The Ultimate List of Lingerie Party Ideas

The Ultimate List of Lingerie Party Ideas (2022 Update!)The bridal lingerie shower is one of the things a bride-to-be looks forward to before her big day. After all, it will be her last soiree as a single woman and it’s almost guaranteed that she receive at least a couple of lingerie sets. We all know that cheap lingerie is not [...]
October 16, 2020 — Nicole

Summer Edit: Matching Lingerie Sets

Fall in Love in One Fell SwoopThere’s an indescribable feeling that comes with wearing matching sets. You feel inexplicably happier and more confident when you know your undies match, even without the intention to be seen by others. Like having a pair of mismatched socks, it won’t matter when it comes to performance. Still, the feeling of having a coordinated [...]
June 25, 2020 — Nicole

Boudoir Photography Basics | Your Questions Answered.

Boudoir Photography BasicsYour questions answered. Women’s bodies are too beautiful to keep hidden. Its beauty deserves to be immortalized, revered, and celebrated! It is nature’s art, and which better way to appreciate it than through another form of art – photography. This is a chance to marvel at your own body through the lens.Wondering why boudoir shoots have become so [...]
June 11, 2020 — Nicole

The Savvy Guide to Buying Romantic Gifts (And Nailing It!)

Dear Men/Boyfriends/Husbands,Are you familiar with the response "You don't have to get me anything...", but know you're walking into a trap if you don't get her something? Avoid the relationship pitfalls and looks of disappointment by getting your woman something really special! You express your passion, love, and appreciation in numerous ways. Gifts are an undeniable way to show [...]
June 06, 2019 — Nicole

The Best Lingerie Sets to Match Your Personality

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear showcase your personality with your lingerie? We are not just talking about color, you can definitely express yourself in a whole lingerie set! Picking sexy lingerie to match your uniqueness is a great way to feel liberated and confident in your own skin.Not quite sure which set [...]
April 12, 2019 — Nicole

The Sexiest Lingerie for Your Body Type

The Sexiest Lingerie for Your Body TypeWhen you wear lingerie, you want to feel sexy and look your best. After all, that is the purpose behind lingerie, is to make you feel sexy and expose your body in a way outside your normal daily attire. When you shop for lingerie, it’s important to choose a style that complements [...]
September 13, 2018 — Hilary

5 Things You Can Do to Feel Sexy Every Day

5 Things You Can Do to Feel Sexy Every DayFeeling sexy doesn't come naturally for many women. It may take time and many life experiences to realize that sexiness comes from within. Most people internalize cultural norms and whatever features are considered attractive at the time. They allow others to determine who and what is sexy. This leaves many of [...]
September 07, 2018 — Hilary

How To Choose The Perfect Lingerie

How to Choose the Perfect LingerieBuying lingerie is a very intimate experience. Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, knowing what style fits best, can be intimidating. Lingerie looks great on the model wearing it in the ad, but you may feel it won't fit you that same way. Although it is impossible to cover all the body [...]
August 09, 2018 — Hilary

How To Choose Lingerie That Your Man Will Love

How many times have you gone to a sexy lingerie store and bought a piece of lingerie that YOU thought was super sexy... only to come home and have your man tell you that he thinks it's unflattering. It only takes a few disappointing moments like this to realize that men and women have very [...]