Erotic Products Couples Should Try

Blank spaces can be filled with color. Stale bread can be made into pudding, Batteries can be charged. Dying flames can be rekindled. Sex can be reinvented.

Let's be honest, sex is NEVER NOT great! But monotonous sex is just as good as not having any. I can be a slow and treacherous libido killer. And, you never want both of you to be trapped in that kind of quicksand.

Couples that Play Together Stays Together

You probably have a vibrator or two in your personal collection. Since forever, erotic toys are followed by the notion that it has to take the place of a lover. However, we believe that some toys should be enjoyed by two!

It is a good idea to have a couple of couple erotic products in stock whenever you feel a cold breeze. Guaranteed, it instantly will spark a flame!

Sometimes, the situation calls for high-tech reinforcement! The following are some unconventional sex toys that both of you can enjoy. 

Sex Swings

Why You Should Try It:

Sex in midair. If that isn't enough reason to get your blood pumping, then we don't know what will! Make your bedroom or sex den a literal playground and take turns until you find the perfect rhythm. You will indeed have a blast trying out different positions where the ground isn't involved. Experience sex in 360° and zero gravity with a smashing sex swing!

How To Use:

Place the swing on a high but sturdy foundation. It could be your ceiling or a door. Secure the harness or straps tightly around the body and start swingin'! This may come with an instruction manual, but you are free to choose your position. You can also do yoga if both of you are up for it! Make sure the surrounding is safe and spacious enough for both of you. Clear the space of any hazards like lighting fixtures or electronics. The only thing you want to knock out is other!

Sex Dice

Why You Should Try It:

There isn't any better merger than a game of chance and luck with a pleasure play! With a quick roll of a dice, you never know what kind of pleasure you get. Discover new kinks as you use two mini devices as an excuse to dig deeper into your fantasies!

How To Use:

Take turns in rolling the dice. Basically, it matches up two random sex words. Follow whatever it says. For example, bite + nipples, suck + finger and a lot more! Some dices come with cards or photos for explicit examples!

Erotic Books

Why You Should Try It:

Turn something erotic into something educational! If both of you love indulging in a book, this could be your bookworm bonding. Otherwise, this is an activity you can both do separately and together. Watch as tension rises as you flip through every page.

How To Use:

Basically, just read and learn! Exchange new knowledge and body heat while you are at it! Use it as your reference whenever you lose ideas. Have fun mimicking the positions featured in a Kama sutra book or answering the quiz pages to get more intimate with your partner. 

Quickie Gags

Why You Should Try It:

Ball gags are a widely held bondage accessory, and it promises to make you drool – in all senses of the word! It offers a different kind of control and restraint that centers on the mouth. A quickie ball gag is easy to store and sanitize. Whether or not you are into BDSM, a ball gag can paint a clear picture of who is in charge. It draws another level of intimacy, and it does not inflict pain as much as other BDSM gear. A handy quickie gag can be kept in your purse and brought out whenever that animalistic instinct kicks in!

How To Use:

Establish rules and full consent as with any other BDSM toy. After all safety actions are discussed, instructions are self-explanatory. The stretchy silicone band requires minimal adjustments while the ball is sized conveniently to fit most mouths. Do not forget to check in with your partner to see if they are okay. To clean up, simply run through water and dry before storing.


Why You Should Try It:

This may look like a medical device or something you would cut your pizza with, but hidden beneath those sinister spikes is a sensation like you have never felt before. This tool is typically used for sensory play that comes in different materials and sharpness. The feeling may come from the pricks of the pinwheel, but the level of intensity heavily relies on the one holding it. It can range from a tickle to screeching pain, depending on where you aim it and how hard you pin it down. We bet you never expected something that fits in the palm of your hands can hold so much power!

How To Use:

Use the same level of safety as you would a regular-sized bondage accessory. Consent, cleanliness and control are still applicable even to this small device. Pick out a 'hot spot' that would make your partners' muscles tense up. When you release the stimulation, it sends a surge of sensation that will make every bit of your body tingle. From a simple tickle to a trickle of blood, it all depends on your pressure. Keep it in your pocket and pull it out for a tantalizing tease!

Nipple Balm

Why You Should Try It:

We are always looking for ways to turn up the heat. With this cosmetic product, however, it cools down to heat things up! There are many warming options on the shelves, but have you tried a cooling balm for the nipple? If you haven't, then that is enough reason to try this out! Especially when the temperature is already literally warm, this product is a breath of fresh air. If either of you already has a nipple kink, this will keep those nips perky and ready for action! Nipple play and oral sex have never been this cool! It can also serve as a refreshing post-nipple clamp step to keep swelling and redness at bay.

How To Use:

It doesn't take much to make the nipples perk up since they are already a susceptible erogenous zone. Swipe on the balm as how you would do with lipstick and witness that nipple harden. Turn sensitivity into a sensational feeling. For a more potent effect that lasts for over an hour, lick or wet the nipples after application and then blow onto them titties! Let your partner's lips touch it and let the excess balm spread whatever his mouth comes in contact with.

Feather Ticklers

When you see these fluffy wands, the last thing you might think is: "wild!" However, there is more to the feather tickler than meets the eye. More than just a prop, you can actually tickle your way to an orgasm! On the other side of the pain-inducing spectrum is the softness and gentleness of a feather. Like a cloud grazing your skin, it a sweep is enough to send shivers down the spine. When you want to hit the pause button on hot and heavy impact play, you can turn the dial down with a tickler.

How to Use:

Using the feather tickler requires zero skill, but it also needs some level of intimacy. Knowing what will make your partner have goosebumps all over is an advantage. Nevertheless, even without the depth and longevity of a long-term relationship, you can use this contraption to gradually take it from a tantalizing tease to a rowdy romp! Holding the stem, use the fluffy end of the tickler to caress the skin and discover what makes their senses tingle. Watch how they react with every stroke and pressure. Fittingly, you can use the hard tip as a makeshift crop when things intensify!

Pleasure and Intimacy Intensified

Even though performance is what really revs up the drive, the engine starts with a key. Use these toys to enhance the expedition towards the climax! Sure, you can go about it without knickknacks, but even the smallest of devices can be loads of fun.

Make sure to talk about it beforehand, so there are no unpleasant surprises! These toys are meant to be shared. And when things get pretty stale, these put the flavor back! Spice it up or sweeten it up. You are definitely in for some unforgettable sex. Pretty soon, your only problem will be which toy to use this time!

Gadgets and Gizmos Galore

It takes a bit of exploration to get to the gold mine. Not every toy can wield the same results. It may take a bit of experimenting, but the outcome will always be worth it. keeps couples connected with unique, affordable, yet high-quality toys. Refresh and recharge those love batteries! Shop Erotic Toys and Accessories here.

May 16, 2021 — Nicole