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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Partner Drool with Desire

Regardless of how exciting and intense your relationship started out, all relationships can stumble upon a slow spot. Intimacy is essential for a healthy relationship, but there are numerous reasons why dry spells develop. For example, you both may be overwhelmed with responsibilities and feel too tired to show each other romantic attention. Perhaps things may have simply become stale in the bedroom. If you are ready to add spice up your bedroom activities, use some of these tips to reignite the fire in your relationship.

Change the Setting

If you are like most couples that have been together for at least a few years, your go-to spot for making love may be your bedroom. This is a comfortable and private setting, but the same scenery can become mundane and even boring. Consider surprising your partner with suggestive foreplay in the bathroom, living room or another area. You may even make a reservation for two at a romantic bed and breakfast not too far from home. Another idea is to change the setting in your bedroom. For example, light some candles, or place a colored sheer material over your lamp to set the mood. Romantic music can also help you both to get in the mood.

Live Out a Fantasy

You likely know about your partner’s fantasies. If not, now is the perfect time to ask. Think about how you can bring his or her fantasy life, such as through role-playing, music and costumes. From doctor-nurse or doctor-patient relationships to cheerleader-football player relationships, naughty housewife scenarios and more, there are numerous fantasies that you can play out in the months to come.

Send Suggestive Messages

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There are few things quite as exciting as being teased for hours before the two of you come together. One way to tease your partner when you are apart during the day is through suggestive messages. If you are comfortable sending risqué images to his or her phone, that is one option. You can also send naughty text messages or even leave a note in his or her work case or bag to find later in the day. Keep in mind that you can be tasteful and sexy at the same time. In fact, some of your messages may simply be flirtatious rather than naughty.

Act Spontaneously

Monotony may be one of the primary reasons why your love life is rather dull right now. One of the leading ways to break out of the norm is to do something unexpected. This may be something as simple as touching him or her suggestively as you move around the kitchen, or it may be a quick message in the middle of the day asking your partner to meet you at home for midday re-connection. You could even wake your partner up with a special surprise in the morning, or you can ask your partner to join you in the shower.

To rekindle the spark, you need to focus on turning your partner on in unexpected ways. Just because you have never done things before does not mean that you cannot try them now. By trying these and other thoughtful ideas to reconnect and heat things back up, you may be surprised by the intensity of passion that you two still share. logo

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September 25, 2018 — Hilary