An outfit without an accessory is like a cupcake without frosting!

We’re no Shakespeare but we know how to make Romeo bend on one knee and profess his undying love. A delicious mix of wit, charm, a killer smile, a captivating ensemble, and of course one should not forget to add some show-stopping accessories. Accessories are a crucial part of any outfit but are often pushed aside as last minute add-ons. Your jewelry and other thingamajigs deserve to be given as much thought as your tops and bottoms. With a minuscule accent piece, you can make your ensemble do a 180-degree turn. Much like how a simple pair of hoop earrings can make something casual into a sexy and glam outfit, accessories are pivotal.

If we are talking about accessories that will make a big impression then we are obviously describing a sexy choker.

The choker has been around for quite a considerable amount of time and it has lingered in the fashion industry for a reason. Its popularity has been unwavering but its reputation has caused quite a stir. It has consistently been the subject of heated debates and sartorial discourse. You might be thinking, how can a thin piece of fabric cause such an uproar?

Let’s delve into the colorful (or dark) history of choker jewelry people have made such a fuss about.


The Not-So-Secret Tale of Chokers for Women


It comes to no surprise that the choker has quite a captivating timeline. It goes far beyond retro magazine editorials where models with swan-like necks don it practically at every page. You might have not noticed, but you were probably looking at chokers ever since you started to skim through History books at school.

One of the earliest recorded use of the neck choker dates back in Ancient Egyptian Civilization. The chokers in this era were worn by noblemen such as the Pharaohs and were usually in hefty and chunky gold. The extravagant design of the amulet choker was more than just decorative pieces, it was made such for a mystical purpose. They believed that these chokers had healing and protective powers.

An abundance of chokers then swept the world when Royals like Anne Boleyn, Queen Victoria and Princess Alexandria were repeatedly seen with a pearl white chokers. You will see a number of paintings immortalizing the choker in a lot of museums.

Fast forward to the French Revolution which also had their own connotations of the neck accessory. The repressive regime of monarchs at the time prompted riots and rallies. Women also made a silent revolution by wearing red chokers as a sign of protest against unjust beheadings.

Since then, the fabled accessory became a staple in a lot of woman’s wardrobe. The roaring ’20s were big on the choker trend but it was also the time where it became controversial. The choker was tagged as a prostitute badge for a moment but eventually lost its lewd image when ballerinas and other art impressionists released it from its stereotype.

From then on out, the controversial accessory has been springing up like mushrooms every other season, surprising consumers with a revamped version every time. The choker has never failed to make an outrageous comeback.

From the punk rocker and gothic chokers to the teeny bopper Britney Spears tattoo choker, it may be difficult to keep track of every design out in the market. Julbie has assembled a list of must-have choker designs that you need to try if you haven’t already!


5 Choker Necklaces to Try on for Size

A choker can be a great all-around piece when you want to break the ice on your otherwise bland outfit. As simple as a choker might seem, you will find yourself buried neck deep with different styles, materials, and widths. Because the choker has been sitting pretty on women’s collarbones for a considerable amount of time now, you would only expect a flurry of designs that range from vintage to contemporary.

If choosing the right choker is still Greek to you, here is a list of no-fail, versatile chokers that will give you the best bang for your buck.

1. Black Velvet Choker – This piece has been consistently on the spotlight. Its simple and straightforward flare earns a spot in the best choker styles ever. Turn a casual white t-shirt into a chic statement with just this black velvet number or enhance the glam of your little black dress by tying your look together with an ebony choker.

2. O Ring Choker – O-shaped hardware on your neck is such a unique and bold statement yet it works beautifully. The circular accent breaks the flatness of a two-dimensional outfit. You can wear it with jeans, a dress, or the whole enchilada and it will still look sexy and on trend.

3. Leather Choker – Be a hard-core trendsetter when you opt for leather as your choker of choice. Get instant cool-girl vibes when you wear it out. A leather choker is such an all-encompassing piece that it is also highly sought after as a BDSM choker. Perfect as a BDSM accessory, it will make your sexy bondage lingerie look more hard-core.

4. Lace Choker – Lace is still in an all-time high as a popular choker accessory as reflected in all the latest fashion charts, runways, and magazines. Blending delicateness with edginess, your lace choker will not only be a stunner, but it is also very lightweight! No need to worry about that sweaty neck.

5. Rhinestone Choker – The rhinestone choker is the pearl necklace of the neck-hugging accessories. When you can’t seem to put a finger on what your outfit is missing, a rhinestone choker will make everything exquisite in a blink of an eye. Go for a rhinestone encrusted choker and instantly look like a million bucks!


Choker Care & Storage


A choker is light in every sense of the word. It is light in weight light to the touch and light in the pocket. Cheap chokers have been the go-to accessory of girls on a budget. It does not skimp on style and quality while being a low-cost investment.

Because of the light nature of the choker, proper care and storage are required to ensure that it delivers what intends to the wearer – a sexy and ravishing neck and clavicle that will draw attention to your beautiful face.

Grab a pen and paper and take note of these protection and storage tips to keep your choker in mint condition and maintain its pizzaz!


Tossing your fabric chokers in the washer with all your regular items might not be the best idea. A washing machine is too harsh for your delicate chokers. Using a light hand, apply minimal soap and water and simply spot clean the areas that need sprucing up. This includes lace, silk, and other light fabrics. Press or steam the fabric lightly on low heat setting until it is good as new.

Chokers with hardware and leather chokers require different attention. Simply swipe a clean cloth on smeared or wet areas. It is not recommended to dip it in any kind of detergent or regular household soap as it may increase chances of the metal tarnishing. It is best to bring your rhinestone choker accessories or metal ring chokers to jewelry shops which offer specific services for tarnish-prone items to preserve its pristine condition.


Improper storing pf your chokers make them more prone to wear and tear. Place the fabric chokers together while placing heavier and chunkier pieces side by side. You can fold fabrics while leather and vinyl accessories are advised to be laid flat to avoid crusting.


The Accessory for All Seasons: The Sexy Choker

Styling chokers is not rocket science. You can play around with it however you like by expressing your own personal style and creativity. A black velvet choker is a signature item can be worn on its own along with a plunging neckline. If you are feeling a bit extra, you can also layer your necklaces on top of each other. A lace choker will look stunning with thin gold necklaces of different lengths. You can even layer narrow chokers simultaneously. Place them in different heights on your neck and create the illusion of a long, slim, ladylike neck.

You can tie your hair up to put the spotlight on your elongated neck (thanks to the choker) or you can let it sit subtly underneath a collared shirt for that peek-a-boo detail. Whether you choose to wear a choker in the office or in the bedroom, it will always work wonders for your getup.

Whichever direction you trudge, a choker is guaranteed sexiness. A classic collar can be in a lot of alternative ways. Take a page from the book of some of the hottest celebrities like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Vanessa Hudgens, and the whole girl gang. Everyone just cannot get enough of the choker necklace and you should join in on the craze too. Don’t choke on chokers and make it the cherry on top of your already sexy outfits.