How to Look Like a Valentine's Day Dessert

…minus the calories! Follow our sweet guide to everything you need to prepare for a romantic Valentine's Day.

Sure, we like looking sexy all 365 days of the year, and Valentine's Day surely won't be an exception. Out of all the days of the year, this is the perfect time to wear your heart on your sleeves! And we are almost certain that women will go for a sexy and seductive aura for that Day. However, if you are already in sexy 24/7, time to venture to a new zone for this special occasion!

Looks Good Enough to Eat!

Skip the usual and go for that "yummy-yum" style! Add a dash of sugar and spice to serve the most mouth-watering looks.

You get to celebrate a day of love and romance every year. After the holiday fatigue, dressing up for a special occasion yet again might seem like a chore. Nevertheless, this Day is an opportunity to get to know each other more intimately and on a deeper level. Make an effort to reach another level in your relationship by celebrating it using unique perspectives. Especially for long-term relationships, you need fresh ideas to turn each other on. No need to skip this year's Valentine's Day because we have something new and exciting for you to make it more memorable than the last.

Make him want to have a taste with ensembles that make you look like a snack ~ literally! Put him in a trance by preparing a look that is inspired by your favorite sweet treats. Prepare a visual meal for him to whet his carnal appetite. Put together a head-to-toe look that stimulates your senses, just like how desserts make you aroused and energized. This time around, be your own aphrodisiac so you can go easy on the oysters and chocolates. Consider "scrumptious" as the new keyword for this year's love day!

What's for Dessert?

Dinner plans with your lovey-dovey for Valentine's Day? Whether or not you plan on staying in or dining out, these looks will surely put the hearts on happy hearts Day.

Match with our favorite Valentine's Day treats with these easy lingerie outfit recipes:

Cotton Candy Fluff

A trim of frilly luscious feathers on sheer lingerie with nothing underneath is something he will gobble up in an instant. The sweetness of feathers balanced with the see-through effect is precisely described with the phrase "sugar and spice." When an embellishment like this is featured in your lingerie, you know you are both in for a treat! For example, a teddy with pink cotton candy-like trim is flirty and festive but still keeps the seduction in check. A frilly robe is a multifunctional piece you can wear alone or as a cover for the "big reveal" of your Valentine's Day Lingerie for your man. What's more, you will find it extremely useful for that morning after!

Gummy & Jelly

We bet you've worn your black latex BDSM gear time and again. Who could blame you? Latex is such a sexy material and helps you play the game of seduction well. But it's Valentine's! If you want to keep up with the theme. So, to switch things up, get your favorite wet look lingerie in a delicious jelly color. A pink or red PVC bustier corset lets you keep the wet-look bondage feel, but it still reminds you of a shiny and bouncy gummy bear or jelly. You can pair it with casual bottoms or lingerie bottoms.


What is Valentine's Day without a delectable chocolate treat? It is as easy to dress as chocolate as it is to eat it. Throw on your favorite chocolate brown lingerie and let your sweet body do the work. Yet, chocolate's real charm is not how it appears, but how it tastes and smells! So, instead of recommending just an outfit, we tell you to cop sweet-smelling products that will remind both of you of the real thing. Playing with real chocolate could get messy. Good thing there's a pretty good simulation in a pretty bottle!

Red Velvet

Take inspiration from a multi-layered cake and add a different kind of layer to your Vday lingerie. Red is definitely a non-negotiable feature for Valentine's Day. Every year, you find ways to incorporate a tinge to a heap of red in your ensembles. But if you are tired of the same old shades and want to stand out from a sea of lipstick-red dresses, you can add a dash of spice with sexy lingerie. A corset is one thing that works great on a date in public as well as behind secret doors. Tone it down and go for deep wine colors in a crushed velvet material. It adds a flavorful spin to the beloved tradition of wearing red. Corsets in this color will remind you of this decadent dessert while also emphasizing your body and curves. 

Candy Lingerie

The most obvious and maybe the easiest method of looking like a treat is to actually wear one! Candy lingerie involves a string of 100% edible candy that forms a g-string, bra, nipple tassels or even cock rings. Each product is made with stretchable string, so it adjusts smoothly to your body. Play a game or plot a scheme that requires you to nibble on each other's candies! Have fun eating each other up until you are both on a sugar high! Tell the waiter to hold the dessert because you have a whole box of candy lingerie prepared for the after-party.

An Appetizing Lingerie Menu

Valentine's Day is all about food and romance. But instead of the regular dinner date and the deed, make it a feast you will never forget.

Get all these and more in Julbie's specially curated Valentine's Collection. We always encourage everyone to keep in tune with their wild and sexy side, so why not explore your sweet side? Get a sweets-inspired lingerie set right here. We know you have the cake for it.

Bonus points if you find the selection of penis candy you can snack on or gift to your girlfriends for Galentine's Day. Instead of the usual bed of roses, make it a smorgasbord of dick-shaped candy.

May you have a sweet and seductive Valentine's Day!

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January 25, 2021 — Nicole