DIY Pirate Costume

Swashbuckling + Sexy = Win!

Do you have a hunger for adventure and fortune? Then becoming a high seas pirate sounds like your type of role! Don't be caught wearing the same sexy pirate costume as someone else, so create your own pirate costume with our DIY pirate costume woman's collection! While scalawags are more interested in looting ships than wondering what they're going to wear, your pirate costume will take a blend of effort and creativity! A large buccaneer pirate hat is a must paired with large gold hoop earrings, pirate boot cuffs, a pirate sword, and fabulously drab dress! Peasant dresses are a fabulous statement that can be worn with a pirate corset, or feel more comfortable in a pair of leggings with women's pirate boots. Get creative with your own belt, jewelry, and accessories to bring your Long John Silver look to life!