5 Sheer Lingerie Items Every Woman Needs

Sheer is undeniably at the top of the list of the best fabrics to wear. Sexy lingerie in “barely-there” material is irresistible for anyone wearing it or anyone planning to strip it off. Tulle, fishnet, lace, mesh, chiffon, and silk — it’s sheer temptation! Anything that is semi-transparent, lightweight, and delicate? We want that on our bodies.

There are a lot of factors that make sheer lingerie second to none! Not only does it give optimal comfort, but it is also the perfect overlay to your curves. Consider it an X-ray vision that offers a peek into your underpinnings or your skin! The extensive range of sheer lingerie available in the market allows you to express your style and sensuality liberally. Now that lingerie has come out of the dark and into broad daylight, we have more reasons to use and abuse the sheer trend. It transcends seasons; it brings a light breeze on the hottest of days and serves passionate heat on the coldest temps! Pile it up or shed the layers, either way, it works spectacularly!

Having basic sheer pieces at your disposal will make you look and feel whatever you want to feel. From elegant to erotic, sheer lingerie can be the blank canvas you can work around. Here in Julbie, “basic” does not mean “boring,” and “sexy” can also say “comfy”!We are here to help you build a sheer lingerie capsule wardrobe.

Play Peekaboo with These Products

Follow the rules? Break the rules? You get to choose! These products will have you feeling like you hit the jackpot! The kind of comfortable clothing which you can show off! The keyword for this list? Breathable! We think these sexy and light-as-air items deserve a perpetual space in your arsenal!


Lace Bra & Panty

There is always a time and a place for lace! Lace is a tried-and-true-part of the lingerie industry. Before you go crazy with the cupless, crotchless, and the multi-colored ones, get them in a classic color palette like nudes, black or red. See-through, nude-toned, romantic lingerie sets will always be timeless, and good quality material will last you through. Skin peering through the textured fabric will always paint a pretty picture. Wear it under anything or nothing. The classic cut and color will take you wherever you want to go! Casual vibes with basic tees with an under-layer of black lacy push-up bras or serious seduction with a sheer floral skin-tone panty. We think lace lingerie sets just might be better than being naked! 


See-Through Robe

When you want to cover up, but not really. Yes, there is such a thing! Robes are meant to cover up in between love-scenes, after-shower routines, and lazy lounge-around moments. You probably have fluffy or silky variations hanging up, but hear us out: you need a see-through robe! Dainty and a little bit dramatic, we love sheer gowns for its function and decoration. Boudoir robes are the favorite loungewear action when you want a showstopping look, even when you have nowhere to go! Kick-off your heels and throw on lace or feather-trimmed see-through robe and look just as sassy as you did when you were all dressed up. Invest in a luxurious sheer gown so you can showcase your beautiful lingerie – as you always should! 


Stretch Panel Bodysuit

This one-piece wonder has been the ground-breaking fashion discovery of the century. Bodysuits, leotards, teddies, or whatever you want to call it are the ultimate sartorial package. It is style and sexiness minus the fuss. With your top and bottom covered by one lingerie piece, a bodysuit has become one of the most indispensable items in a woman’s closet. Most bodysuit styles serve a double purpose by being a lingerie item and a tank top alternative. Opt for bodysuits with sheer paneling that you can easily transition into a top. You will never run out of ways to style it. With pasties, booty shorts, layered and more! Do not miss out on this versatile piece! A teddy in stretchy sheer fabric with contrast paneling will envelop your curves and look polished under bottoms. 


Mini Dress

There’s nothing subtle about a dress that is practically second skin. This type of naked dressing will defy expectations of how fashion staples should be worn. Think little black dress and the classic white shift dress, but with its sexy mode on! Strategize your style with accessories, shoes, and layering. Let your body do the talking, while the dress holds up the mic. The range of looks you can come up with is incredible! Erotic, chic, trendy, sweet — you name it! It can all come from a single fragile, and delicate dress. What’s more, it will give you a lot of chance to flaunt what’s underneath that dress, bare skin and all!


Translucent Stockings

Basic stockings will rock-solid pieces that are absolutely wearable in any situation! Let your legs breathe like a true-blue trendsetter with skin-flashing stockings! Weightless in form, but packs a lot of potential. Sheer hosiery can take you from seizing the day until you turn down the lights. One essential pair will look classy with a mini dress, but sultry with your lingerie. When you need an extra layer while still displaying a generous amount of skin, stockings are the solution. Wear it when you want to draw more attention to your legs, thanks to the flawless sheen your thigh highs stockings give. Keep a sturdy pair in your collection, and it will always open up a universe of possibilities for your breathtaking outfit combinations. Come up with fiery and daring looks that offer just enough coverage. We won’t be surprised if you find yourself wearing hoses more often than you expected!

Wishlist-Worthy Sheer Lingerie

These are just a handful of products that got our eyes twinkling! Check off every item on the list, and you will always have sexy comfort in the bag. Remember these words for your next lingerie shopping spree: soft, sheer, see-through, light-as-air, breezy. These fresh and light pieces are genuinely transformative. These subtle, transparent details make all the difference in turning any outfit into a unique expression of your confidence. Venture into the almost-invisible territory in Julbie.com and find all the sheer perfection in the form of essential lingerie pieces.

August 26, 2020 — Nicole