The Kink Quiz

What is a kink?

The kink definition is derived from the technical term “a sharp twist or curve.” In relation, the kink meaning in sexual terms is any ‘twist’ to the conventional sex act. Basically, kinks are fantasies, desires, and concepts you would like to explore that aren’t considered mainstream.

The realm of kinks is very personal. Understanding what makes each other tick will help feed and satisfy our carnal hunger. So, if you still find yourself famished after a sexual buffet, there must be something missing. Spare no time in looking for your specific sexual taste.

Sex is anything but linear. It is full of zigzags! However, steering clear from the straight and normal path is entirely normal. You and your partner must be privy to each other’s kinks. You will be able to tailor your intimate moments targeted to both

Sexual fantasies will remain a fantasy when left unexplored. In contrast, a sex fantasy becomes a kink when you start to tap into its potential and apply it to your bedroom routine.

The first step is knowing what awakens your inner beast. Kink is merely an umbrella term that makes up a long list of archetypes, consisting of more specific categories. Basically, the list goes on and on and on! Julbie has rounded up the most common sexual kinks so you could discover them. If you want to join the kink club, let’s explore your membership options!

Which foreplay activity could turn you on the fastest?

  • a. Spanking. Pain is pleasure and passion for you.
  • b. Watching porn. Less talk, just press play!
  • c. Sex toys. It’s exciting to have a little reinforcement!
  • d. Dirty Talk. Like poetry to your ears.
  • e. Sexting. Your naughty thoughts need to be noted.
  • f.  Adult Games. Everyone’s a winner in these games!

Which of these gifts would you love to receive?

Which of these swimsuits would you be seen in during the summer?

Which of these lingerie items would you most likely wear?

Choose an aphrodisiac:

  • a. Red wine
  • b. Strawberries
  • c. Oysters
  • d. Chocolate
  • e. Chili
  • f. Whipped Cream

Among the seven deadly sins, you are:

  • a. Pride
  • b. Envy
  • c. Greed
  • d. Anger
  • e. Sloth
  • f. Gluttony

You could describe your persona to be:

  • a. The leader. Control and power are your keywords, your royal highness!
  • b. The observer. You tend to notice every little detail that others miss.
  • c. The collector. Knick-knacks, thingamabobs? You got plenty!
  • d. The shapeshifter. You adapt to every situation and trend like a chameleon.
  • e. The tech geek. You are up to date on state-of-the-art gadgets and gizmos.
  • f. The socialite. The life of the party that always know a friend of a friend of a friend!

Mostly A’s – BDSM

Passion, power, pain – an equation that you can get behind. You are down for impact and intensity in your sex routine. Doesn’t matter if you are at the giving or receiving end of the power exchange. This can go more than just a kink BDSM can be a commitment. Well, ‘getting tied up isn’t just ‘getting married’ in your dictionary! Sometimes, it starts with some spanking until it escalates into something a little bit more. In the same vein, leather catches your eye, and you adore the feel of it against your skin. The complex world of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism, and masochism are a perfect fit for your complex personality. So, do not hesitate to jump right in, that is, if you aren’t already neck-deep in chains and whips.

Mostly B’s – VOYEURISM

Voyeurism is a kink that satisfies your sense of sight through looking at sensual situations. If life was a movie, you are the main character, the audience, and the director! The tense buildup of scenes leads you to reach the climax. Your eyes see through a risqué perspective, and it probably started with all those hours watching porn. You visual beast! You feed off OF everything your eyes touch, so you get a kick out of watching your partner stripping or other couples having sex. If you plan to explore the voyeur kink, take gentle and careful strides as this kink is risky business!

Mostly C’s – FETISHISM

Fetishism is a kink that requires certain non-sexual acts, objects, or body parts to engage arousal. For you, if this factor is not in the picture, consider sex out of the question! Like a switch that needs to be flicked to turn you on! The most common is a foot fetish, lingerie fetish, or a combination of both (you might need stockings for this fetish!). Even the simplest factor, like armpits, can play a significant role in satisfying your carnal hunger. So, suppose you are obsessing and fantasizing about something particular, and it fuels your sexual fire. In that case, there might be a fetish hidden beneath that fantasy!

Mostly D’s -- ROLE PLAY

Who says fantasies should be kept a secret? Not you! Sex could be an opportunity for you to temporarily flip reality and take on a new persona. This sexual kink is always fun as you get to put on a show! Doctor and patient, teacher and student, sugar daddy and sugar baby are some common examples. Still, it could also go the more fictional route like superheroes. While you can also do this off the cuff, some kinksters enjoy prepping sexy costumes, script and dialogue, erotic props, and the setting – talk about setting the stage!


You love the idea of making love through a screen. Even if your partner is miles away, this is merely a limitation that you see as a challenge! For you, technology defies the physical gap. The nifty thing about this type of kink is the scale of it. You can take it practically anywhere for as long as you have your phone and your WiFi. It is more expansive than it seems but also very intimate! Not only are you getting the thrill of it, but you also practice trust, privacy, communication, and connection with your partner. Sending and receiving audio of moans and dirty talk, NSFW videos, and sneaky lewd photos keep you on the edge of your seat.

Mostly F’s - GROUP SEX

Orgies, threesomes, swingers – you adore the sensory overload that comes with having sex with more than one partner. For you, a good time is a room full of people ready to satisfy your insatiable sexual appetite! A minute into group sex and every curve and crevice of your body would have been touched. Most group sex kinksters have plenty of sexual desires that need to be fulfilled, so more than one hand (and genital) is ideal for them. Jump right in a pool of naked bodies and indulge in the polyamorous experience!

What’s Your Kink?

Disclaimer: This test is for fun and is not meant to be entirely accurate. The only way to find out your kink is to experience, experiment, and explore! Use this kink test as a benchmark as to where you could start? Who knows! Maybe your results could turn into reality. And if you happen to be familiar with your kink already and get different results, perhaps it’s a sign to discover another side of you. Who knows? Your sexual personality may be a fusion of a myriad of kinks!

There are plenty more weird kinks where that came from! Travel in every corner of the kink realm until you land in the perfect zone for you. Indeed, gone are the days where kinks are considered taboo, so this is your chance to keep in touch with your naughty and wild side. If you still haven’t found yours, by all means, explore! It just might be waiting for you to set it free. Share the sensation but make sure it is safe, healthy, and consensual.

Go forth and get kinky!

April 08, 2021 — Nicole