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Erotic Lingerie: Wearable Art

The bold and burlesque in high definition.

The curves, crevices, angles, and arches – a woman’s body Is already considered an art form on its own. Decorating it with fabric that feels like second skin is another type of art. Lingerie is a celebration of the female anatomy. Every stitch is done with the feminine figure in mind.

Lingerie is more than just throwing on some clothes for frivolous purposes. Plenty consider it an expression, a statement, an art!

Erotic lingerie, in particular, is the subject of countless powerful images. Risqué by its very nature, erotic lingerie has taken the back seat to the mainstream “commercial” type of lingerie. But when you dig a little deeper in retail racks, you find tucked beneath lace and frills are leather and other dominatrix-themed items. They deserve to be on the display window so that people can dazzle over its controversial beauty!

Mastering the Art

Picture this: a luxurious lace-up vinyl teddy—the blank canvas: your body.

When a woman wears a wet look suit, you pay attention. We do not doubt the power that it has over someone’s sexual drive. Come what may, use it and abuse it for seduction! You are in for some legendary love-making when you have pleather panties, vinyl bodysuits, and erotic sheer lingerie that will enable heavenly pleasure!

Pretty as it is, it goes deeper than what is superficial. Working with sexy erotic lingerie does more for your psyche than it does for your physique.

Why do we love it? Erotic fetish lingerie has been the insignia of wild women. It was once branded as shocking and shameful, but for the modern-day femme fatale, it is cathartic! One look at your body with harnesses and latex, and it will be enough to blow anyone’s mind. It has the power to unleash the full sexual prowess which women have been conditioned to suppress. Cupless lingerie puts ‘the most revered lady parts’ on display while crotchless lingerie is one way to worship your ‘yoni.’

Are you sleeping on these sexual practices and sexy erotic lingerie? It is time to wake up! Come alive and express your sexual desires through this sartorial medium and be an artist!

Create Your Masterpiece

Paint the picture of pure confidence and liberated sexuality­—and it is not always a nude one. See yourself with a fresh pair of eyes with a come-hither look and an erotic lingerie set. Follow these steps to creating your own masterpiece.

Infographic: How to become your own influencer or brand magnet for erotic lingerie

Find inspiration.

Shaking off those inhibitions is easier when you have a paradigm. Especially when you are a rookie, you need a little push to get you in that optimal headspace. Engross yourself in creative erotic art. You might not have noticed, but they are everywhere! Social media, such as Instagram, is home to contemporary artists that will surely get you hooked on erotica. Allow yourself to be turned on by these images and make your own pegboard based on what tickles your sensuality.

Go shopping.

Erotic expression is not the same for everybody. Finding your own personal style is key. It will help you discover lingerie, which will speak to your soul in volumes! If you are looking for a shop to help you get your footing on erotic lingerie, is your haven. From mix and match pieces to head-to-toe erotic fetish lingerie sets, we have it! You can customize your look to whatever fits your sexual persona.

Book a boudoir shoot.

Now, turn that outfit into art! Get it on film by booking a boudoir photo shoot. Boudoir photography is an opportunity to make sexy art while promoting body love and releasing shackled confidence and sexual tension! Choose to do it with a partner or not, your lingerie will be the piece de resistance—next to you, of course. Curate a boudoir book in which you can browse with your beau to get in the mood. Do a couples boudoir shoot and immortalize your intimacy by getting it processed, printed, and shared with the world! Another option is to commission a painting. Make it a real masterpiece by posing for an artist or sending your boudoir photo for a painter to render into a portrait.

Commit to the look.

Become what your lingerie gives fundamental meaning to. What comes with this fashion style, fetish, and fantasies follow. Make it come to life now that you have a whole look down pat! Go on a seriously seductive striptease for your partner, and let his eyes linger on the outfit you put together. Make him want to rip that shiny fabric off your body. The rest of the routine is up to you!

Marvel at your beauty.

To appreciate the art more, allow yourself to experience it. Learn more about your body and discover things about your sexuality. Fetishes you never even knew you had might come out in full bloom! Try out positions, practices, and that would stir the senses. Bask in the glow of your beauty boosted by your badass lingerie! Indulge and release with some of these erotic exercises:

  • Frame up your erotic boudoir photos as a permanent reminder.
  • Write your erotic thoughts in a journal and work on stimulating it.
  • Let loose! Put on music, jump on the bed, and take mirror selfies!
  • Make the room your runway. Strut your stuff for your audience or none.
  • Try erotic yoga. Bend over and see yourself in every angle through the mirror.
  • Curate your own gallery of lingerie ready to hang on your body! (Our favorite ritual!)

Be Your Own Muse

Chin-up, high-heels on, leather lingerie all over. You are sculpted to perfection. You are art! Support this sexual revolution. Refuse stereotypes and prejudices concerning the female body. Make your lingerie your armor and dodge the bullets aimed at your self-esteem. It will make you invincible.

Here at Julbie, erotic lingerie is at the storefront! We have gorgeous pieces that will frame your assets like the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. We will help you draw inspiration from your beauty, inside and out. Your body is worthy of being celebrated. Let us decorate it with high-quality erotic lingerie and highlight the best of you!

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August 11, 2020 — Nicole