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5 Things You Can Do to Feel Sexy Every Day

Feeling sexy doesn't come naturally for many women. It may take time and many life experiences to realize that sexiness comes from within. Most people internalize cultural norms and whatever features are considered attractive at the time. They allow others to determine who and what is sexy. This leaves many of us feeling like we got the short end of the stick. Every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident every day. Here are five habits to add to your daily routine to feel sexier every day.

Practice self-love

The best way to feel sexiest is practicing self-love on a daily basis. This means mentally, emotionally, and physically. You have to work with what you've been given to be the best possible you. Take care of your mind by maintaining balance in your life. Allow time for rest and recreation. Keep your stress level at a minimum. Nurture your emotional health by maintaining good relationships with friends, family, and your significant other. Seek help if you encounter difficulties in life that overwhelm you. Eat a balanced, nutritious diet and engage in regular physical activity.

Put your best foot forward

The way that we look and carry ourselves speaks volumes about our self-esteem and confidence. Always put your best foot forward. Keep a positive attitude during all your endeavors. Whether at work or play, maintain the right attitude. This applies to our appearance as well. Set aside time for personal grooming. You may prefer a more polished look where every hair is in place. Others are more casual and laid back. Take time to do whatever's necessary to present the best version of yourself before you step out the door. Looking and feeling your best will help to bring your sexiness out.

Grow your self-confidence

There are billions of people in the world but only one you. We shouldn't compare ourselves to others. It's important to accept your own individuality, including your strengths and weaknesses. Don't focus on outer beauty. Inner beauty is more important. Be the best you, inside and out. Run your own race and pursue the things that you want out of life. Find your passions and focus on a plan to achieve your goals. Dream big and don't allow anything to deter you. This will take time and maturation, but your confidence will grow as you take steps in the right direction. Feeling sexy will become second nature as you overcome challenges and obstacles along the way. There's nothing sexier than a strong, confident woman who knows what she wants and goes after it full speed ahead.

Pamper yourself

Treat yourself as much as possible. Pampering you by going to a spa. It's a perfect way of rejuvenating your entire being. Taking care of every part of your mind and body will leave you feeling relaxed and brand new. Getting a massage, manicure, pedicure, and body treatments is like shedding an old layer of you. You end up looking, smelling and feeling better. Taking care of yourself on a daily basis reaffirms your self-worth. In addition, a few minutes of "me time" everyday is worth it and goes a long way towards revealing your sexiness.

Wear sexy lingerie and sexy underwear

Feeling sexy can be achieved by simple measures, such as wearing sexy undergarments under your business suit. Spice up your day by wearing a colorful matching bra and panty set or your favorite lingerie under your work clothes. The simple act of slipping these garments over your skin can make you feel sexy. The sight of you looking your sexiest in the morning can give your confidence a boost throughout the day. This can also heat up your relationship in the bedroom. The thought of meeting your lover at the door can really make the day go by very fast. Plus, a woman that wears lingerie under her work clothes will only increase her self-confidence because she is put together from head-to-toe.

Feeling sexy is a state of mind. A lucky few are naturals, but most women struggle throughout the journey. There are so many subliminal messages in the media, and we are constantly bombarded with these messages. The trick is learning to block them and listen to your inner voice. Daily affirmations of your unique attributes are great ways to combat all the negativity. We are all beautiful and sexy in our own way.

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September 07, 2018 — Hilary