The Lingerie Style Guide

Lingerie, a word used by many, is often misconstrued to mean undergarments. A majority of people are also unfamiliar with the types of lingerie and their purposes. There are numerous types of lingerie in the market, and for the unseasoned shopper, the vast selection of lingerie might be quite confusing. Contrary to what people think, lingerie is not simply "lingerie." It is not uncommon to go shopping for something risqué only to end up buying lingerie that one barely wear more than two or three times.

Lingerie is an important piece of clothing for self-indulgence for any girl; single or with a special someone somewhere. For many women, lingerie boosts confidence and self-worth because it helps a woman appreciate the strengths of their different body types. Lingerie is considered a special type of undergarment. However, undergarments do not always qualify to be called lingerie. In recent times, lingerie is now designed using different fabric types such as lace, chiffon, and silk. Therefore, it is important to understand which type of fabric suits each individual. It is also important to know one's measurements noting both the back band and cup size for lingerie that includes a bra. This article is a comprehensive style guide for any seasoned and unseasoned lingerie shopper detailing types of lingerie and what works for different body types.

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Different Types of Lingerie

Garter Belt

Garter belts are accessories in an outfit that are used to hold stockings tight and in place. The garter belts are designed using four straps that can be paired with a corset, bustier sets, and a bodysuit. They can be worn under dresses or skirts and thus function as undergarments.


The camisole is a short loose fitting top whose length reaches the waist. It can work as a slip as it can be worn under a woolen sweater. It can also be matched with a pair of panties or worn beneath an open jacket. The lingerie has a relaxed fit due to the soft lace and fabric fitted on the outfit.

In many instances, the camisoles have adjustable shoulder straps and have to be slipped over the head. Some camisoles have built-in shelf bras to accentuate the bust. A full laced camisole paired with matching panties can be worn to boost confidence or to tease your partner.


The waspie comprises a short corset that typically clinches the waist. In most cases, this type of lingerie is suitable for the petite women. Also, waspies are ideal for anyone going for the corset effect, or for those women who have a shorter torso.

The waspie is ideal for in and out of the bedroom and can be worn under fitted dresses, tops, and skirts without causing your outfit to look shabby or tacky. Also, it can be used for intimate moments with your partner.


Chemise designs have changed drastically compared to the original designs worn in the middle ages. Chemises are short nightgowns designed from a fairly light material which gives the outfit a fun look. The lingerie falls above the knee and is more body hugging than the Baby doll lingerie. The outfit typically features straps and hook and eye closures at the back.

Such lingerie comes in numerous colors and types of fabric with common fabrics being satin, silk, mesh, and lace. The lingerie finds use both in and out of the bedroom. For everyday use, chemises usually come with a slightly loose fitting while those suited for the bedroom, do not have fasteners and can be worn easily. It also has a soft and comfortable feel.

Matching Set

Matching lingerie is unique and most of the time rare; probably because it is expensive. It usually consists of a matching bra and panty set. The lingerie has a sensual appeal to it. The ideal print for such matching sets could be girly colors or a fun print.


Thongs are ideal for wearing under tight fitting bottoms. Choosing a thong with laser cut edges is ideal for tight clothing. For the bedroom, one can always opt for thongs with lace and ribbon detailing for intimate moments with one's partner.


The baby doll is a type of lingerie that resembles a short nightgown that reaches the top of the hip. The outfit has a clasp or knot located at the bust area. The rest of the outfit floats away from the body. Thus the lingerie comprises a fitting bodice that has a beautiful flowing skirt dropping from the bust line.

Frequently, the baby doll is sold with a bottom panty. The baby doll bust section usually has different types of cups ranging from pushups, padded, soft, to underwire. The baby doll is remarkably versatile because it suits numerous types of figures ranging from the petite to the curvy. Also, it is designed in different lace types and fabrics.


The corset is a tightly fitted undergarment that runs from under the bust all the way to the hips and features numerous types of cup styles. Frequently, it is garlanded with ribbons and hooks. In most types of corsets, there is a boning that goes over the bodice. The corset is then laced or hooked at the back, and such features enable it to maintain the shape of the corset. Women like the corset because it can be used to give shape to the waist while accentuating the bust and bottom.

This type of lingerie gives the appearance of a bigger bottom and bust causing the hourglass figure effect. Typically, the corset can be worn in and out of the bedroom. When worn under fitted clothing, it gives you a shapelier figure. It can be paired with sheer or transparent dresses that hides just enough and reveals just enough. Some people even wear the corset over clothing to make it look edgier. For the bedroom, the corset can be paired with garter belts.


Briefs are used to provide full coverage of the groin area and are among the most common style of underwear because of their superior level of comfort. The full coverage does not necessarily mean they cannot be sexy. There are innumerable designs incorporating lace detailing, ribbons, or mesh paneling making them ideal for both everyday use and for intimate moments in the bedroom.


Teddies come in the form of sexy, one-piece lingerie styles that usually resemble bodysuits. They resemble a combination of a bra and panty with the semblance of a bathing suit. Teddies usually do not have padded bras but have enough support from the underwire. The lingerie can be worn by stepping into the lingerie while other types have a snap in the crotch area. Some teddies have loose fitting while others have tight fits. They also come in innumerable types of fabric, different colors, and beautiful decorations.

French Knickers

French knickers resemble a pair of shorts and are typically worn from the hip. The lingerie covers a small section of the upper thighs as well as the butt. The unique quality of such lingerie is that it has an open leg design which does not have an elasticated cuff which increases comfort. Ideally, such lingerie is better for the bedroom because it would look bulky if worn under everyday clothes. Some French knickers also have a tight fitting while others resemble thongs just to enhance the sexual appeal.

Bustier Lingerie

Bustier and corsets have remarkably similar features. However, with the bustier, it has a more stylish undergarment and a support that boosts the bust line and a body-hugging section that shapes the torso. The key emphasis of the bustier is usually to uplift the bust.

Usually, bustiers have hook and eye closures at the back or front to fasten the lingerie. In some other types of bustiers, there is a softer boning. For out of the bedroom use, bustiers can be worn under a fancy dress or beneath wedding and prom dresses.


G-strings are similar to thongs and tend to be very intimate panties which provide minimum coverage. The fabrics meant to cover the front and back are enjoined to the waistband which is usually a string. Such lingerie is ideal for moments where the person wants to spice up things in the bedroom. Additionally, one can wear them as beachwear.

Waist Trainer

The waist trainer is a variation of the corset. In recent times, the waist trainer is ideally used during workouts to improve exercise results. The compression material used to craft the waist trainer accelerates thermal activity around the waist, which is postulated to enhance the burning of fat in the mid-section of the body.

The waist trainers are thus used out of the bedroom because they provide back support. Such support is helpful especially for those doing weight training. It is vital to remember that waist trainers can impede effective breathing. Therefore, you should always be careful regarding the way you feel during a workout. At any sign of hampered breathing, dizziness, or weaknesses, it is recommended to remove the waist trainer immediately.

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Knowing Your Body Type

Evidently, lingerie is supposed to have a great feel and also accentuate any woman's body. Therefore, it is imperative to note that there are different types of lingerie suited for varying body types. Knowing your body type is crucial in choosing the right lingerie.

Round Body Type

Women with round body types appear rounded at the waist and the body appears to lack clear definition. The torso and upper body appear much wider than the hips. The Babydoll is ideal for such women because it diminishes the waistline and accentuates the bust. The teddy also works well for such body types. Initially, such women should try dark colors before experimenting with different types of lingerie.

Hourglass Figure

A woman is considered to have an hour-glass figure if the shoulders and hips are similar in size with a slender waistline. For women with hourglass figures, any type of lingerie fits well. However, the most ideal type of lingerie is one with garter belts. Corset models and teddies also work well. High leg panties, thongs, and lace bras also work well for this body type.

Rectangle Body Type

Women who fit in this category tend to have parts of their body in a straight line with no definite curves. The hips, bust, and shoulders all fit along the same vertical line. In addition, there is no clear waistline and such bodies usually look athletic. For such body types, the ideal type of lingerie is corsets, teddies, or garter belts. Corsets accentuate the curves and teddies suit women with a tall looking torso. To accentuate the bust, one can wear lingerie with a push up such as a bustier.

Triangular Body Type

In the triangle shape body type, the woman usually has a wide hip structure that is typically broader than the shoulders. The main highlight of such a body is the hips. To dress for such a body, it is important for the woman to understand which part of her body she wants to be the center of attention. The bustier would be ideal as it supports the breasts and cleverly distributes attention. Also, body-hugging lingerie would be great for such a body type. Consider a sexy body-hugging chemise that accentuates the breasts and narrows the waist creating a sexy hourglass look.

Inverted Triangle

Women in this category tend to have broad shoulders. The shoulders and bust line tend to be wider than the width of the hip giving an athletic appeal. The choice of lingerie for such a body type depends on where the individual prefers to flaunt. Teddy lingerie works best to distribute the attention equally. Thongs and matching lace and panties also work well for such body types. Camisoles also work well giving the woman a straight look.

Evidently, lingerie comes in different designs and tastes. Additionally, it is imperative to consider that sexy lingerie should not be aimed be at pleasing men alone. Lingerie can also be worn to make a woman feel confident, comfortable in their body type, and also to boost self-worth. When shopping for lingerie, having taste in good things is not the only requirement. It is also important to consider the types of lingerie and how they accentuate the different body types. You need to choose a design that highlights the best parts of your body.