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The Sexiest Lingerie for Your Body Type

When you wear lingerie, you want to feel sexy and look your best. After all, that is the purpose behind lingerie, is to make you feel sexy and expose your body in a way outside your normal daily attire. When you shop for lingerie, it’s important to choose a style that complements and enhances your body shape. Are you most proud of your hourglass figure or love to show off your legs? Let’s first discuss the types of body types out there, so you can best identify what body type you are, and then types of lingerie that complement those body types. Let’s get started ladies!

Unless you’re a professional body builder, most people don’t know the three common body types out there. Understanding your body type will also help understand why your body responds the way it does to diet and training. You’ll know how to accentuate it and continue to build on your biological profile:

Ectomorph: Women with this body type have a small frame and bone structure with small breasts and shoulders. They are typically thin, have lean muscle mass and a fast metabolism. Women with this profile can consume a large number of calories without gaining weight. Examples of celebrities with an ectomorph body are: Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss, and Audrey Hepburn.

Mesomorph: A mesomorph has a naturally athletic body with a large bone structure and muscles. They have hard bodies, a rectangular shaped body and build muscle quick. These ladies have no problem picking up a new exercise and typically have strong muscle mass. They are more prone to gaining weight and must usually do a combination of weight training and cardio to build muscle and burn fat. Examples of celebrities with a mesomorph body are: Jennifer Garner, Anna Kournikova, Halle Berry.

Endomorph: People with this type of body have a stocky build and round physique. It is difficult for them to lose weight, and they have a slow metabolism. These ladies are typically short, curvaceous, full figured women. Their muscles are not defined, but it’s very easy to gain muscle and fat. Examples of celebrities with endomorph bodies: Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, Sophia Vergera

Although there are three main body types, people typically have a combination of these features. Women fit into the following categories:

Hourglass: Women with this shape have a wide bust, a narrow waist and wide hips.

Pear: The backside and hips are wider than your shoulders, and you have small breast.

Apple: Your shoulders are broader than your hips, and your waistline is not defined.

Straight & Narrow: The circumference of your bust, hips and waist are the same.

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Lingerie should draw the eye to your assets and accentuate your body type. If you have large breasts, make sure you show them off. A small waistline should be emphasized too. Lingerie flattering to your body type will complement those assets and help the ones that you’re less fond of.

Pear Shape: A baby doll is the most flattering piece of lingerie for this body shape. It lifts and brings attention to your breasts and tapers out at the bottom. Women with small chests will love how a babydoll accentuates your breasts and hides your hips. It will draw the eye to see a more proportionate body. If you have an inverted pear shape, a chemise will tighten the area around your hips and make your buttocks look sexier. Pear shape lingerie will hide your waistline and bring attention to your butt and cleavage. This category of lingerie are typically babydolls, chemise lingerie, and lingerie robes.

Hourglass Shape: Since your waist is smaller, you should wear a corset or bustier. These pieces will highlight your breast and buttocks and spotlight your waist. A camisole with a diamond-shaped opening in the back calls attention to your pin-up girl shape. Hourglass lingerie are typically in the corset or waist trainer category.

Apple Shape: A bra with an under-bust cut inset emphasizes your bust line. Wear a short skirt to accentuate your legs and give you an elongated look. Highlight your upper body and neck with soft, feminine straps for a sexier appeal. These women have broad shoulders with a less defined waist. To add some definition to your waist, and accentuate your long legs, wear a high waist garter belt that tightens your waistline and exposes your round breasts and thighs. Athletic body lingerie is typically in the panty and bra sets or garter lingerie.

Straight & Narrow: A long lace bodice with a split on the side draws attention to your slender silhouette and enhances your hips. With this body type, you want to bring attention to your breasts and buttocks. Look for sexy lingerie such as assless panties that will make your butt look round and delicious. Go for a push up bra that will help define curvature for your upper body.

Since you want to look your best in lingerie, you should measure your shoulders, bust waist and hips to confirm your body type. Once you know your body shape, finding the most flattering lingerie is easy!

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