The New Sexy: A 2021 Lingerie Forecast

New Year, New Lingerie Haul!

As a major cultural reset has transitioned us into the new year, why not hit the refresh button on your lingerie wardrobe as well? We saw the whole planet go through all the stages of a traffic light, Julbie has the roundup of everything you have been waiting for. The styles that we give a green light and those you can hit the brakes on. 

All-Around Lingerie

We are going gaga over pieces that work as loungewear, outerwear and even office wear all in one! 2020 saw the rise of lingerie as outerwear but 2021 is about to see lingerie everywhere! The lingerie market has broken every barrier that has been isolating it in the bedroom. This year, the trend revolves around multifunctional pieces that bring more than just visual pleasure in the bedroom.

Sultry, raunchy and downright scandalous lingerie that you can wear multiple ways will take center stage. Think corsets, chemise and bodysuits. If these have been sitting in your drawers tucked away, the year 2021 is the time to bring them out in the open.

Even special occasion pieces like silk negligee have transcended over to the daily routine. Peeking underneath blazers and replacing tops altogether, practical lingerie trumps pretty ones this year.

Balanced Hues

According to Pantone, colors of the year are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. This year, the mix of highs and lows depict something more than just a pretty picture. The brightness of yellow against the subtlety of gray balance out and create an aura that is happy, familiar and comfortable. The exact formula we are looking for when it comes to lingerie.

Incorporate these two colors into your lingerie wardrobe this year. Emulate the enthusiasm of the cheerful color with a yellow lace piece and balance it out with some cozy grey thigh high socks. Play around with accents. For example, don your all grey sheer lingerie with a pop of neon yellow pasties or light-up yellow heels against your grey hosiery.

Any way you choose to wear it, this combination proves that when it comes to lingerie, there is no such thing as seasonal. You can wear the yellow and gray combo in the summer, spring and winter time.

Similarly, if you are not a fan of these two colors, you can still apply the same concept to other color palettes. For example, basic black with UFO green or crisp white and hot pink. “Hue” have fun with hues!

Breezy Babydolls

The relaxed and airy fit of the babydoll has made its way into our hearts. Usually these babies play second fiddle to the bodycon dress. But the babydoll proved that loose-fitting can be as sexy as form-fitting. The style was originally introduced in the 50s as negligee, but women could not get enough of its forgiving and flattering silhouette that casual versions came about.

You may have seen voluminous, longer and ruffled versions of the babydoll. What we particularly love is its archetype in the form of the sultriest lingerie.

Sheer flowing fabric that envelops the waist while holding up the breasts is the form that will dominate this year. Uncomplicated, easy to slip on and equally easy on the eyes are the factors that most look for and you get it all from a single piece of lingerie.

Babydoll lingerie has also been catching up with the laidback lookbook. Like camisoles, the new trend is wearing sheer babydolls on top of t-shirts and shirt dresses to add dimension. This thin breezy layer of mesh, silk, satin or lace will be flowing all year round.


Floral print is a trend that never actually dies down. Even before and after spring has sprung, flowers still bloom in fashion. This year is big on florals in particular. Not only because it is undeniably pretty, but it symbolizes new beginnings. Let go of your wilted past (and panties) and stock up on high quality floral lace, floral embroidered and floral printed lingerie. Anything fun is within our radar, and florals are a shoe-in for the year’s favorite pattern!

Back to Bras

The sans bra movement is momentarily put to the shelf as bras have made quite a revival. If the past years have been ‘free the nipple’ or ‘braless is flawless’, this year says otherwise. 2021 is the year to explore different styles and try out new products.

Especially if you are practically living in your lingerie, you need as many options as possible! We recommend investing in a good quality harness bra since cutouts are going to be big. Harness bras can double as a cool accessory and this year is living for versatility. Shelf bras is another thing to consider if you enjoyed freeing the nipple yet want the feel of comfortable support Consider it a win-win!

Everything Peekaboo

These days, an element of surprise makes all the difference. Crotchless and cupless are the stars of the show. It gives that feel of being braless but still provides the support your boobies need. Now, more than ever, women lean towards what makes them feel sexy. This little detail, even in the slightest could give you. Giving just a peek or putting your assets on full display for that surge of confidence is something we advocate.

You are not required to follow where the current runs, but this is a guide if you want to go with the flow! Nighties, loungewear and other bedroom go-to’s have probably been in heavy rotation last year. Take this game to the next level and commit to the lingerie trend. Always be on the lookout for new arrivals and the hottest deals so that you can let your sexiness prevail this year. Let us keep unmentionables mentioned!

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January 12, 2021 — Nicole