The Ultimate List of Lingerie Party Ideas (2022 Update!)

The bridal lingerie shower is one of the things a bride-to-be looks forward to before her big day. After all, it will be her last soiree as a single woman and it’s almost guaranteed that she receive at least a couple of lingerie sets. We all know that cheap lingerie is not easy to come by so no one in their right mind wouldn’t get excited to receiving a whole bunch of micro lingerie for free, right? Well ditch the expensive boutique lingerie shop at the mall and take on the task of throwing your own lingerie party with these great ideas!

The task of organizing the lingerie party usually falls upon the maid-of-honor and if that’s you, today’s your lucky day! You’ve just landed the ultimate guide to throwing the most unforgettable lingerie shower that all your single girlfriends are going to ask you to plan their own parties when they become brides-to-be.

But first…

What is a Lingerie Party?

Let’s get any confusion out of the way – a lingerie party is different from the bachelorette party. A lingerie party is a quiet (okay, maybe not so quiet) night in where friends of the bride shower her with lace lingerie, thongs, G-strings… you name it! At least this is how a lingerie party is defined today. You’re probably thinking “that’s what a bridal shower is for”, right? Well unless you like giving Grandma a heart attack when you showcase a cupless bra, sometimes lingerie parties are best suited for girlfriends rather than extended family.

In the past, these parties were small social gatherings hosted by lingerie shop owners for brides or women who were looking to purchase some new undergarments. At these events, the attendees could see the shop’s newest selection of lingerie, do fittings, and make purchases.

The modern-day lingerie party, on the other hand, is usually only thrown for brides. Some are still held in lingerie stores and the bride gets to try on everything from teddy lingerie to micro lingerie pieces. The whole process of deciding which ones are going to make it to the bride’s honeymoon luggage serves as the main entertainment for the evening. The guests get to chime in and “rate” each piece of lingerie the bride tries on. At the end of the day, everyone chips in to pay for the sexy undergarments the bride picked out

The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Awesome Lingerie Shower


A lingerie party sounds like a whole lot of fun, but a whole lot of planning also comes with it. Planning any type of party can be very stressful for anyone. This is even more true for those planning a party that isn’t their own – in this case, for your sister, cousin, or best friend. After a bit of stress, however, will all be worth it when the party turns out to be a huge success!

To make things easier for you, here’s a guide you can follow for planning the perfect lingerie party!

1) Venue

Once you have the date down, it’s time to figure out where you’re going to hold the party. This is probably the most crucial part of the whole planning process because the venue decides how everything else fits in. If any member of your clique is willing to volunteer their space, then grab the chance to cut corners. This will allow you more flexibility with food, drinks, and keeping the cost low. If you wanted to really make it a girl’s night, book a hotel room and make it a slumber party!

Lingerie shower decorations add the icing to the cake. The setting will help set the tone of the event, no matter what venue you decide to hold the celebration. Let your creativity and innovation take flight! Hang up a cute clothesline and hook lingerie decor instead of party flags. Another ingenious idea is to decorate the walls with phallic, and graphic artwork. Think of it as porn in the guise of ~art~.

2) Invitations

Aside from the party itself, the invitations are a fun way to really get into the spirit. An event invitation in Facebook is fine, but why not go the extra mile and design traditional invites! No time to slack! Get your arts and crafts ready for this one. Create an invitation in the shape of a corset and write the bride-to-be’s bust measurements on the top and panty size on the bottom. You can grab some glitter, ribbon, and lace to spruce it up. Take some ribbon and create a crisscross pattern up the corset, all you need is some glue. It’s such an easy, yet fun way to bring your corset invitation to life. On the back of the invitation, you can put the details such as the time and place. If you're not crafty, you can create some easy invitations on that you can even have professionally printed!

3) The Food

Keep the lingerie theme alive with some cute and creative sweets that are easy and fun to make! Create cookies in the shape of bra sets or cute lacy panties. You can set up a chocolate fondue fountain, cupcakes and cake or a charcuterie board for savory dish. Easy-to-grab munchies are a must at every party!

The drinks are the storytellers of the party. So make sure to have enough cocktails, shots and mimosas to get the ball rolling! Concoct a ‘‘panty dropper punch’ and add stripper or penis straws for a quirky detail. Pop the champagne as the bride unwraps her gifts. Serve some non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling wine or mocktails for guests who do not drink.

4) What to Wear

One of the most exciting parts of party planning is of course, the outfits! Dressing up according to a motif will kick your creativity and style into high gear! Coordinate your lingerie party outfits so everyone’s look will tie in together beautifully. It makes for pretty photo ops, too!

Stay true to the bridal shower lingerie tune and go all out with everything lacy and racy! Dress to kill with unmentionables styled as partywear. It could be a corset or a bralette as a top, a teddy or babydoll as a dress. Have everyone wear a satin robe to the party with a different colored robe for the bride-to-be to stand out. She can also double its purpose by using it for her wedding day when she’s getting ready!

Similar to a photo booth with props, you can purchase a bunch of cheap lingerie in various sizes and tell each guest to wear one of the articles of lingerie over their clothing. Find some lace eye masks or kinky headbands for added flair to your lingerie party outfits!

5) Games

Party games are great ice breakers – which is important if most of the guests don’t really know one another. There are a ton of lingerie shower games you can play at the party.

One of our favorites is this game called Pass the Teddy. It’s a variation of the popular party game Dancing Chairs. Instead of having your guests dance around chairs, they will be passing around a gift wrapped in multiple layers of wrapping paper. You tell them that the package contains some sort of cheap sexy lingerie which the loser would have to model around the room for everyone to see. They will be passing around the present while music is playing and once it stops, the person holding it would have to peel off a layer of wrapper. The last person to unwrap the gift is the loser and the teddy model of the evening. Now, who’s going to want to undress and model a teddy for a group of tipsy giggling women? Absolutely no one! You can expect that everyone is going to toss that gift around like a hot potato. Once the last layer of wrapping paper is peeled off, you will ask the loser to leave the room to go put on the lingerie and come back to parade around in the teddy. Here’s the catch: the teddy is literally a teddy bear wearing a G-string! Everyone’s going to have a laugh when they see that feisty teddy bear wearing some skanky underpants.

6) Gifts

The most crucial part about throwing any lingerie party is to get the bride-to-be’s bust, cup, waist, and hip measurements. You can even get her panty size to make it easier for guests to pick out the right size.

If you want to get creative with your bride, you can devise a theme with your lingerie party. Choose a theme that goes with your bride’s personality. If she loves the color pink and loves to wear summer dresses with wedges, then throw a lace lingerie party. Make sure it’s clear on the invitation that the theme is lace and all gifts should contain lace lingerie. Spice it up or down with cheap lingerie that’s sheer lace, lace garter belts, lace teddy lingerie, etc. If your bride is a little more on the wild side, come up with a theme such as “50 Shades of Grey” and notify guests to bring BDSM gifts. These gifts could be lingerie with black lace, eye masks, toy whips, bra sets with play wrist cuffs, etc. The bride’s taste will vary, so create the perfect theme that will center around what will make her happy. If creating your own game is too much work, shop for adult sex games that take the work out of it! With fun games such as intimate strip poke and hands on 'twist her' you can't go wrong with kinky games. 

This should go without saying, but gifts for the bride should be sexy and kinky. Find bridal shower lingerie sets that are crotchless, cupless, micro lingerie, sheer, and something that would make everyone swoon. The entire purpose behind hosting a lingerie party is to get her lingerie that she and her future husband will enjoy for a very long time. So save the 5 for $25 panties for Christmas, and get her something that will truly make a statement!

7) Giveaways

While it isn’t really required, it’s nice to give guests something to remember the event by. Giveaways don’t have to be expensive but giving them something customized would be a nice touch. If you’re throwing a relatively small gathering, you can look for a sexy robe online and order enough for everyone who will be attending. You can have these customized with a monogram of their name or printed with the hashtag of the shower. You can even hand these out as soon as they arrive at the party and ask them to put theirs on so everyone is wearing the same thing – it’ll look awesome in the photographs!

After the party, create a website and the photos taken from the party can be accessed for everyone to see. It could be something as simple as a Dropbox folder or Google drive account that is free and easy to use. Make sure to take lots of pictures because these are memories that will be remembered forever.

You can also assemble an adult goodie bag, complete with edible and erotic goodies like a pack of glow-in-the-dark pasties, or flavored condoms, and a note to say thanks. Throw in some candy lingerie into the mix of goodies which they could also use for their own private after party!

Tick off every item on this list and the lingerie party will surely be the talk of the town! At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that the party is for the bride. Everything from the colors of the decorations and even the party games you choose should reflect her taste and her personality. Planning a lingerie party can be fun and exciting, so make sure to enjoy every minute of it!

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