it, your body should be put on a pedestal. We are always on the lookout for styles that will continue to put the spotlight on your assets and make you feel like you can conquer the world.

A body harness could be your armor so you could dominate! This trend has flourished from being a bedroom bondage piece to a runway couture! BDSM styles have been taking over the retail shelves, and sexy body harness has taken it to the extreme.

They say looks can be intimidating, and body harness lingerie is proof to that statement. Inevitably, those straps, buckles, and cutting-edge shapes will provoke the senses.

Even if sexy strappy lingerie looks unconventional, they are incredibly versatile pieces. A little bit of styling, mixing and matching and strappy lingerie will make you look fierce in bed, and out in public, too!

Strappy lingerie to Tame the Savage


The BDSM universe has thought up a sartorial solution to an anatomical bedroom adventure. Those notches and rings? A heavy-duty leather body harness can serve a purpose for a determined dominatrix.

It is a game-changer in the field of seduction. Wet-look fabric such as vinyl, leather, and latex, are cut and formed to support your curves to get the most flattering outline. Harness and strappy lingerie can also be risqué and romantic with lace and softer details. But whatever material it comes in, the lines draped across your body will accentuate your VA VA Voom curves!

The edgiest, most fashion-forward looks can be derived from even the most minimalist black strappy lingerie. Although it is fetish wear, you do not need to be strapped up to be able to wear it.



Bondage-Inspired Bodice


What sets a full body harness is that most pieces come with fully-adjustable straps. You get to customize the fit that looks the best and feels the most comfortable.

Julbie wants to smudge the barrier between mainstream fashion and erotic lingerie. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear strappy lingerie and harness body lingerie:


  • As an accessory for lingerie – When paired with other lingerie pieces, it will add an element of fierceness. Even when all you have on is a soft, sheer babydoll, your inner dominatrix persona will come flying out! Turn the switch from vanilla to flavorful with just throwing on black strappy lingerie.
  • On its own – A full body harness will need no introduction. Wearing it is already a statement in itself. The straps speak for themselves, and they are saying that they mean business! Any day with sexy strappy lingerie on is a day for erotic play.
  • On top or underneath casual clothing – A hint of bondage with your daily essentials is always encouraged. Use it as a cute waist cinch over your oversized t-shirt or loose dresses to put a spin to the most straightforward wardrobe staples. Full body harnesses with cups and crotch can be used as your underwear alternative! Create a peek-a-boo effect with the set’s collar or leg garters peeping under your usual outfit.


Explore every facet this kinky lingerie offers. There is no limit when you let your imagination go on a sensual journey. Have harnesses and straps wrap around your body like a tight hug!

Julbie’s Strappy Bondage Lookbook

Our online shop has every beautiful body harness women will definitely covet! Different types of strands and straps on your skin will radiate a different kind of sensual feeling and experience. Consider yourself belted and bolted to perfection with our collection of high-quality harness and strappy lingerie. There’s no stopping you from being seductive, slimmed-down, supported, sophisticated, sassy, and unquestionably sexy!