Updated 5/31/19

Ever since the invention of the bikini in 1946, the popular swimsuit design has undergone many variations of styles that continually get smaller and smaller. With many names floating around on the internet, the terminology can be a little confusing such as: Brazilian, mono, micro, tie-side, thong, g-string, euro, and the list continues… It’s our goal to increase your vocabulary and knowledge to convert you into what we think is truly liberating!

Brazilian Cut or “Cheeky”– Hence the name “cheeky”, this bikini has a deeper cut up the back-side that cuts up the cheeks. This is unlike full-coverage bikini bottoms that sit underneath the cheeks. Brazilian cut offers butt coverage without the “diaper” effect that you get with most full-coverage bikinis. Women with big butts should own at least one pair of scrunch butt bottoms because of how it enhances your natural curves. Full-coverage bikinis tend to make women look wider, but the Brazilian cut is flattering to the hips and butt by training the eye to associate lesser fabric with a narrower profile. Read our blog The 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Wearing A Micro Bikini for tips on the best bikini for your body type. These bikini bottoms are typically ruched up the back that create a pucker profile.

'High Cut' Bikini - Featured on the hottest celebs like Emily Ratajkowski and Kylie Jenner, this bikini is still trending for 2019. Creating a look that you would see on the cover of Sports Illustrated 1990, this bikini style is back and sexier than ever. The high cut refers to the cut of the bottoms that feature a deep V in front and side straps that sit above the waist. The V cut creates an alluring look that trims the waistline and accentuates the hips. What makes this style better than its 1990 predecessor is the back, the high cut bikini back is tight and narrow creating an 'almost' thong design without completely going between the cheeks. This is a hot seller for women of all shapes and sizes!

High cut bikini

Thong Bikini – As the name suggests, the thong bikini has 30%-50% less fabric than the Brazilian cut bikini and mirrors the cut of thong lingerie. The thong bikini has modest coverage in the front and either ties or connects to the fabric in the back. The thong bikini disappears through the cheeks and appears at the lower back with a small triangle or 1” fabric. For those who are looking to advance from the Brazilian into something more daring, this is certainly your next best option. While people may not know it, there is significant difference between the micro and thong bikini styles (which I’ll get into later) where the thong bikini still offers much coverage making it completely acceptable at public beaches. The bikini thong is quickly gaining popularity among bikini lovers worldwide as the perfect combination of innocent and sexy.

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Micro Bikini – For those living in South Beach, this bikini will come as no shock; however, the average reader may not be as familiar with the differences in the micro. By far the sexiest bikini, the largest difference between the thong bikini and the micro bikini is the size of fabric on the cups and the bottoms. The micro encompasses both areas, whereas the thong bikini only refers to the bottoms. Starting with the top, this teeny bikini has minimal breast coverage. Micro bikini tops are typically made with a single layer of fabric (no padded cups here, ladies) and 30% less coverage than standard bikini tops. Additionally, the bottoms are typically a g string micro style. The bottoms are more narrow on the sides and cover about 1”-1.5” above the woman’s pelvic bone. In the rear, the straps are almost non-existent with a simple ‘T’ shape connecting the sides with the bottom string.

In addition to the size of the fabric, these micro bikinis tend to feature g string bikini styles and sheer fabric. If you're looking for sheer micro g string bikinis then be sure to read the product descriptions and title of the product that will indicate the style. If you’re wondering 'Can I wear a micro bikini in public?' the answer is probably 'no'. While society is growing in acceptance to less fabric, you may find a few moms shielding their kids’ eyes and telling you to cover up.

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Teardrop G-String – The Teardrop G-String bikini is very similar to the Micro Bikini, but refers to the “teardrop” shape of the cups. Similar to the micro bikini cups, the Teardrop Micro shows very minimal coverage on top with just enough to cover the nipples. The bottoms also mirror a teardrop shape in the front that taper to a narrow point at the crotch. A version of a sexy micro bikini, the teardrop is a favorite among many for its minimalist look.

Teardrop micro bikinis

See Though & Sheer Micro Bikini - Purely seductive, this micro bikini leaves very little to the imagination featuring material that is see through or sheer. Clear micro bikinis are perfect for tanning in the backyard or lounging on a beach where nudity is allowed. These bikinis are all about the ability to see what's underneath and still include the same micro-mini coverage like other micro bikinis. These bikinis drip in sex-appeal and are designed for on-lookers to stare. Wear a sheer bikini with confidence! Typically made with mesh or fishnet material, these bikinis do not protect from UV rays and it's recommended to apply sunscreen, well, everywhere.

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Microkini – When this bikini was originally invented back in 1964 by Rudi Gernreich, the original intent was to be ½ of a bikini, only to refer to a topless bikini. The name evolved over the years and now refers to a one-piece cutout bikini. Monokinis come in all shapes and sizes, but the consistent theme is a halter style around the bust that travels down the length of the torso connecting to bikini style bottoms. Most Monokinis will have Brazilian cut bottoms or a high cut thong. The styles we provide on Julbie are primarily g string or thong.

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Crotchless Bikini - The most extreme micro bikini around, the crotchless bikini is every bit a sexy as it sounds. Similar to open crotch panties, crotchless micro bikinis contain a cutout crotch. If you're wondering where to wear this it's pretty much in the privacy of your home or a swinger resort.

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If you’re thinking about trying something new or looking for something skimpy for your upcoming trip to Cancun, give a micro sexy bikini a try. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you love the freedom and versatility of the style. As a final note, micro bikinis are meant for all body types. Wearing a micro is about confidence, and not about how tight your abs are. Be confident in your skin and other people will notice that you own it!

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