Work from Home Outfit Inspirations

ICYMI: The new norm is hustling from the comfort of your couch. Have you always been a remote worker, self-made businesswoman or have you transitioned to a home-based arrangement?

When your living room, bedroom and your office has turned into the same thing, what becomes of your usual work-appropriate attire? Scratch that – we will be living in our cozies. However, we aren’t talking about worn-out pajamas; we mean sexy lingerie, sultry outfits and other risqué clothing.

Getting dolled up is one of the things that you miss when you are working within the confines of your home. You might be thinking: “Why bother? No one is going to see me, anyway.”

Let change your perspective.

You start dressing for yourself. If you make the effort to look pretty for other people, do yourself a favor and start exerting the same energy for yourself. Take that time after choosing an outfit to look in the mirror and appreciate your beauty. Even if your boss and colleagues aren’t there to witness it.

It provides structure. Getting up and changing your clothes for work in particular is the first step. A routine of choosing an outfit intended for WFH purposes sets the scene and the mood. Jumping to a task when you are dressed in a drab and disheveled manner could possibly make you feel sloppy and lazy throughout the day.

It helps you shift gears. It isn’t hard to believe that clothes can play a role in your concentration. Usually, it is in the form of suits and heels, but since those are quite impractical in your home, you can tweak your outfits to match the setting. Your WFH outfit is your signal to shift your focus on your work instead of house chores or lounging around. Essentially, our body needs to differentiate sleep and work. And since your energy feeds off of the clothes on your back, your outfit is as much. They are instrumental in conditioning our senses to kick our work into full gear. You will notice a spike in productivity when you look and feel great.

It makes you feel happy and motivated. Empowering clothes do a lot to our mood and disposition. So when you need to become productive, dress up in clothes that will help you boost and emulate that feeling. Dopamine dressing is a real thing, according to an interview in The Guardian. Happy hormones can come from the clothes you choose to wear and how you feel about wearing it. So, spending time on quality clothes that you love actually makes you happier and more confident.

You probably spent hours and dollars on making your home office setup as comfy and conducive as possible. Clothes are also a part of that environment.

A significant detail you should be considering when choosing your work-from-home outfit is the level of comfort. Working round the clock indoors call for the comfiest of the pile. The best lingerie to work in are those that would not get in the way of your productivity. Get the full equilibrium between coziness and sexiness with our home-working formula.

Your Wardrobe is Your Weapon. Keep it Loaded.

Dressing up in lingerie for work and Zoom meetings? It is important to equip yourself for this major cultural and sartorial reset. Start building your work-from-home gear now. Here are some ideas on how to make your lingerie work from 9-5.

A Matching Camisole Set. Sold as a set but still stunning when worn separately. What’s amazing about these bralette and panty sets is the fact that you can throw on a cardigan or a blazer when those sudden online meetings make you get on your feet straightaway. You can either wear a lace cami with your favorite sweatpants or lounge shorts for that casual chic look.

 The Basic Top and Leggings Combo. A.K.A. the model off duty look. Basic crop tops and leggings are perfect for multitaskers who are always on the go even at home. They are simple enough for staying at home, but chic enough to make you feel powerful and productive. With this combo, you can cook up a storm in the kitchen, work up a sweat, do a grocery run and of course, do a good day’s work. Bonus points if you could make it work for a game of seduction.

A Showy and Flowy Robe. A robe or a kimono is as functional as it is fashionable. With this, it won’t matter what is (or isn’t) underneath. Reserve the latex for later and go for silk, bamboo, rayon, linen, cotton and polyester which are some breathable fabric, so you get zero traces of itchiness and no fabric creases on your skin. It will move with you and let your body breathe as you seize the day. Plus, it is a pretty nice thing to have when you need to throw something on when you are in a rush.

The Slip Dress. A slinky babydoll while you answer emails and get through your task list? Why not? The perfect blend of comfort and style is a one-piece mini dress slash nightgown. Designed for sleeping, but suitable for everything else. This singular frock is making a name in streetwear, but you can definitely still rock this indoors. You never have to scramble for an outfit for an impromptu skype call because all you need is this dress under any coat and you will look like you spent hours with your look.

Oversized Shirt and Panty Duo. Basically, this pair is everything you need to survive your daily grind in your home office. This pair is going to be your favorite hump day ‘fit. Throw on your boyfriend’s V-neck or button-down shirt and you are good to go. It might seem basic from the surface but keep a dirty little secret hidden behind that extra-large shirt. A G-string hiding behind that soft fabric will make you feel absolutely sexy even under a pile of tasks.

Romper or Jumpsuits. Like the slip dress, rompers and jumpsuits is convenience and style wrapped up in one piece. Coordinating your tops to your bottoms should not be a problem anymore. Like most of the items in this list, you can turn on that camera and do a whole business presentation, and no one would notice you are wearing the coziest item in your closet.

Comfy Bras. By now, the ratio between bra and titties might be too disproportionate, but how many are actually comfy enough to wear the whole day? We all know the liberating feeling of going braless after a long day at work. The underwire digging through your skin is a signal that you have been working too hard for too long. But now that you are home, you can skip the wires and go for the soft and sheer kinds. Alternatively, pasties are a good idea when you just want to let your boobs breathe.

With our definitive guide for a work from home set-up, stiff and restricting clothes are the thing of the past. Then again, you can also escape the bed-to-desk vortex and fill your day with purpose with uplifting clothes. Fortunately, the depth and breadth of the lingerie universe allows us to be a boss and a seductress at the same time, with the same threads. Revamp your work wear wardrobe so you feel motivated to go get the bread. Striving hard and reaching for your goals comes from deep within yourself but it does not hurt to look cute and sexy along the way. 

February 18, 2021 — Nicole