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G-String Bikini vs. Bikini: Pros and Cons

Every season is bikini season. When there is an opportunity to express yourself in either a powerful regular bikini or a g-string bikini, grab it! These beauties are not just simply a fashion item, they are an experience and a statement. Bikinis, at times, can speak louder than words. When it comes to G-strings bikinis and regular bikinis, many women assume that they are similar and that it is simply a matter of preference. However, the two types of bikinis are different in many ways.

The G-string's kinky design features a small, triangular, piece of cloth at the back that is held together by thin straps that go around the waist and in between your butt cheeks. Strut your booty in g-strings for a day out in the sun. They are also great for keeping those unwanted panty lines from ruining your sexy tight-fitting outfits.

Regular bikinis are the toned-down version of the g-string. Although they provide more coverage, various bikinis are already totally sexy in their own way. Bikinis are much like your panties, but you can wear them in plain daylight. Talk about comfort and sexiness that you can totally flaunt! This article discusses the pro and cons of each, so you can understand the qualities of each. Both are worthy of a space in your collection but knowing the details of both will help you determine the instances you can use them for.

G-String Bikinis: The Show Stopper

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  • Offer a High Level of Comfort : Aside from having a high sex-appeal, G-strings are very comfortable that it does not feel like you are wearing anything, especially if the G-string fits like a glove. Most women find that regular bikinis tend to ride up the butt if the bikini is loose fitting. This could lead to discomfort and cause one to consistently yank the bikini off the butt. When one wears a G-string bikini, they experience ultimate freedom without the hassle of adjusting every now and then.
  • A Sexy Style Statement : If flattering is your priority, go the g-string direction. They often feature fancier designs than conventional bikinis which make one's derriere look sexier. It is sexy when worn on its own, and even helps you feel sexier even when worn underneath clothes.
  • Highly Versatile : G-strings are highly versatile as they can be worn as both as swimwear and as undergarments. They won’t collect dust in your closet because they are totally convenient and easy to whip out any time of the year! Wear them any way you like but one thing is for sure: you will always look and feel sexy with g-strings.


  • It Takes Time to Get Used to Them : For women who are not used to wearing G-strings, it will take a bit of time to break them in. Furthermore, it is of great priority to ensure that the size is just right so as not to cause any discomfort. It may be an acquired taste, but once you get the hang of it, there’s no going back!
  • Extra Care and Attention is Required : Much like other lingerie and panties, it is imperative to observe proper hygiene. G-strings give the risk of infections if sanitary is taken lightly. So, if you plan to use it on a regular basis, extra care is crucial to avoid any untoward feelings. G-strings also can cause irritation of the skin when worn with certain garments such as rough jeans, particularly due to the frequent chafing. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right fabric pants to wear with G-strings.

Bikinis: The Classic Sensation

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  • Ultimate Comfort : Regular bikinis also provide a lot of comfort. Because you know you are protected and covered, you can be more carefree. Since comfort is subjective, it also comes in various fabric and materials that suits all types of preferences.
  • Flattering for All Body Types : Bikinis can be worn by slim women, women with ample thigh, women with a flat booty, or big and small chested women. With the wide array of bikini designs, you are guaranteed to find the perfectly fitting bikini that has your name on it!
  • Female Support : Bikinis also provide a high level of support as it is specifically designed for the female form. So, if you are looking for something to aid in highlighting your figure, for sure there is a bikini design for that specific purpose.


  • Coverage is Common : Though coverage can empower women too, if you are a woman who likes to be eye-catching and stand out from the crowd, a g-string may be your best bet as compared to the regular bikini. If you still want to be a show-stopper in a bikini, however, opt for unique bikini designs and cuts.
  • Size Matters: As previously mentioned, wearing the wrong size bikini can cause it to wedge in the butt making it not only more vulnerable to wear and tear, but can also be unappealing. Since some bikinis are not a one-size fits-all, prioritize getting the right fit.

Evidently, G-string bikinis and bikinis have a myriad of differences with each having its pros and cons.

However, the choice of swimwear largely depends on what one is comfortable in. Take the time to browse and weigh each option. If all else fails, get both! Invest in good g-strings and bikinis and switch them up from time to time. After all, regardless if it a regular bikini or a g-string, life is more fun in a bikini.
So, continue to fill your life and closet with sexy g-strings and bikinis!

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October 12, 2018 — Nicole