The Best Panties for Your Bum

Out of all the items in your closet, underwear is in the heaviest rotation. You go through at least two pairs of panties in a day. Besides, you essentially change up your undie arsenal every six months.

Though panties are at the core of our daily routine, the truth is that many women still do not give their panties a second thought. Are you guilty of reaching out for the cheapest pack of panties in your size? More likely, it has been playing second fiddle to your more ‘visible’ bottoms.

The topic of underwear is a matter of personal preference. The piece you choose, its form, design, and fabric reflect your mood, personality, and style. You might not notice, but out of every piece of clothing you own, your panties are the ones that share an up-close and personal relationship with your genitalia. Give your yoni some love by only letting the best panties touch it!

Here is the lowdown on factors you need to consider when making your next panty purchase:

Flattering Cut and Fit

The truth is, we are drawn to pretty lingerie like a magnet. You grab the most appealing package without a second thought.

Your booty is like a snowflake. Unique in a lot of ways. Beauty marks, tiger stripes, and all that is unlike any other. That being said, you have to consider your anatomy when making decisions.

Settling for something because it only looks good on the model or mannequin will not guarantee the same story for you. That’s okay! The key is to know what would make you feel good, and flattering panties help skyrocket your confidence. Because lingerie is now more than just a dirty little secret, it pays to know what looks good on you!

Wide Hips

Your hips do not lie, so you need high-cut bikinis to help you preach the truth! Tangas, thongs, and high waist bikinis emphasize your curves by cinching the waist and elongating the legs, all while putting emphasis on your Shakira-esque hips!

Narrow Hips

Accentuate your natural curves and soften those angles with low-waisted bikinis, hipsters, or boy shorts. Low or mid-rise bikinis lengthen the hips horizontally as compared to high-waisted tummy tuckers.

Curvy Butt

Go hard and go big on the strings! If you are blessed with voluptuous curves, thongs and g-strings give your full buttocks the centerstage. Additionally, you get to dodge awkward panty lines or fabric riding up your crotch with cheeky bottoms, just you and your peaches and all its juicy glory.

Flat butt

Ruching, prints, and a combination of different fabrics are some details that add dimension will give the illusion of a fuller rear. Find products that lift and support your cheeks for a perkier look. If there’s an open crotch, try open butt boyshorts for size!

Ultimately, the fit reigns supreme. Accurate sizing makes all the difference! Even though you found the perfect panty for your body shape, if it is not in the right size, it will create bumps and lumps in places you do not want! Elastics or strings digging onto your skin or cloth riding up your crotch do not paint a pretty picture. So if you notice redness and lines etched to your skin after taking those panties off, update those measurements and get the right fit. 

Comfortable Fabric

Your vulva is a sensitive spot. It is prone to chafing, itching, and irritation. And because you will be wearing your knickers for hours on end, the material you choose is pivotal.

Have you ever painstakingly adjusted a wedgie or subtly scratched your crotch in public? These are never pleasant sights nor feelings, and they can easily tune down your self-esteem as well as your comfort. No matter how sexy and pretty your underwear might be, it is not worth the discomfort. Always take a moment to examine the tag for the sake of self-care.

A lot of panties come in a blend of materials. You should be able to pinpoint breathable and natural fibers in your panty as it constitutes a healthy and happy vajayjay. Organic, non-synthetic, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic are keywords to take note of.

Cotton is god-tier when it comes to comfort and breathability. It does not trap moisture that causes bacterial infections. If you enjoy lace, silk, and all those luxurious fabrics, you can get them with cotton-lining. Spandex cotton blends are comfy and stretchy options that adhere to your shape.

Wait, did someone say to let your privates breathe? Crotchless panties in mesh or other lightweight materials are the true definition of free and fresh coochy! It might take some getting used to, but you will realize that it might even be better than going commando!

Maximum Longevity

All panties come with an expiration date. Regardless of how expensive or high-quality it claims to be, eventually, all of them are going in the bin. Since they are the catch basin of our discharge and other body fluids, they deteriorate faster than most of our clothing. However, you still want your pairs to last you for a long time.

The panties that get the highest mileage are those with:

  • Smooth surface with little to no fabric fuzz
  • Fine and consistent stitching
  • Bright color and design which does not fade after a few washes

These are just some of the factors that contribute to a happy and healthy vagina. Do not neglect to read the tag for specific laundry instructions so that you get the best wear out of your purchase. You do not have to settle with substandard panties just because it comes with a lower price. There are a lot of affordable products that come with a light price tag.

Make no butts about it!

Practical and pretty do not cancel each other out. You do not have to search far and wide in the world of undies to find the holy grail. Julbie has curated risqué panties that do not skimp on comfort. As we always say: life is too short to wear boring panties!

March 03, 2021 — Nicole