G-String Bikini vs. Bikini: Pros and Cons of Each

G-String Bikini vs. Bikini: Pros and Cons Every season is bikini season. When there is an opportunity to express yourself in either a powerful regular bikini or a g-string bikini, grab it! These beauties are not just simply a fashion item, they are an experience and a statement. Bikinis, at times, can speak louder than words. When it comes to G-strings [...]
October 12, 2018 — Nicole

A Beginner's Guide To Micro Bikinis

Updated 5/31/19Ever since the invention of the bikini in 1946, the popular swimsuit design has undergone many variations of styles that continually get smaller and smaller. With many names floating around on the internet, the terminology can be a little confusing such as: Brazilian, mono, micro, tie-side, thong, g-string, euro, and the list continues… It’s our goal to increase your [...]