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Why You Should Consider Throwing a Lingerie Party

So you're considering throwing a lingerie party – what a deliciously scandalous idea! Lingerie is not only about seducing men, but also about embracing womanhood. Throwing a party where you and your girlfriends can liberate your femininity will certainly be a smash hit! Lingerie parties are not what they were twenty years ago. Back then, parties such as these were given behind closed doors, with few privileged guests knowing the true nature of the festivities, and there was no talk of what happened outside this sacred circle.

In recent years, lingerie parties have taken over a solid corner of the entertainment party business, with over $60 million dollars in sales being attributed to the purchase of sexy undergarments. It comes to no surprise that this naughty and nice party is always a hit. It celebrates a woman’s body and all its glory.

Your confidence and sexuality are worthy of being commemorated and lingerie is the best party stash! Bring those intimates out and host a lingerie party. If you are a bride to be, or just someone who wants to throw an unforgettable celebration, a lingerie party will be a surefire success. From the countless Halloween parties, your friends and guests will be astonished with this out of the ordinary party idea. It will be a different kind of dress up!

There are abundant reasons that this type of risqué entertainment would be the talk of the town!

Throw a Lingerie Party for the Free Stuff!

Free lingerie? You can count yourself in! Picture the Tupperware party of the past, but with sexy lingerie. All of your girlfriends come over to view the latest and greatest styles, and you have fun eating, sipping cocktails, and deciding which silky little number you are going to take home. The best part about hosting is the free gifts you receive when your friends make purchases. Get ready to be a dynamite host and pick out some killer free gifts from your presenter.

Throw a Lingerie Party as a Unique Bridal Shower

Bridal showers should mean showering the bride with luxurious lingerie! Make everything sexy lingerie themed from the invitations, to the dress code and of course, the presents. Every guest should be on the same page so that the lingerie theme will be the emphasis of the gathering. A bachelorette is one of a married woman’s most memorable nights, and what better way to commence the send off than with sexy lingerie.

Throw a Lingerie Party to Replace Girls Movie Night

Break the humdrum with the after hours version of ‘ladies’ brunch’. Dinner, drinks, and a movie with your gal pals will be a bit spicier as you don your favorite pieces of lingerie. Watch your favorite Hepburn movies while sipping wine in your favorite silk negligees while having a chitchat in between. You and your girl friends can kick your feet up and let loose with super comfy lingerie.

Throw a Lingerie Party to Reach a New Level of "Intimacy" with Guests

Your party will be promoting body positive vibes and at the same time open a window of opportunity for every guest to have a good time with no holds barred. In that case, lingerie parties, no matter what the purpose, should become a safe zone. When inviting people to your soiree, it is important that you disclose the reason for the party in your invitations. A certain level of familiarity and comfort is created when everyone is wearing their favorite lingerie – being upfront with your attendees will allow everyone to come to the party ready to enjoy the night.

Throw a Lingerie Party for Coed Fun

A lingerie party for both genders is unconventional but no doubt exhilarating and freeing! While it may seem a bit awkward at first, realize that this can be a great experience for you and all your coed friends. Barriers and timidity will completely dissolve with body-positive games and activities. There is nothing quite like the sight of your friends and acquaintances in sexy lingerie to break the ice and create a party atmosphere like no other.

Throw a Lingerie Party for Halloween

Halloween is an annual celebration where everyone gets up to dress up! This day is a free pass to wear your lingerie out in the open. How exciting! Instead of the usual spooky and ghoulish costumes, why not change the course and go towards a naughty direction? Put your favorite costumes under a spell by purchasing its more entrancing counterpart. Be wild and entertaining with themed lingerie such as a sexy superhero, a sexy animal, a sexy school girl, and the list goes on! There are plenty of whimsical yet slinky costumes that will show off your not just your body but also your wild imagination.

Lingerie is enough reason to celebrate!

Lingerie will always be the emblem for embracing your body. Loving your body no matter what shape, form and size it is, is the greatest revolution and finding confidence in your own body is always worthy of a celebration. So what are you waiting for? Send out those invites! Let your hair down, touch up your makeup, and don your sexiest, silkiest number. Dance the night away in your intimate apparel and let your body positive image shine! Your guests are waiting, you have no more excuses – it's time to enjoy yourself. Throw a lingerie party that will have your guests talking for weeks and months to come!

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