How to wear an open cup bra

An open cup bra is the sexiest piece of arsenal and a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. It can be worn underneath your favorite blouse or with a dress to amplify your figure. There are designs that frame the outline of your breast, completely cup less styles and cups with partial cutouts. The straps add sex appeal to your shoulders, neckline and back.

Open cup bras that are made with a harness frame can be layered when it does not provide enough coverage. They can be worn over clothing such as a tight lace top that you want to add some ‘drama’ or alone under a blouse depending on your preference. A black open cup bra can be worn underneath a lace top with a pair of pasties covering your nipples for going out, or it can be worn alone when you want to feel exceptionally sexy in the bedroom. These are the different types of open cup bras:

Shelf bra: Stopping just under the nipple, a shelf bra puts your breasts on display. As the name implies, it acts as a shelf that props up your boobs as it sits comfortably on a thin layer of support.

Peepholes: This style has a cut out on the center of the cup, top or underneath the breast. This time, it frames the breasts and nipples instead of just sitting on top of the bra.

Half cup: Simply snip off the half of a regular bra and voila! This bra is also known as the peek-a-boo bra and is a bralette with a slit cut out between the middle of the seams.

Underwire: A supportive metal frame inserted inside the bra to hold up your breasts.

Frame: Only the frame of the bra is worn leaving the entire breast exposed. This is otherwise known as a harness bra.

Open cup bras come with adjustable straps and are made of satin, faux leather, cotton and nylon. These bras typically have a spandex element to deliver comfort. You can find them in small, medium, large and x-large sizes and are great gifts for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The world of Open Cup Bras is more complex and wide than meets the eye!

Cupless Bras: Uplifiting More than Just Your Spirit

When wearing an open cup shelf bra, you can choose to cover your nipples or not. This look draws attention to your breast and gives the illusion of being braless. They give your breast an extra boost, support, and enhance your body shape. If you choose to wear an open cup bra without covering your nipples, just be aware that your nipples will be visible in most cases. If you wear a tight-fitting dress or blouse with thick material, your nipples probably will not be visible. Wearing one under a structured blouse or chunky knit sweater is perfect if you’re going for modesty. However, if you wear it under a light shirt or tank top, the shape of your nipples will be visible. This is a completely acceptable look in most major metropolitan areas, but only you will know if the venue you are going to will accepting of the style.

Whether you choose to bare it all or go for a subtle support, open cup bras will always be erotic. You do not grab a cupless bra because of its coverage, but for the liberating feeling it gives! Take inspiration from the following open cup look ideas and put those tatas on display!

 Racy Romantic– Secret rendezvous and intimate candle-lit dates deserve a special kind of lingerie. Show off your lady bits with the right amount of support and sexy romantic style! Lacey designs on an open cup bra will be perfect for passionate moments. Vintage and dreamy Venice Lace with choker accents make it such a sensual experience, especially to the sense of sight! In addition, details such as spaghetti straps, sequins or halter necklines make it a more wearable and modern piece. 

Edgy Bondage – Be a badass babe with an equally badass bra. A vinyl harness bra with underwire, buckle details and chained panels have a sexy bondage appeal. Wild nights will turn even wilder when you choose to take the road with less coverage! If you want an edgy look then choose a faux leather bra with underwire cups, zippers, and a sheer mesh back. This is an excellent choice for those into BDSM. Caged shelf bras or strappy peepholes in wet look materials will send a message that you mean business in the bedroom – risqué business, that is! From another angle, you can take a vinyl shelf bra and layer it over a plain shirt.

Fiercely Feminine – Everything flirty, frisky and fun works best with a floral push up bra. Get a stretched laced scalloped bra with shiny bows and balance its daintiness with a wide opening smack dab in the middle of the boob. In the same vein, a lace peek-a-boo bra with slits on the bottom of your breast will add sensuality to your outfits and make you feel flirtatious. Pay attention to even the most delicate details. Some may even come with a matching crotchless panty! Those bullet points may seem trivial but these will help set the stage for some sweet and kinky sex!

You will come to realize that every product description in this lingerie category could be a mouthful since every item is brimming with flavor! Taste the sweet and spicy lifestyle of cupless lingerie by experimenting with your open cup bras with different materials and matching it with an assortment of clothing styles. You can have your finger in every pie with just a dash of imagination and the heap of open cup lingerie options that Julbie brings! Available in a variety of colors and sizes to cater to all style palates and the most ravenous sexual appetites! Especially with open cup lingerie, you will never have the same bite twice!

Sizing Tips for a Seamless Fit!

Before purchasing an open cup bra, make sure you have your correct bra size. Keep mind that a cupless bra is still a bra nonetheless despite having less coverage. Therefore, it requires a proper fit for comfort and health. Experts in intimate apparel will recommend finding a size that is snug. If you’re in-between bra sizes, go for the smaller band size. You want the bra to be snug to lift your apex/nipple about half way in between your elbow and your shoulder.

How to size an open cup bra

If you have extremely full breasts, opt for an open cup bra that has a high center gore such as a balconette style. You want the bra to fit you perfectly and make you feel sensuous. Since these bras are made of delicate materials, you must take care of it properly and avoid damaging it when washing.

A (Glass) Cup Half Full!

Free the nips, but still get that support! You may not realize it when you’re shopping for open cup bras, but these pieces of lingerie are like tiny pills of confidence. Once you wear one out in public, you’ll notice a change in yourself from the way you walk to the way you hold your shoulders back in confidence. An open cup bra is underestimated in its abilities to change the way you feel about yourself. When you get that boost of confidence and eroticism walking into a restaurant, you’ll feel support in not only your breasts, but your self-esteem. Nobody else in the room has the confidence to wear what you’re wearing.  

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November 30, 2020 — Hilary