How to Add Holiday Cheer to Your Sex Life

Fun self-care and intimate practices to do during the holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As we play tug of war with the cold realities of life, let your desire to heat up the holidays win! So, in our ardent attempt to prep for an absolutely merry time this season, we have compiled our favorite practices to celebrate.

A packed schedule is always in the horizon as soon as the holiday season rolled around. Shopping for gifts, prepping and cooking a whole menu for dinner parties, planning your winter/holiday appropriate outfits, taking Christmas card photos, putting up decorations -- the list goes on! Though it is all in the name of the yuletide spirit, the holiday rush can be eat you up.

This shift in temperature also comes with a shift in focus. Suddenly, family, relatives and friends take up a big chunk of your time and mind. On the other side, the Christmas rush could take a toll on your romantic relationship. While it is the time for giving, an aspect is often overlooked: your sex life!

The holidays are all about spreading love, but do not forget to spread your legs, too!

For Yourself,

Pamper your psyche and your pussy. They say you cannot pour from an empty cup so by all means let your self-love overflow. One factor that causes the flame to die down is self-gratification. To serve the hottest looks and most irresistible aura to beau, you have to give out some love to yourself as well.

Splurge on that lingerie set you have been eyeing the whole year. After you have bought everyone presents, do not forget to give yourself one. You deserve it! It is almost the end of the year, so if you haven’t checked out that best-selling lingerie you’ve had in your cart for months, this is the perfect time to be your own Santa.

Give yourself some time to indulge. Revive that sexual beast by trying out new bath and body products. Julbie curated all the items that your mind, body, soul (and coochy) need to shoo away the stress and invite in the holiday spirit! For instance, the name of this 18 Again Vaginal Shrink Cream alone makes you want to scream “Take My Money!”

 For Him,

Make sure he’ll have something to unwrap this year, IYKWIM. Year after year of giving him a present, it is easy to fall into the void of pre-packed socks and boxers (unless it’s leather). Before you go and do that, remember that no matter what love language your partner speaks, lingerie is the universal insta-boner. It is a gift that keeps on giving! You get to wear new empowering lingerie and he gets to enjoy all that it offers and what’s underneath it.

You can leave each other random erotic stocking stuffers such as handcuffs or condoms, or even men’s lingerie! Give him something to wear for your sexy time. You can even be matchy-matchy with latex, complete with a full set of bondage gear. It sure beats the usual boxed underwear.

BuyChristmas lingerie. Mark the memory by going lingerie that’s merry and bright! Specialized lingerie will have sex memorable and not just routine. For example, Christmas 2020 could be forever known as the day you wore a feather-trimmed red teddy! Maybe not a story you’ll be able to tell future grandkids. But whenever you look back at it, the holidays would always bring back naughty memories!

Finally, bring out Santa baby and hang mistletoe or two. All in the name of being a ho ho ho! Santa baby or Slutty Mrs. Claus costumes are almost a requirement. After all, what other day of the year could you bring out a reindeer romper? Go hard on the festivities and make every little detail an ode to Ol’ Saint Nick!

For Both of You,

The trick is to find time for yourselves before all hell breaks loose! Make the conscious effort to find time for just the two of you.

Have a conversation about WHEN and HOW you two could make this year’s holidays extra special. It is better to have a set date that you both could prepare for. It will make you look forward to something in the midst of the deafening Christmas noise.

Since this is an occasion that will be one for the books, shy away from your usual bedroom habits. ‘Tis the time to try out something new. Give each other massages, instead of going to a spa. Go to a restaurant just to order every possible aphrodisiacs in the menu. Play a new sex game that centers on knowing your partner better sexually. Start off with a box of dares, try out’s list of holiday-themed sex positions like the Turkey Baster and the Grinch.

How Nice to Be Naughty!

Your moans should be as loud as “All I Want for Christmas” blasting at every party you attended! This is the perfect time and opportunity to turn those warm and fuzzy feelings into hot and steamy sex.

As taboo as it may sound, this season is the perfect time to reconnect. Fire up your libido and create memories. You might even come up with a new couple tradition. Love and passion should be flaming as much as the decorations are red and lit!

Do not let the holidays kill your sex drive. Instead, slay the bedroom and jingle some balls all the way!


December 22, 2020 — Nicole